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What is the best time to visit Da Nang?

The best time to visit Da Nang is from February to May and September to November. The rainfall is minimal, with mostly sunny skies and less humidity. The temperature can vary from a low 20°C to a high of 32°C. Due to the minimal rainfall, it is a great time to hit the beaches. Expect to see large crowds of tourists and locals as well, in and around da nang.

The summer months (June to August) can get very hot and humid, with occasional heavy rains and the possibility of typhoons. Meanwhile, the rainy season (October to January) might lead to more frequent downpours and storms, affecting outdoor plans. Traveling during the shoulder seasons often means fewer crowds and more affordable prices for accommodation and activities compared to the peak tourist months of July and August.

Weather in Da Nang


Upcoming Da Nang Weather

Monthly Weather in Da Nang

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 27°/ 20° 8 days
February 27°/ 20° 10 days
March 30°/ 23° 1 days
April 30°/ 23° 7 days
May 35°/ 26° 18 days
June 36°/ 27° 6 days
July 36°/ 26° 18 days
August 35°/ 27° 16 days
September 32°/ 24° 21 days
October 31°/ 24° 17 days
November 28°/ 22° 22 days
December 26°/ 20° 14 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Da Nang

Da Nang in Peak Season (June to August)

During June to August, Da Nang is said to have the most number of domestic tourists flocking in making it its peak season. During this time, you will find all the accommodation and travelling, expensive to this place, so if you’re on budget travel, avoid visiting Da Nang in these months.
The temperature during these months fluctuates between 32-38 degree centigrade, making it comparatively hotter than the other months. You will find most of the tourist attractions overcrowded during these months.

Da Nang in Shoulder Season (February to May)

February to May is said to be the shoulder Season in Da Nang, making it the best time to have your vacation here. During these months, the temperature is not very high, and it is very comfortable for the visitors. You will find less number of tourists during these months, which in turn means that your accommodation, travelling will be cheaper along with a fewer number of people at the tourist attractions.

Da Nang in Off Season- October to January

Usually, these months are the months where you’ll find very few travellers, and if you are on a strict tight budget, then you can opt for Da Nang during these months. These months are usually the wet months or the rainy season in Da Nang, out of which December and January don’t face a lot of rainfall. The temperature ranges from 20-30 degree centigrade at this time. If you want to enjoy the beach and enjoy water sports, then these months are not for your visit.

Da Nang in Dry Season (January To August)

January to August comprises the dry season for Da Nang as Da Nang receives extremely low to nil rainfall during this time. Temperatures are said to be the highest during June and August, making them the hottest months of Da Nang. This is the time when the highest number of tourists visit the city, making it exceptionally very crowded and expensive. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation wherein you want to enjoy the activities at the beach, water sports, enjoy sunbathing and various other outdoor activities, then this is the best time to visit Da Nang. There are many famous festivals celebrated in Da Nang during this time, including their famous fireworks competition. During June, there is a beach welcoming festival that is celebrated here, in which there are a lot of water sports activities that take place along with food, music and dancing. These festivals are a must visit and will make your vacation even more memorable.

Da Nang in Wet Season (September to December)

Da Nang receives the highest amount of rainfall during these months, and the lowest temperatures are said to be observed in November- December. During this time, beach activities and outdoor sports are shut down. However, if you enjoy visiting old cafes and bookstores, you will enjoy your time in Da Nang at this time. The weather is not bad throughout these months and rainfall is observed mostly on the stormy days. So, people on budget travel and the ones who like doing indoor activities will love this city during these months.

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Da Nang, Vietnam
My Khe Beach, Da Nang
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Firework Festival, Da Nang City

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