Food of Budapest

The Hungarians pride themselves on their ability to eat spicy food. A lot of the local Hungarian dishes are heavy on paprika. Budapest has a number of cafes and restaurants of all price ranges. Among Hungarian street food the most popoular dish is the langos, which in its most basic form is a fried bread with garlic and cream. They have also borrowed from their neighbouring country, Greece, its gyros which is ubiquitous on the streets of Budapest. A unique dish of Hungary is a kind of cold fruit soup. Other popular dishes include Chicken Paprikash (roast chicken in red pepper sauce with homemade noodles), goulash (stew of meat and vegetable seasoned with paprika) and kurtoskalacs (chimney cake). They also love their desserts and a popular ingredient in most of these desserts is poppy seeds. Hungarians love a glass of wine along with all their meals. Palinka is a special alcochol in Hungary which is essentially a very strong fruit brandy. These are not to be mixed with any other drink and to be had bottoms up!

Food for Indians in Budapest

Veg food is not easily available. Most places will consider egg vegetarian and you need to specificy if you believe otherwise. The concept of Jain food will not be known to most. Indian food is not rare in Budapest. Bollywood Vegetarian Bar is an Indian restaurant specially for the vegetarians. Some other famous Indian restaurants are Taj Mahal and Shalimar. Bangla Bufe is a gastronomic restaurant and has Bangledeshi cuisine.

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