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"Bath: The Georgian Spa City"

Bath Tourism

A precious city, Bath is home to some of the greatest Georgian architecture in the United Kingdom. Located in the valley of River Avon, Bath is such a beautiful city that it has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is special for its hot springs and the Roman Baths. The city provides a large range of attractions for visitors of every kind and attracts over 4.4 million people each year.

A world heritage site, Bath is a historic Georgian and Roman Spa city. It is situated at a distance of 100 miles west from London and the nearest big city here is Bristol. The town is set in the Somerset countryside on the southern part of Cotswolds, Bath. It is famous for its hot springs, Roman Baths, Georgiana architecture and Medieval Heritage. The town is creative, stylish and unique in nature and is the only place in Up where one can bathe in hot spa. It is a perfect destination for romantic breaks, short fun holidays, or a foodie's getaway to explore the new cuisine. The heyday of Bath began during the 18th century when Ralph Allen, John Wood Elder and Younger, transformed this sleepy backwater area into one of the popular cities in England. The major landmarks of the town are the Circus and the Royal Crescent.

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Currency in Bath

The pound is the basic unit of currency in England. Pennies are also used here and it stands for the plural term of pence. 100 pence makes one pound. Currency in England is more of coins and less of notes as there are coins of even 5 pounds. The pound is generally referred to as a "quid".

Shopping in Bath

Bath is one of the best locations in UK for a spa and a therapy break. If you are someone who loves fashion, style and brands, then Bath must top your wish list of shopping destinations. It is packed with leading fashion and homeware brands and combines a brilliant mix of independents with individual approaches to provide the best items. The city centre can easily be accessed by foot and the best part to go is the modern Southgate area that is next to the Bath Spa train station. Bath Christmas market is another heavenly place for the shoppers offering over 170 chalets.

Nightlife in Bath

Bath has a huge number of pubs and bars to choose from and there are different types of bars, some traditional and some trendy. The most notable pubs in Bath are The Porter, The Raven, The Salamander and The Bell. Although being a small city, Bath has a huge number of nightclubs. Most of these nightclubs are located in the cellars of the old buildings and they weave through like mazes. Popular nightclubs in Bath include The Blue Rooms, Po Nana, The Second Bridge and Club XL.

History of Bath

Bath is one of the oldest tourist destinations in England and it has been always welcoming to its tourists. There are three hot springs in the city that were considered to be sacred to the Celtic goddess Sulis. The town achieved its status as a sacred spa site with the growth of the Roman settlement around the thermal springs. It was a prosperous city during the Medieval times. The city was exceedingly fashionable and it was laid out in stately avenues, crescents, streets and various Neo Classical public buildings. It suffered a lot of damage during the World War II, yet it retained some of its major buildings. Modern buildings and the old architecture make up the city as it is now.

Language of Bath

The language spoken in Bath is English.

Bath Customs

There are no major dress codes that need to be maintained, but one must be dressed in a decent manner while travelling. Service is often included in the bills, and if it is not, then you may tip 10-15%.

Religion of Bath

The key religion in Bath is Christianity.

Daily Budget for Bath

Visiting Bath is not much of a costly affair and it is not going to cost a fortune. One can travel in Bath with an average budget of 50-60 GBP per day if he can find cheaper places to eat. Using public transport is another means of saving a huge amount of money.¾

Exchanging Money in Bath

The rate of exchange of money will be varying as one travels and in major tourist areas, one can find traders who specialise in converting currency including American Dollars and Euro into British Pounds. The best option is exchanging cash at a bank or using an ATM for this. ATMs are pretty common in Bath and one can use their debit or credit card to withdraw cash in pounds from any ATM. One can also exchange currency at the airport or opt for options like Eurochange.¾

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Bath, England
A magnificent view from this cliff park!
A magnificent view from this cliff park!
The serene view from this cliff park!

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FAQs on Bath

What is the local food in Bath?

Bath is home to a large number of top restaurants, stylish bars, gastro pubs and cool cafes. One may enjoy a fine dining experience at any of the Michelin starred restaurants in the city, or one may even grab a beer in a garden. There are different types of cuisines available in Bath including Italian, Thai, Indian, Spanish, French, Japanese and even fusion ones. The main two categories for which Bath is famous is the cheese and coffee. It can be considered as ¾a heaven for foodies and there is a local farmer's market as well which provides home grown food.¾
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What are the places near Bath?

The top places near to Bath are London which is 155 km from Bath, Liverpool which is located 230 km from Bath, Manchester which is located 234 km from Bath, York which is located 299 km from Bath, Blackpool which is located 275 km from Bath

What are the things to do in Bath?

The top things to do in Bath are Roman Baths, Thermae Bath Spa, Bath Abbey, The Circus, Jane Austen Centre, Pulteney Bridge . You can see all the places to visit in Bath here

What are the top hotels in Bath?

There are 591 in Bath which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Bath are Ivy Cottage, Shaplands Barn, The Paddock Annexe, No 1 The Paragon, The Snug, Lady Margaret's. You can see all the hotels in Bath here

What is the best time to visit Bath?

When it comes to Bath, there is no bad time to go. If you come during summers, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor attractions like Parks, Walks, river trips, hot air balloon rides and canal strolls. But if you visit the place during winter, you have a long range of museums to see. Though spring is considered the best among all, as the flowers bloom in the public gardens during this time. One can check out the Literature festival and comedy festival during Spring time along with the annual flower show. Winter is a great time to get cosy in any of the wonderful pubs in the city.
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