7 Waterfalls in Mauritius You Cannot Miss  

Mauritius is generally stereotyped as a land of magnificent ocean view beaches. However, there's a lot more to this famous holiday destination. Digging a little deeper into the tropical forests, a range of phenomenal waterfalls can be seen, nurtured with the abundance of impressive landscapes and vivid flora and fauna.

Here are some of which you just cannot afford to miss:

1. Chamarel Waterfalls

It gets its name from the south-western village called Chamarel, a land of picturesque landscapes and attractive wonders, along with the remarkable Chamarel waterfalls. Its height of 100 metres, which is almost same as the famous Statue of Liberty, makes it the highest waterfall in all of Mauritius. The astonishing scenery of massive mountains and dense forests complements the whole setting perfectly and transforms it into a natural spectacle. The major portion of the landscape stands on millions of years old volcanic rocks. The three rivers: Saint-Denis, which flows towards the sea through fields creating a marvellous view on its way, La Crete and Cascade Chamarel unite together and form the Chamarel waterfalls. The tourists have the option of either enjoying the view of the waterfall from the village's Seven Coloured Earth upper deck reserve or they can follow the trail of water coming from the bottom of the Chamarel falls.

Activities: Script indelible memories by immersing yourself in a plethora of activities which include Chamarel Coloured Earth, Chamarel Waterfall, Rhumerie De Chamarel, Black River Gorge National Park, Curious Corner of Chamarel, Grand Basin and Chamarel Parc Aventure.

Chamarel Waterfalls, Waterfalls in Mauritius

2. Alexandra Falls

The Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius is home to another magnificent waterfall. 700 metres above sea level, the Alexandra falls sits in the cradle of nature showered with flora and fauna in the vicinity of its lush green tropical forests. In order to enjoy the best view of this breathtaking waterfall, the tourists can head towards the Grand Bassin and once they reach Plaine Champagne, they can look for a large parking area with the sign of a viewpoint and many vendors selling refreshments. The sensational view almost looks like two calm white strips of water gushing down the rocky terrain accompanied by a heavenly backdrop. Furthermore, tourists can go about the valley and treat themselves with an encounter with various birds amidst the dense flora. Trees of a unique and delicious fruit, the Chinese Guava, at Plaine Champagne give the tourists one more reason to keep themselves entertained with whilst enjoying the splendour of nature.

Activities: Strain those muscles to create the edge to your days in Mauritius by going for your choice in hiking or trekking. Mind yourself to stay on the designated narrow path. While you are in that gorge on the Chinese guava that grows plenty around you in the season.

Alexandra Falls, Waterfalls in Mauritius

3. Tamarind Falls

Henrietta, a small Mauritian village in the district of Black River, is famous for its enthralling attraction, the Tamarind falls. Also going by the name of ?Sept Cascades?, the Tamarind falls is a peaceful, green haven in this nirvana island and is full of fun and adventure. The origin of this waterfall is the Tamarin River, which branches out to be the source of seven simultaneous waterfalls too. Along with the Tamarind, the island is a bounty of flora and fauna, blessed with some exotic plants and indigenous bird species. For any adventure lover, who enjoy adrenaline-rushing activities like canyoning and hiking, the Tamarind falls come with a packaged offer. Each of the seven falls originating from the Tamarin River, including the Tamarind falls have a unique setting in terms of height and the water flow. It is recommended to hire a professional guide in order to hike through the challenging tracks and ensuring safety during the journey while enjoying the trek. The tourists can enjoy a refreshing swim in the large pond just at the foot of the waterfall while enjoying the sunlight reflecting through the waterfall and immerse themselves into tranquillity.

Activities: A little indulgence in adventure will do no harm as you grab the adventure side that Tamarind waterfalls offer including hiking and canoeing and of course a pleasant swim in its waters with a bonus of a natural massage under the cascading waterfalls.

