Beaches in Da Nang

Amazing Beaches in Da Nang

Against the majestic backdrop of Truong Son mountains, the beaches in Da Nang offer glimpses of Vietnam’s most unique geographical features and Instagrammable seaside stays. Beaches in Da Nang boast (Read More)large sandy stretches of soft, ivory-white sand and clear blue water. They are excellent for swimming, especially from May to August when the waves are gentle. On day trips or family staycations, you can enjoy surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and jet-skiing.

Here is the list of 11 Beaches in Da Nang

1. My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach
4.1 /5

Located 10 minutes away from Da Nang city centre, My Khe beach is one of the most popular beaches in Da Nang. Boasting a powdery white shoreline, My Khe beach is home to high-end resorts and restaurants. Activites such as snorkeling, surfing, sunbathing, and swimming are quite popular. Forbes magazine published it as 'One of the most attractive beaches on the planet'. At the same time, The Sunday Herald Sun of Australia eulogized it as one of the ten most popular beaches in Asia.

2. Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach
4.0 /5

Non-Nuoc Beach, about a 30-minute drive from Da Nang City, is a relatively quiet beach stretching about five kilometers along the shore of Hoa Hai Ward at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son. Several beachside resorts line the shoreline with a throng of restaurants serving succulent seafood across the road. Beach beds can run out quickly here, but you can comfortably sunbathe here. Swimming and surfing during hightide are popular activities here.

3. Bac My An Beach

Bac My An Beach

About 7 km southeast of Danang city, Bac My An Beach has many premium, luxury beachside resorts. Many resorts have their private patch along the stretch of the beach. You can still find a few wide areas open to the public. Swimming, kayaking, and windsurfing are popular activities on Bac My An Beach.

4. Thanh Binh Beach

Thanh Binh Beach

A beautiful local beach which is great for some relaxing and some light swimming as well. The beach does not get too crowded and is relatively off the radar of many tourists. There are now may hotels along the beach with their own private section.  As with most beaches in Da Nang, you can enjoy a day of windsurfing, swimming, and yachting on Thanh Binh Beach. There are also plenty of beach chairs for rental if you want to sunbathe here

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5. Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach is a picturesque coastal paradise nestled along the central coast of Vietnam, approximately halfway between Hue and Da Nang. Renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Lang Co Beach captivates visitors with its pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and stunning mountain backdrop.  It’s one of the most hidden beaches in Da Nang as it’s mostly visited by locals and travelers attempting Hai Van Pass’s winding routes.

6. Bai Bac Beach

Bai Bac Beach

Characterized by the Intercontinental Resort, Bai Bac Beach, located 22 Kms to the northeast of central Da Nang, is primarily a weekend getaway. The beach is narrow, overlooked by hills, and cushioned by tropical jungle on one side. You can take a boat ride, visit different islands near the coast, and indulge in diving and fishing. A popular activity here is to hike along one of the many trails to Monkey Mountain.

7. Xuan Thien Beach

Xuan Thien Beach

Located around 20 minutes from Da Nang airport, this beach was used as a landing area by the American soldiers. The beach is generally not too crowded, and you can find a fine selection of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars lining the beach. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to be at the beach, as the rising and setting sun colors the waters and beach with a reddish hue.

8. Tien Sa Beach

Tien Sa Beach

Tien Sa Beach sits on the western end of the Son Tra Mountains, mostly surrounded by fishing villages. It's a peaceful getaway from crowds, easily accessible by motorcycle as roads to Son Tra Peninsula are usually quiet. Part of the beach belongs to a hotel, so there's a small fee if you're not a guest. After beach time, don't miss visiting Linh Ung Pagoda and Ban Co Peak before heading back to Da Nang City.

9. Nam O Beach

Nam O Beach

A beach of historical significance, Nam O Beach is situated 15 kms northwest of Da Nang. A very non-urbanised beach, there are a few hotels here to cater primarily to locals and the tourists who do oddly end up here. You will find many small shacks run by the village folk, ready to welcome visitors with Nuoc Mam (fish) and Goi Ca (cured fish fillets). This is generally served with vegetables in rice paper.

10. Pham Van Dong Beach

Pham Van Dong Beach
3.4 /5

Sandwiched between Non-Nuoc Beach to the north and My Khe Beach to the south, Pham Van Dong Beach lies at the end of Pham Van Dong Road. The beach is around 10 minutes from the city center. Many resorts line the beachside with beds for sunbathing or small huts to enjoy your drinks under the warm sun. Small eateries and restaurants can be found across the road from the beach.

11. Bai Da Den

Bai Da Den
3.1 /5

Located 20 minutes from Da Nang, Bai Da Den, also known as Black Rock Beach, is among the unique beaches in Da Nang, known for its black rocky formations. The route to the beach is dotted with distant views of Son Tra peninsula, My Khe Beach, Marble Mountains, Bana Hills, and Cham Island. This laid-back beach is loved as a picnic spot where people are often found barbecuing and enjoying the views. Although swimming is allowed in certain areas, one should be careful near the rocks as jellyfish can swim near them.

How many of the beaches in Da Nang mentioned above have you visited? Did you think we missed out on any? Let us know in the comments below!

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