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Also Refered As:

Quy Nom

"The relaxed city"

Quy Nhon Tourism

Quy Nhon is characterised by diverse topography ranging from hills, mountains, peninsulas, lakes, beaches and much more. This small corner of Vietnam is an undiscovered gem for most tourists eliminating your worries about crowded and noisy beaches. 

Also known as Quy Nom, the city is an ideal tourist destination as it is really well spread out and well-facilitated. Hotels, restaurants, and cafes are all located on the beach while the supermarkets are located at a walking distance from the sparkling blue waters of the Indian ocean. This reclusive part of Vietnam is surrounded by green mountains on three sides and by an ocean on the fourth one.

People rely on agriculture and fish culture as the basic commercial activities for livelihood. In recent times, there has been a shift towards jobs in the commercial and tourism industries.

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Things to do

Quy Nhon is home to lots of beaches. You can go swimming and snorkeling in the Phuong Mai Peninsula which has really clear water. You can also enjoy boating in the peninsular region which is a very popular activity there.

Food and Restaurants

If you are looking for a cafe to refresh yourself with coffee and snacks, Den Coffee is the place you should be looking for. This cafe serves up coffee and espresso to recharge the weary traveller and also offers up some snacks too. Barbara’s Backpackers is a popular hangout place amongst backpackers and tourists and serves international food at reasonable prices. They even provide free Wi-Fi so you can stay plugged into the world. Kiwi connection, a restaurant along the sea-shore serves excellent Vietnamese food and familiar continental favourites such as pizza and pasta. Bo de Chay is another beloved vegetarian joint that serves up sumptuous Vietnamese fare.

Buddhist Temples

Quy Nhon is home to a lot of Buddhist temples such as Chua Hien Nam and Chua Long Khanh, the biggest temple there. These are both located at the heart of the city while others are located at some distance from the city centre.

FLC Zoo Safari Park

Sure to be a favourite amongst the children and adults alike, the Zoo Safari Park features 900 individual animals ranging from ostriches, deer, tigers, bears, etc. The park has a beautiful structure with in-built artificial ponds and greenery spread throughout the zoo area. It even has provisions for a picnic area so you can have a meal a stone's throw away from some of nature's apex predators.

The Cham Towers

These ancient towers were built by the Champa rulers who came to Quy Nhon in the 11th century. The Cham Towers are remarkable structures which are well built and even after many years are very well-maintained and can make for a great day-trip. The Cham towers are located in many places throughout Quy Nhon and offer some of the best insights into this ancient city.

Phuong Mai Peninsula

Located on the other side of the Thi Nai Bridge are the beaches of the Phuong Mai Peninsula. You can do a lot of activities like swimming, snorkelling, boating, fishing and much more. Near one of the most frequented beaches, Nhon Ly are the Phuong Mai Sand Dunes and you can climb them to enjoy a unique perspective of the sea from so high up. Eo Gio is an attraction of Nhon Ly where you can witness humongous cliffs, have gusty winds ruffle your hair, and take a dip in its deep blue waters. It is one of the most visited places in Quy Nhon due to its spectacular views.

Getting Around

There are a number of means of transport which will help you in getting around the place. Cycling is a great way to get around Quy Nhon and the minimal traffic ensures that you can roam around the city at your own pace and leisure. Bicycles can be rented from many bike-rental stores that are found throughout Quy Nhon. Other modes of transports include Taxis, Motorbike, and on foot. Motorbikers demand exorbitant prices so ensure that if you do take one, it is a reasonable rate(VND 15000-20000). Taxis are a good source of transportation when in a group. Be sure to take the white and Green taxis as they are well-reputed in the area. You can also stroll through the beaches on foot while the other places require some mode of transportation to help you get around.

What’s Great

The best thing about Quy Nhon is that it provides you with a refreshment from your daily hectic life. The fresh country air, and a change of pace from our highly-industrialized lifestyles, and friendly citizens make Quy Nhon a must visit a place.

What’s Not So Great

As it is a small tourist town, be aware that many street vendors and taxi operators will try to charge you an extortionate amount of money for basic utilities and amenities. Knowing a rough estimate of prices of the goods and services that you want to avail is always a good way to know you're not getting ripped off too badly.

Quy Nhon Photos

Quy Nhon
Quy Nhon City - Coastal City in Binh Dinh
Queen's Beach - Public Beach in Quy Nhon
Cham (Twin) Towers - Located in  Hung Thanh Village

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FAQs on Quy Nhon

What is the best time to visit Quy nhon?

During March-May, Quy Nhon is perfect to enjoy. Temperatures stay within the comfortably warm 28°- 33°C range. Spring brings the best time to perfectly enjoy Quy Nhon beaches as rain is really sparse during this season while September-November are the off-season, due to the heavy rainfall Quy Nhon experiences during this time. 

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What are the places near Quy nhon?

The top places near to Quy nhon are Nha trang which is 171 km from Quy nhon, Hoi an which is located 251 km from Quy nhon, Hue which is located 345 km from Quy nhon, Ho chi minh city which is located 433 km from Quy nhon, Hanoi which is located 882 km from Quy nhon

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