Food of Edinburgh

Edinburgh can be considered as one of those cities which has more restaurants per person than any other town in UK. There are a variety of eateries ranging from fine dining establishments to small pubs and restaurants. Apart from the traditional Scottish dishes, one can also find different types of seafoods, Indian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine or Chinese cuisine. Normally, a Scottish breakfast consists of a bowl of porridge. Special meat dishes here include Haggis, Black pudding and Scotch Pie. The must try desserts here are Tablet, Cranachan, Shortbread and Clootie dumpling. Never forget to try out the Scotch whiskey here.

Food for Indians in Edinburgh

Indian food is a popular cuisine in the European cities, specially in UK. There are over 100 eateries which provide Indian food like pakoras, pulav, dal and many more. Places like Shezaan or Union Place have been famous over the years for serving the best curries. Restaurants like Kalpna, Kismot and TukTuk provide numerous vegan friendly items on the menu for vegetarians.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

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