Tamarind Falls, Waterfalls in Mauritius

4. Eureka Falls

The Eureka falls is privileged with an unparalleled location in the colonial Eureka Mansion in Moka. This historic setting of the antique manor and tropical gardens adds to the grandeur of the entire location and the presence of the majestic Eureka falls in the premises gives rightfully the magical touch to it. A challenging path descending down from the mansion leads to the gorgeous waterfall surrounded by mango and palm trees. The lush premises boast the presence of four breathtaking waterfalls within its territory. A deeper walk into the gardens exposes the tourists to flowery shrubs like camellias and azaleas as well as South African native ochna plants. The surrounding region at the foot the waterfall has a vibrant ambience with various animal sounds. The tourist can either enjoy the splendid view from the riverbank or can go for a swim and explore the aquatic plants and marine life.

Activities: Enjoy the hike to the falls which is the only activity in the place and enjoy the scenic beauty which encompasses it.

Eureka Falls, Waterfalls in Mauritius

5. Grand River South East

The Grand River South East is located in Mauritius? south-eastern coast and is one of the heavily visited places in Mauritius. In order to reach the waterfall, one has to travel through the coastal village roads and it is usually coupled with a detour to Ile Aux Cerfs, which is another location is Mauritius that is buzzed with tourists. As the tourists cover the village grounds, they come across a drastic change in scenery from the water turning from turquoise-blue to green and the landscapes altering from village huts to vast stretches of leafy trees. If lucky, the tourists also get to enjoy the sight of playful monkeys swinging from one branch to the other. The huge basalt rock walls define the formation of the location and on reaching the far corner, the sight of the thundering falls just blows away the mind. A tour down the Grand South East on a speedboat attracts most of the crowd. Trou D'eau Douce is embarked as the exit point which leads to Ile Aux Cerf.

Activities: A trip to grand river south-east will include a trip to the small jewel of an island which is the paradise of all forms of water sports and just plain fun. Activities include a boathouse, an imposing and magnificent golf course designed by renowned golf legend Bernhard Langer. Snorkelling, sega dancing all the while enjoying a sizzling barbeque on fire or a succulent steak.

Grand River South East, Waterfalls in Mauritius

6. Exil Waterfalls

The fringes of the Combo forest in the southernmost part of Mauritius have a lush green sanctuary where the Exil Waterfalls marks its presence with its extravagant beauty. The waterfall emerges from the Savannah River in the canyon amidst the concentrated tropic forests with a variety of plant and animal species inhabiting the surroundings. The Exil waterfall is an ideal combination of picture-perfect-peacefulness and adventure activities like bungee-jumping, abseiling and swimming. During monsoons, the water levels increase exponentially transforming the whole canyon into an aquatic kingdom; the water level is pretty moderate throughout the year otherwise. Excluding the Exil, the canyon also showcases two other waterfalls ? Leon with a 20-meter drop and Cascade Cecile with a 45-meter drop. The Savannah River is an active source for generating hydroelectric power.

Activities: Exil waterfalls conduct a host of activities offering canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing and a fully fledged battle zone involving skirmishes and tourists armed with paintballs and real like military equipment.

Exil Waterfalls, Waterfalls in Mauritius

7. Rochester Falls

The Rochester falls is famous as Mauritius? widest waterfall located in the Savanne district. It is set in an isolated location filled with wild greenery and distinctive rocky cliffs that have taken the shape of huge rectangular blocks as a result of the sheer water force over the hundreds of years. The water cascades down the layered terrain from a height of 10 meters and merges into the rocky beds of the river and forms a thick foamy layer. Tourists craving an ideal picnic spot tends to fall in love with this location at once. The pools of fresh clean water and the mesmerizing view offers a relaxing retreat altogether. Those who have the knack for dared adventures can try jumping from the cliff, however, expert supervision is recommended.

Activities: Rochester waterfalls are beautiful where tourists can enjoy a good hike through the rugged plain and enjoy a good day with their family as a picnic, doing a stretch of the pool and to those who need to go to the next level can climb to the loft of the waterfall and plunge headlong to the river. This is considered dangerous, but no fatalities have been reported so far.

Rochester Falls, Waterfalls in Mauritius

If you are looking for a more exotic location for easing your senses and if you want to feel the rush of adrenaline in your body, do not waste any more time and embark your journey into the land of wondrous waterfalls!

This post was published by Bibek Bardhan