8 Best Places for Shopping in Da Nang

Very famously known as the city of beaches and bridges, Da Nang is the largest coastal city with abundant local and inexpensive items and knick-knacks on sale. Shoppers can expect to find a range of shopping complexes, local open-air markets to independent vendors with high-quality goods that are open to some considerable bargaining. In addition, various places in Da Nang sell out amazing products at low prices, and we are here to tell you about those places.

1.  Han Market

Han Market in Da Nang, Vietnam

Located near the Han River, Han Market is very popular among the locals because of the fresh seafood and groceries. In addition, more than a hundred stalls sell handicrafts, clothing attires, and accessories. This two-storey building also has various shops for buying souvenirs at lower prices. Bargaining for almost half price is advisable because almost the same products are available at every possible purchase.

Timings - 6 AM to 7 pm

2. Con Market

Con Market in Da Nang, Vietnam

Also known as Da Nang Commercial Centre, Con Market is the hub of wholesale shopping in the city. It is one of the primary markets in Da Nang City that is highly popular for its astounding range of clothing, accessories and handicrafts available at affordable rates. Spread across three levels, fresh produces and dried food is sold in the lower level, with other items such as apparel, household goods and handicrafts being offered from stores on the upper levels.

Timings - 7 AM to 7 PM

3. Big C Supercentre

Big C Supermarket in Da Nang, Vietnam

It is not a major tourist attraction but the place comes in handy when people require some major things which won’t be available in the local markets. You can buy Vietnamese coffee in bulk from here. If you love Vietnamese delicacies then you can surely buy the items at a cheaper price. It has small souvenir counters as well which are perfect for tourists. As it is a supermarket, the things brought over here have warranty and quality which can be a boon from shopping over here.

Timings - 8 AM to 10 PM

4.  LOTTE Mart Da Nang

Lotte Mart in Da Nang, Vietnam

Being the biggest mall in Da Nang, it is home to most international brands and popular retail outlets. The mall also houses popular fast food joints such as Burger King and KFC. Lotte Mart is often confused with Lotte Supermarket in Korea, which is not the case as it has more Vietnamese touch.

Timings - 8 AM to 10 PM

5. Vinh Trung Plaza

Vinh Trung Plaza

This plaza is connected to the Big C Supermarket and has the best arcade centre and theatre. Unlike other supermarkets, it promotes local supplies and has an abundance of Vietnamese products, which are even inexpensive. Being near the airport, it allows for exploring the plaza in a short time and buying all the necessary items. Lotteria and Highland Coffee are the most adored spots on the plaza. Vinh Trung Plaza is near major tourist attractions like the Dragon River Bridge and My Khe Beach.

6. Vincom Plaza

Vincom Plaza in Da Nang, Vietnam

Vincom Plaza is the most popular supermarkets in Da Nang. The Vinmart supermarket has got all the necessary kinds of stuff stocked in. It even has a bookstore and cinema to have fun and chill time over there. Ice skating lovers find this place worth visiting because of the rink on the upper floor. It even has some international brands like H&M, Starbucks, etc., and people can even enjoy Korean BBQ there.

7. Non-Nuoc Fine Arts Village

Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village in Da Nang, Vietnam

An adored place by tourists is the Non-Nuoc Fine Arts Village which is filled with artistic kinds of stuff that are captivating. Surrounded by mountains, the craft village has a connection with history for more than 200 years. The jewellery and the statues of the Buddha are the most bought items from there. These delicate yet sturdy pieces of stuff are pretty and pocket friendly.

8. Da Nang Souvenirs & Café

Da Nang Souvenirs & Cafe

Often tourists stop at Da Nang and don’t have much time to explore the whole city, and if you are that person who mostly has less time, then this is your go-to place. This souvenir shop has all the stuff you would need to buy. Though the place is expensive, it is worth the money as the café has a Vietnamese touch, and the shop is worth buying stuff.

Tips for Shopping In Da Nang

  • Always carry cash while shopping, as most markets, support cash over online transactions and cards. There are ATMs in almost every corner of the city.
  • It is advisable to start bargaining at half price.
  • Conversing in the local language will get you better bargains.
  • Prefer going to the local markets rather than the bigger supermarkets because the rates are much more affordable.

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