Food of Ubud

The food in Ubud mostly comprises of Balinese cuisine. However, you must try their most expensive coffee - Kopi Luwak, famously known as 'Poo Coffee'. The coffee beans used for Kopi Luwak are eaten, digested and excreted by a cat like animal in the region, known as Luwak. These beans then go through the usual method of roasting, aging and brewing. Besides being distinctive in its taste.

Food for Indians in Ubud

You can easily spot indian restaurants in Ubud. Some of the best ones are - Mudra, Warung Little India, Buddhas Restaurant, Warung Sharaswhaty, Queen's, Banana Leaf. There are no Jain restaurants as such, however, some of the Vegan restaurants are as follows - Nine Heaven Vegan Warung, Sari Organik, Warung Semesta, Dayu's Warung.

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Ubud, Indonesia

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