Surfing in Vietnam - Surfs Up! 7 Best Beaches & Operators For Surfing

Vietnam is the easternmost country in the Indochina Peninsula and is shaped like the letter S. It is known for its massive food culture, offering the best of the best food and cuisine in the entire world. It is also known for its beautiful beaches and its big tourism industry which includes windsurfing and kitesurfing as a significant contributor. 

Surfing in Vietnam, on the other hand, is quite underrated and relatively new. Vietnam offers everything that can make it a great surfing destination without a doubt. A long coastline of about 3000 km is a clear indicator of that. 

What Makes Vietnam a Good Surfing Destination?

There are many reasons why Vietnam is a great place to hit the rollers. There are empty line ups, warm weather all year round, breathtaking views, super friendly locals, great food and cheap cost of accommodation. What’s not to like? There are plenty of places to wax your board or stop for drinks! It also provides you with more of an offbeat surfing experience without the noise of crowded beaches. It is like a one to one interaction with nature while listening to the rhythm of waves swirling down, taking you into their lap. Sounds like a dream, right? 

Best time for Surfing in Vietnam

The best time to surf is between November and March with the winter monsoon season. Typhoons develop during this period, and these produce high swells. The temperature of the water is warm for most of the year.

Best Places for Surfing In Vietnam

1. China Beach

My Khe or China Beach is the most popular spot for surfing in Vietnam. It is a long sandy beach with a stretch of about 30 km and sees clean, four to five-foot waves. It is an urban beach with bars and eating points which are perfect for snacking after a good surf. 

This beach has been a crucial part of Vietnam’s history with the first US marines arriving in the country through its shores. It was a rest centre for the American soldiers, and they were the first to hit the waves here, developing a culture of surfing which was followed by the Vietnamese locals. 

Today there are hundreds of resorts, golf courses, restaurants and private villas spread across the length of the beach. There are various facilities and relaxation spots like spas, massage centres, yoga and reiki for you to unwind and rest well. 
Facilities: It has good surfboard hiring shops starting from USD 5 or THB 155 per hour.
Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit is between May and October.
How To Reach: It can be reached from

Places to Stay:

1. Fusion Maia Resort
2. Konoha Boutique Villa
3. The Glomad Danang Hotelthe Danang International Airport via taxi and it will barely take half an hour to reach the beach.

2. Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a beautiful town located on the seaside in Vietnam. It has a long sandy beach with famous and best surf clubs like the Vung Tau Beach Club. The Vung Tau Back Beach is a perfect location for surfing, especially for beginners as it provides gentle surfing experience. The waves do hit a 1-2 metres mark occasionally.
Facilities: There are a few bars, party clubs, equipments for surfing available at this beach.
Best time to visit: You can enjoy good waves during October-April, although you can catch waves hitting the 2 metre mark during the summer season if you pick the right day.

Places to stay:
1. The Imperial Hotel
2. The Grand Ho Tram Strip Resort
3. Minh Vu Hotel
4. Pullman Vung Tau

3. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is also called the gem of the East Sea and rightly so because of the beautiful beaches and it being a cultural and economic hub. Tourists flock to this coastal city to explore the surfing spots at these beaches.

The Nha Trang beach is about 7 km in length and has a half moon-like shape. It is located in the centre of the city! Waves are decent with occasional large swells, and this makes it a spot for surfing in Vietnam for people who wish to learn.
Facilities: There are various surfboard renting shops and you can also rent stand up paddle boards. Prices start at USD 10 per hour. Food and snacks are readily available at an affordable price. There is a market just across the beach with souvenir shops, food stores, bars and local markets.

