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Bach Ma National Park

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Country rank: 18 out of 46 Places To Visit In Vietnam


Ideal duration: 3-4 days

Best time: June-August (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Da Nang International Airport (Check Flights)


"Paradise for Nature Lovers"

Bach Ma National Park Tourism

Bach Ma National park is a verdant paradise, located about an hour-and-a-half drive away from the city of Hue. Home to a varied range of flora and fauna with about 358 bird species, it is also proclaimed to be one of the wettest areas in Vietnam.
One of the most popular spots on the tourist itineraries, it can be accessed by road - on two-wheelers as well as on foot. The tickets for the park range between 10,000 - 20,000 VND for kids and adults respectively.

Surrounded by lush green trees, it was used by the French as a hill station as it provided a cooler and more pleasant climate as compared to the coast. It still has some villas and trails, the ruins of which were discovered as recently as 1991.

The park was so named after the Bach Ma Mountain that rises to a height of 1450 ft and thus, it also offers some interesting natural trails for avid hikers. A centre of ecotourism, Bach Ma National Park has an added advantage of being close to Vietnam’s world heritage sites.

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More on Bach Ma National Park

  • The visitors are expected to pay an entrance fee to the park at the visitor's centre, which grants them access to the park as well as a map.
  • The best way to get around the national park is through hiking and trekking since no motor vehicles are allowed to climb up the 16km high summit.
  • Roads are quite treacherous and the weather may play havoc, Bach Ma being the wettest region in Vietnam. You are well-advised to be aptly attired and prepared with hiking boots and sturdy rain gear.
  • You can also hire an English Speaking guide at a cost of 150,000 VND per day.

  • The road to the National Park from Hue is quite treacherous and in the rainy season, fog and mist can play havoc. Make sure you go in a sturdy vehicle.
  • It is recommended to not take children below 5 years to this place, as the weather here is quite notorious.
  • One must carry light clothes and a thin jacket along, as there are four seasons in one day.
  • Hiring a guide is highly recommended.

To enter the national park certain fees and permits need to be issued at a certain cost.
  • For adults over 16 years: 60,000 dongs
  • For children, students: 30,000 dongs
  • Children under 5 years: free
  • A French or English speaking guide can be hired at a cost of 1,50,000 dongs/ day

Bach Ma National Park was initially a summer resort made by the French. The area approximately had 139 villas which were demolished during the War. In 1991, Bach Ma National Park was officially founded and again declared as one of the major natural reserves of Vietnam. Not alien to the history of war and bloodshed that is omnipresent in Vietnam, Bach Ma also saw some heavy fighting in the early years of 1950. As soon as the country regained its independence, the national park was abandoned and today a few walls of the ghost villas still stand amid the refreshing green escapes.

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How to Reach Bach Ma National Park

The nearest city to the National Park is Hue, from here you can get a bus that will drop you off at Cau Hai. Public buses that ply the route from Hue to Bach Ma National Park complete the jour... (Read More)

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