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Rochester Waterfalls, Mauritius Overview

Mauritius is mostly known for its white sand beaches and its coral reefs and its crystal-clear shimmering blue water, but as you would expect from any other tropical island, there are plenty of other unique geographical attractions, including caves, volcanic outcrops and waterfalls. Waterfalls are exceptionally common in Mauritius, and the island is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls all over the world. One such waterfall that is as famous as it is popular is the Rochester Waterfalls, which are located in the Savanne district of Mauritius.

Rochester Waterfalls, Mauritius

One of the Most Scenic Waterfalls on the Island

Situated in the Southern part of the island, the Rochester waterfalls has been used as the backdrop for plenty of Bollywood movies. The name of the falls has been inspired by Charlotte Bronte’s novel ‘Jane Eyre’, and the name ‘Rochester’ was given to the entire area in and around the waterfalls. The Rochester waterfalls stand at the height of around 10 metres, where it gushes down the rocky Savanne river before plummeting down in a powerful, cascading stream. The focal point of the Rochester Waterfalls is its unique cliff face, which was once a flat plain piece of rock, but has, over the years, been transformed into rough, pointed rectangular blocks, courtesy the sheer power of the cascading waterfall. The area surrounding the falls are covered in dense green vegetation, and the sight of the crystal-clear waterfall roaring down from amidst the lush greenery is indeed a sight to behold.

Rochester Waterfalls, Mauritius

The Rochester Waterfalls are a trendy picnic spot not just among tourists, but among locals of the area as well. You might also come across many people diving off the top of the waterfall into the pool below, though the chances of them being locals rather than travellers are high. Nevertheless, if you do want to jump down from the cliffs to the pool below, you will find plenty of locals willing to guide you all the way. Visiting the Rochester Waterfalls during the rainy seasons is not recommended, because the water level tends to rise drastically during the monsoons, and the entire area around the falls gets slippery and muddy. There are two ways to get to the Rochester Waterfalls, both of them signposted roads – one which will take you to the top of the falls, and the other which will lead you to the pool at the bottom of the falls.

The Rochester Waterfalls are one of the most visited waterfalls across the whole of Mauritius and is known as one of the top tourist destinations that allow you to enjoy a day out in the sun surrounded by greenery and gushing water all around.

Photos of Rochester Waterfalls

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