Places to stay: There are many beautiful places to stay with the view of the coastline and the waters that border it. Here are some suggestions:
1. The Costa Nha Trang
2. Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang
3. Diamond Bay Resort and Spa

4. Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

This place is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam. It offers a picturesque seaside with a 3 km coastline made of white sand. The water is visible, and there are blue waves suitable for surfing, swimming and just floating around. You can find changing huts also. Fantastic seafood restaurants are offering all the traditional delicacies as well as their twist on them. You can easily find a quiet place to relax and enjoy your time surfing there. There are surfboard shops for renting and waxing the boards. 
Places to stay: There are many luxury resorts as well as affordable accommodations. 
1. Hoi An Beach Resort
2. Cua Dai Beach Hotel
3. Koi Hoi An Resort and Spa

5. Mui Ne, Ham Tien

Mui Ne is a coastal fishing town in Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam. The coastline stretches for 50 kilometres. There are two beaches, Ganh Beach and Suoi Nuoc Beach. These areas are very famous for kitesurfing and surfing in Vietnam. This place is also known as a seafood paradise and has more than 20 restaurants for you to enjoy delicious food. 

Dragon Beach is the largest disco in Mui Ne with a lot of crowd and beers and great snacks!
Places to stay: 
1. Mui Ne Village resort and Kitesurf
2. Song Hien hotel
3. Sandunes Beach Resort and Spa
4. Song Bien Xanh Resort

6. Nam O, Da Nang

Nam O is an ancient village in the Lien Chieu district in Da Nang city. It is also famous for seafood and fireworks! The Nam O beach is about 17 km northwest of the city centre. You can go swimming, surfing and diving at this beach. Early morning is the best time to go to the beach. 
Places to stay: 
1. Dong Phuong Hotel
2. The Nature Villas and Resort
3. Love Guesthouse

7. Non-Nuoc, Hoi An

Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang consists of 5 km coastline with beautiful white sands, turquoise waters and a gently sloped area. This is one of the gorgeous beaches in the world. The best time to visit this beach is between  April and September. There are surfing and paddling lessons available for beginners.
Places to stay:
1. Melia Danang Beach Resort
2. Non Nuoc Resort

Tips When Surfing in Vietnam

1. Vietnam is not a place for surfing exclusively and you can try other adventure activities as well.

2. It is better to visit Vietnam to tour all the attractions, enjoy the local cuisine and surf.

3. The season for surfing is an essential thing to keep in mind, considering the swells are occasionally high and that too around the peak season only.

4. If you want to go to offbeat locations, it is better to take your surfboard and rent a van to take the surfboard with you. It can be expensive, but it is the most convenient way to explore the hidden locations.

5. The best way to find hidden locations is by asking the locals. They have hands-on experience with surfing and you are surely going to find some hidden gems! 

Surf Shops and Schools in Vietnam

1. Surf point Vietnam, Phan Thi?t
Address: 52 Nguyen ?ình Chi?u, khu ph? 1, Tp. Phan Thiet
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

2. Mui Ne Kitesurf & Surfing School, Phan Thiet
Address: 44 Nguy?n ?ình Chi?u, khu ph? 1, Tp. Phan Thi?t
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

3. Beach Club Surf Station, Vung Tau
Address: 8 Thùy Vân, Ph??ng Th?ng Tam, Thành ph? V?ng T?u, Bà R?a
Timings: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

4. Mui Ne Kitesurf & Surf School , Binh Thuan
Address: 42 Nguy?n ?ình Chi?u, khu ph? 1, Muine
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

5. Surf Shack, Da Nang
Address: 33 An Th??ng 4, B?c M? An, Ng? Hành S?n
Timings: 7:00 AM - 9:30 PM

6. Rip Curl Vietnam, Phan Thiet
Address: 103 Nguy?n ?ình Chi?u, Ph??ng Hàm Ti?n, Thành ph? Phan Thi?t
Timings: 9:30 AM -10:00 PM

7. Da Nang Outdoor Adventures Company Ltd, Da Nang
Address: 49 An Th??ng 5, B?c M? An, Ng? Hành S?n
Timings: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

With this information at your tips, you can enjoy the beautiful waters of this beautiful nation by surfing in Vietnam without having to worry about missing on the best spots. There is a lot to explore in Vietnam, so pair your surfing expedition with an excellent food hunt and make it a memorable experience. Bon Voyage!

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