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Kon Tum Tourism

Due to the lack of a mainstream touristy vibe, the destination offers a calm off-centre experience to travelers and dwells them into the authentic Vietnamese culture. The city holds significance in the Vietnam War history and has many war sites open for visits by tourists and the locals. The surrounding villages of Kon Tum are a cultural treasure and are inhabited by various indigenous hill-tribes. Some historical monuments and buildings like the Old French Seminary is one of many vestiges of the French colonial hold on Kon Tum in the 19th century.

Expect no overcrowding at all at the city of Kon Tum on account of it being more of a stop-over or a transit more commonly among tourists. But for allocentric tourists like bag-packers and culture dwellers, this destination provides the right intensity of the Vietnamese experience. The local school of the city of Kon Tum has created a real opportunity to interact with the locals by letting native English speakers to teach a class of English to the school kids. There are a number of decent hotels and cottages providing accommodation and restaurants and cafes offering food and drinks. The Dakbla Hotel restaurant overlooks the Dakbla river, adding beautiful views to the wine and dine experience. The city is well equipped with a decent number of ATMs, hospitals and a post office.

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Places to Visit in Kon Tum

1. Immaculate Conception Cathedral – The Wooden Church

Wooden Church, Kon Tum
 The Central highlands are not unfamiliar with churches. There are a number of them spread across villages and cities. The Wooden Church of Kon Tum is an important holy site and a historical monument. It was built around 100 years ago by the French. The church withstood the war and was once used as a two-week hide-out by 100 civilians. The elegant French architecture of the church is one of the key characteristics of The Wooden Church. The church offers a peaceful experience with beautiful architecture and historical value.

2. Kon Tum Museum

Kon Tum Museum

It is a fairly small museum with exhibits and paintings portraying the ethnic minority culture of the highlands and tells the story of Vietnamese history with respect to Kon Tum. You will find artifacts, tribal musical instruments, sculptures, paintings etc. There is also an archeological section.

3. Jarai Villages and Highland Eco Tours

Jarai Village, Kon Tum

One of the main attractions of Kon Tum is a group of surrounding villages of minority ethnicities. The indigenous Hill-tribes living in these villages are welcoming of tourists but having a local guide to communicate with the tribes would provide for a better experience. The tourists are almost always advised to hire guides while doing these tours as the guides very well explain the history of the battlefields sites and tribal culture with interesting stories. It takes around 3 days to do an in-depth tour of the villages but a one-day tour can also be done by managing to touch the important villages and sites. These villages are open for people to visit with some being more accessible and welcoming than the others.

4. Eva Café

Eva Cafe

The café is 20 years old and the interior design of the garden café is inspired by the Montagnard culture of the hill tribes. The owner is pretty interesting as he is an artist and also organizes tours. A cool place to sit down for a bite and a drink.

5. Kon Tum Market and Souvenir Shops

Kon Tum Market

The marketplace is a bit more bustling than the countryside and quite a range of commodities are sold here. The people are friendly and always have a smile on their faces. The Lang Xanh souvenir shop is situated near the Dakbla bridge and sells tribal tools and decorative items.

2 Day Itinerary for Kon Tum

Day 1: Within the duration of 5-6 hours during the day it is possible to visit the old wooden church, the Kon Tum Museum and Eva Café. A small sunset stroll on the banks of the Dakbla river with some beer is a perfect way to end the day.

Day 2: The first day should give you enough time to arrange for some transportation and a guide to tour the surrounding tribal villages and significant battlefield sites on the second day. Depending on your interest and your disposable time, these trips can go on for 2-3 days or can be managed to be done in 1 day.

Kon Tum Photos

Kon Tum
Wooden Church - Constructed in 1913
Kon Tum Museum - Small Museum on Hill Tribes
Jarai Village - Ethnic Minority Village in Kon Tum

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FAQs on Kon Tum

What is famous about Kon tum city?

The authentic Vietnamese culture mixed with the relaxed laid-back vibe of the small city of Kon Tum makes for a calm and interesting destination.

What is not so good about Kon tum city?

Due to heavy deforestation, the city of Kon Tum and the surrounding hills are not as lush and green as one would expect.

What is the best time to visit Kon tum city?

The Kon Tum province has two extreme weather conditions i.e. dry season and the rainy season. The months from January – March and October – December do not fall into the category of extreme dry or wet seasons and hence provide gentle weather conditions for efficient travel plans.
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What is the best way to reach Kon tum city?

The nearest airport is Pleiku airport and there are plenty of bus services from the airport to the neighboring cities. The bus service providers often over-fill their buses and drive hastily. Car rentals and local cab services are also an option for a more comfortable journey between cities. Motorcycle tours are organized by a few local service providers in Da Nang and nha Trang to the central highl
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What are the places near Kon tum city?

The top places near to Kon tum city are Hoi an which is 174 km from Kon tum city, Hue which is located 238 km from Kon tum city, Nha trang which is located 267 km from Kon tum city, Pleiku which is located 40 km from Kon tum city, Ho chi minh city which is located 419 km from Kon tum city

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