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"Manchester: The Capital of the North"

Manchester Tourism

Lying in the heart of Greater Manchester, Manchester is a city in the North-western part of England. It is known for its impact on the historical scenario of industry and music as well as famous for its football clubs. It is a vibrant city visited by numerous tourists all around the year.

Manchester is one of those cities in Central United Kingdom which played a great role during the Industrial Revolution. It was regarded as one of the most prosperous cities of England during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was also overflowing with wealth and development. In the present times, Manchester is one of the liveliest cities which has vibrant cultural scene and a lot of major attractions. Many tourists are attracted to this city every year.

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Currency in Manchester

Though UK is a member of the European Union, Euro has still not been adopted in this country. The pound is the basic unit of currency in England. Pennies are also used here and it stands for the plural term of pence. 100 pence makes one pound. Currency in England is more of coins and less of notes as there are coins of even 5 pounds. The pound is generally referred to as a "quid".

Shopping in Manchester

The shopping district in Manchester is one of the best shopping districts in UK and all the important shops are there at a walking distance of each other. There are some amazing shopping malls and markets and the best thing you can buy from here are the clothing and upholstery. The most popular markets are the Barton Arcade, Corn Exchange, Afflecks Palace, Bury Market and the Stockport market. In case you want to grab some of the merchandise from Manchester United's football club, then there is a dedicated superstore at Old Trafford.

Nightlife in Manchester

The city of Manchester has a wide range of night time activities and can provide the tourists with a diverse nightlife. The nightlife scenario is vibrant and the city has a lot of clubs and major drinking establishments. From traditional pubs to those ultra chic concept bars, you can find everything in Manchester. For bars you can try Socio Regab, Tribeca and Trof. If you want to enjoy the music by bands of Manchester, the best place is the Fifth Avenue. There is also a large number of bars and clubs around Canal Street, only for gays.

History of Manchester

The city of Manchester was the site of a Roman Fort named Mamucium which was built in AD 79. The fort was expanded by the Normans later in the 13th century. The settlement was established at the confluence of two rivers, Irk and Irwell. By the 16th century, Manchester acquired a status of the market town and then gradually it expanded to become the centre of a textile industry. The main development of the city started during the industrial revolution. With the world's first railway, the trade boomed in the town and there were canals made to facilitate commerce and economy. By the end of the 19th century, Manchester also started to grow as a cultural centre.

Language of Manchester

The common language in Manchester is English.

Manchester Customs

There are no specific dress codes in Manchester and most people generally roam around in smart casual clothes. Smoking should also be avoided as smoking in public places is banned in UK. Tipping is not a mandatory custom in UK , but you may leave a tip if you wish to. While raising a toast, it is always considered nice if you can do 'cheers'.

Religion of Manchester

Most people in Manchester have a Catholic origin.

Daily Budget for Manchester

Apart from accommodation, money is mainly spent on food, travel, entertainment and communication costs. An average budget of 60-70 GBP is perfect for spending a day in Manchester. The approximate cost of food here per day amounts to 30-35 GBP and the local transportation is about 20 GBP per day.

Exchanging Money in Manchester

The rate of exchange of money will be varying as one travels and in major tourism areas, one can find traders who specialise in converting currency including American Dollars and Euro into British Pounds. The best option is exchanging cash at a bank or using an ATM for this. ATMs are pretty common in Manchester and one can use their debit or credit card to withdraw cash in pounds from any ATM. One can also exchange currency at the airport or opt for options like Eurochange.

Best Time to Visit Manchester

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FAQs on Manchester

What is the best time to visit Manchester?

Manchester is forever under the spell of rain and thus, it makes it the most humid city in England. Still, Manchester is suitable for tourism all throughout the year. Though the peak seasons are from May to August and in the winter month of December. The climate is a temperate maritime one and it neither gets too cold or too warm. It hardly snows in winter, thus December also has the perfect weather. Before deciding your visit, make sure you check the crowds, prices, activities and festivals occurring during that time. Christmas in Manchester is really beautiful but there is a large rush of tourists as well as peak prices. From June to August, there are a lot of outdoor activities that take place.
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What are the places near Manchester?

The top places near to Manchester are Liverpool which is 50 km from Manchester, York which is located 92 km from Manchester, Blackpool which is located 64 km from Manchester, London which is located 262 km from Manchester, Bath which is located 234 km from Manchester

What are the things to do in Manchester?

The top things to do in Manchester are Museum of Science and Industry, Castlefield, People's History Museum, John Rylands Library, Imperial War Museum North, Cloud 23. You can see all the places to visit in Manchester here

What are the top hotels in Manchester?

There are 851 in Manchester which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Manchester are Rectory Cottage, The Sanctuary, Whitefield, South Central Contractors Townhouse, 2 Bedroom City Centre Living, 504 Wilmslow Road, Cosykot. You can see all the hotels in Manchester here

What is the local food in Manchester?

Being a cosmopolitan city, Manchester offers a huge selection of restaurants and eating joints that cater to a vast range of cuisines. West didsbury and Chorlton are famous for their large number of eating joints. But, the ultimate place to eat in Manchester is a trendy village of Ramsbotton situated just to the north of Bury. Manchester is a food lover's heaven and there are many UK chains here as well like Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express,etc. Hundreds of kebabs n pizza shops line the streets and one can also spot the best Chinese food here in Chinatown.
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