What is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

The best time to visit Ha Long Bay would be during the Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November) seasons when the dry and pleasant weather conditions are optimal for outdoor activities and even water-based activities. Ha Long Bay has four distinct seasons, each offering a unique set of activities and experience. The weather conditions, as well as the scenery, change with the season. Hence, it is worth planning a trip here at all times of the year. Budget travellers can choose to plan a trip in the summer months during which it is most likely to receive massive sales and promotions. On the other hand, winter in Ha Long Bay is a truly unique and surreal experience. July and August, in particular, are prone to sporadic storms and hurricanes that can lead to a delay or even cancellation of your trip. Hence it’s advised to avoid travelling during that time of the year.

Weather in Halong Bay


Upcoming Halong Bay Weather

Monthly Weather in Halong Bay

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 22°/ 17° 4 days
February 21°/ 17° 6 days
March 24°/ 20° 6 days
April 24°/ 20° 6 days
May 29°/ 25° 17 days
June 32°/ 28° 20 days
July 32°/ 28° 25 days
August 31°/ 27° 25 days
September 31°/ 26° 13 days
October 29°/ 24° 12 days
November 26°/ 20° 6 days
December 22°/ 17° 1 days

Halong Bay in Peak Season / High Season

The peak season for tourism in Ha Long Bay is during the winter months of December to February. These months coincide with the Christmas and New Year vacations, adding to the spike in the number of tourists, both domestic and international. In addition to these, the Spring and Fall months of October, November, February, March and April also see a considerable increase in the number of international tourists owing to the pleasant weather conditions. The summer months of June and July witness an increase in domestic tourists due to the school vacations.

Halong Bay in Offseason

May to September is usually considered to be a low season for international tourists in Ha Long Bay. The hot and humid weather conditions along with the possibility of storms repel travellers from planning a visit at this time of the year. However, you can expect to find attractive offers and promotions on water-based activities and cruises during the offseason. The beaches are also relatively uncrowded.

Halong Bay in Winter (November to February)

Winter provides tourists with the opportunity to discover a much tranquil Ha Long Bay. The winter months are less touristy and have fewer crowds. The city is usually engulfed in a thick layer of fog, which only adds to its dreamy beauty. November sees a transition into winter, whereas December is the coldest and driest month of the year in Ha Long Bay. The duration of the nights tends to be longer than the days. A particular section of the tourists, however, prefer travelling to Ha Long Bay in January to avoid the hot and humid summers. The weather conditions shift to a more comforting state with the advent of February. The latter part of the month will see an increase in the amount of sunshine and the duration of the daytime. The weather conditions are not suitable for swimming or kayaking activities. Tourists usually prefer to take a hike. Despite the unusual weather conditions, the winter months are a peak season for tourism in Ha Long Bay.

Events and Activities
Winter is an excellent time to hike in Ha Long Bay. Travellers can also watch the bay from a seaplane or admire its beauty from a boat. An important Vietnamese festival, Tet Holiday or the Vietnam Lunar New Year is usually celebrated in the last part of January or early February. It is a national holiday and often sees a surge in local tourists. One of the most significant and most professional events of Vietnam, the Ha Long Bay Heritage Marathon is held in November. It witnesses participation from all across the world.

Halong Bay in Spring (March to May)

Spring provides pleasant temperatures with optimal sunlight for outdoor activities like swimming and kayaking. The average temperatures usually fall in the range of 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. However, you can expect a spring drizzle and early morning mist. The sun shines brightly, and you can expect to capture stunning moments of this UNESCO site. March is often claimed to be the best month to visit Halong Bay. The weather becomes warmer and nicer towards April, making it an ideal month to cruise in Ha Long Bay. The warm weather combined with the clear air makes Ha Long Bay more lucid than any other month of the year. April also marks the beginning of the tourist season as the weather conditions are not as hot as in summer and not as harsh as in the winter. Despite being counted as a Spring month, May sees temperatures similar to the summer season. The exact weather conditions, however, cannot be predicted due to the possibility of tropical depressions. The latter half of the month sees a steady increase in temperatures as well as humidity.

Events and Activities
There are lots of promotions offered in May, so you can expect to get a good deal on the accommodation and activities. Outdoor activities like rock climbing, biking, cruising and kayaking are ideal in the spring season. The Ha Long Tourism week takes place in late April. It is a tourism promotional event that features varied cultural activities such as Halong Bay Photo Exhibition, Classical Musical Concert and Halong Cuisine Festival. There are diverse sports activities Football Tournament, and Beach Volleyball Tournament also held during this week. The biggest annual festival in Ha Long, the Ha Long Carnival is also held in the Ha Long Tourism Week. This carnival festival attracts thousands of tourists with its bustling and colourful atmosphere and enthusiastic performances.

Halong Bay in Summer (June to August)

June marks the beginning of the domestic tourist season in Vietnam, owing to the summer vacation in academic institutions. This is a busy month for Ha Long Bay. The weather conditions remain surprisingly pleasant as the blowing wind helps in reducing the effects of the scorching heat. The average temperatures range from 31 to 38 degrees Celsius. Sultry weather conditions dominate the month of July. It is also a very rainy and stormy month, so travellers are advised to check the forecast carefully before booking a cruise. The weather conditions begin to get gentler and milder in August. However, summer is also typhoon season in Ha Long Bay. The infrequent and unpredictable storms can occur unexpectedly and ruin your plans.

Events and Activities
Outdoor activities have a chance of getting postponed or cancelled due to heavy rain or windstorms. Travellers can stroll to local markets, join cooking classes or buy souvenirs. The beaches are usually crowded on the non-rainy days. The Quan Lan Festival is celebrated in July. It is an annual festival of the locals and the festivities last ten days.

Halong Bay in Fall (September to October)

September marks the end to the rainy season and the beginning of beautiful autumn days. The weather conditions are much cooler and milder when compared to the preceding months. The heat is not as severe, and the humidity also decreases. October brings frequent cool and fresh breezes that make the weather conditions more pleasant. Ha Long Bay is considered the most stunning in October. The pleasant sea breeze combined with the pleasant sunshine make autumn an ideal season for a cruise. It is also a perfect time to indulge in water-related activities, such as swimming and kayaking. The weather may begin to get chilly towards the latter part of October, owing to the Northeastern monsoon.

Events and Activities
Outdoor activities like kayaking, mountain climbing and seaplane rides are popular during the Fall season. Trung Thu or Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated in September. It is also the day when the moon shines the brightest in the year and is one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam. The streets are filled with lanterns and decorations. Another speciality of this festival is the traditional Vietnamese treat - mooncake.

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