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"Liverpool: Home to the Beatles"

Liverpool Tourism

Famed for its wonderful culture, winning football teams, The Beatles and a buzzing nightlife, Liverpool is one of the major cities of UK situated in Merseyside in England. It lies within the boundaries of Lancashire. It was awarded as the European Capital of Culture in 2009 and is home to some of the major attractions in Europe.

The seaport of Liverpool is located in the North-western part of England and it is at a distance of 336km from London. This town has a reputation of wit and the people have an obsession over football and music. Along with that it also has an impressive cultural heritage and it is home to more museums than any other city apart from London. The galleries here are among the best in the country and is a major shopping destination as well. It is one of the major premier ports in England thanks to its location. There have been two decades of complete urban regeneration and now the city has a sparkling new waterfront with latest shops and restaurants. It is a blend of the old heritage and the urban culture. The nightlife scene in Liverpool is also really famous.

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Currency in Liverpool

The pound is the basic unit of currency in England. Pennies are also used here and it stands for the plural term of pence. 100 pence makes one pound. Currency in England is more of coins and less of notes as there are coins of even 5 pounds. The pound is generally referred to as a "quid".

Exchanging Money in Liverpool

The rate of exchange of money will be varying as one travels and in major tourism areas, one can find traders who specialise in converting currency including American Dollars and Euro into British Pounds. The best option is exchanging cash at a bank or using an ATM for this. ATMs are pretty common in Liverpool and one can use their debit or credit card to withdraw cash in pounds from any ATM. One can also exchange currency at the airport or opt for options like Eurochange.

Daily Budget for Liverpool

One can travel in Liverpool with an average budget of GBP 55-75. There is a good public transport system and one can use the bus, train and metro system to navigate in an affordable budget. Average food costs per day might be around GBP 30-40.

Religion of Liverpool

The major religion in Liverpool is Christianity.

Liverpool Customs

The people of Liverpool are really very liberal and you do not need to worry about the dress codes as such. You can wear anything in which you feel comfortable. Tipping is not a common scene here, as most of the restaurants charge the tip in the bill, but you can surely pay if you wish to.

Language of Liverpool

The major language used for communication in Liverpool is English. Languages will not be a problem here as there are more than 60 languages spoken here.

History of Liverpool

Liverpool was once an obscure fishing village and was mainly inhabited by the people of Norse and Danish origin. It had the name of Lyrpool or Lytherpool during the 12th century. In 1207, King John granted the then village and paved way for Liverpool to emerge as the trading and commercial centre. A few years later, a castle was built and a governor appointed. Liverpool slowly grew in size, getting new charters and was governed by some feudal lords. The town got wiped out in a plague in 1540. The town again prospered since the 18th century and it started developing the maritime trade links with other countries. Now, it is a major seaport, and famous for its industry and culture.

Nightlife in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city that boasts of its amazing nightlife, because of its variety as well as quality. There are superclubs and pubs, gay quarters and comedy venues, and what not. There is so much that it is actually pretty difficult to choose a single location. The major areas for the best nightlife are Seel Street, Hardman Street, Mathew Street, Concert Square and the Baltic triangle. Enjoy life music and party your heart out.

Shopping in Liverpool

Liverpool is among the top five popular retail destinations in UK and it is a paradise for all shopping lovers. The city offers a great combination of retail shops inside the beautiful historic buildings. It is a great shopping centre for the music lovers, and if you are a Beatles fan, this is the place to be. The city is filled with shops that sell Beatles music, t-shirts, memorabilia or anything that related to the Fab Four. For the souvenirs, it is the best to stick close to the waterfront. The most popular shopping districts in the city include Albert Dock, Church Street and Bold Street.

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