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Timings : 03:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Time Required : 4-6 hours

Entry Fee : VND 230,000

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Sun World, Da Nang, Da Nang Overview

Sun World is an attractive theme park located in the city of Da Nang next to the Han River in central Vietnam. The Park is a fascinating and unique area which hundreds of games and magnificent architectural stimulations. You will find the world’s ten most giant circles, the Singapore Sling, the Golden Sky Tower; the country’s highest free fall tower, and a Monorail at Sun World. The Sun World theme park is known to be a “Park of Records because of all the attractions included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sun World is not just a space for adults to explore the countless adventures but also for the kids who can experience the same thrill and adventure but in a different dimension. When you visit the Park, you will come across quite a few Asian cultural festivals where you can witness the Manipuri dance of India or the beautiful colours of Mid-Autumn Festival of Philippines, Bacolod, and Visayas.

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Attractions at Sun World

Sun World Da Nang
1. Representation of countries
The Sun World is quite a fascinating area to have symbolic representations for countries. You will find Singapore Area, Nepal Area, Cambodia Area, India Area, China Area, and a few more, which reflect the uniqueness of each country.

2. Children’s game zone
Children can have an ideal time at this place because of the availability of exciting and new adventure. They can find a Soft Play area, Sun Blaster (shooter zone), or Redemption Game (game machine) which are not just suitable for children but people of all ages.

Sun World Rides

Sun World Da Nang
Highway Boat
Guests are seated in a hanging vehicle, and the track is slippery. The vehicle circles 180 degrees in the air and visitors get an impression of flying in mid-air.

Fairy Tea House
Group of three people sits in a large cup which moves in a clockwise motion following the music of the game.

Singapore Sling
The experience of spinning and a sudden freefall at a speed of 65 km/h is one of the strongest rides in the Park.

Queen Cobra
It is designed with glidder types which takes the people to a height of 34 meters and plunges freely with speed of 80km/h and five turns with 360 continuous rails.

Journey to the West
It is a spinning wire stretched, allowing it to be rotated in a forward and reverse direction.
Besides these, there are also rides like Port of Sky Treasure, Paradise Fall, Love Locks, and The Flying Kirins which can be enjoyed by the people.

Food and Shopping

There are as many as five restaurants where you can select from Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, and fast food cuisine. Ninja Restaurant, Buffet World Restaurant, Cafe Momo, Panda Restaurant, and Jummie Restaurant are some of the joints which not only provide food but also serve drinks of your choice. You can buy souvenirs at the Souvenir Shop and save memories of this visit.


  • Children below 100 cm have free entry, and children’s ticket applies only to children of height between 100 to 130 cm.
  • You should get your ID cards for use when necessary.

How To Reach Sun World, Da Nang

You have three options to get to Sun World:
Motorbike/ Car:
You can rent a bike or a car which can cost you between VND 100,000 to VND 200,000. You will need to move from the Dragon Bridge along the 2/9 road and past Tran Thi Ly Bridge. The Sunwheel revolver is easily visible from a distance; hence, it will not be challenging to locate the place.

Taxi/ Grabcar:
The other option is to rent a Taxi or Grabcar to the Park. For the same, you will need to ask the driver to head to Phan Dang Luu Street. This journey will cost approximately VND 12,000 to VND 16,000 for every kilometre.

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