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Vung Tau Tourism

Vung Tau translates into 'The bay of boats'. Sitting on a hilly strip of land that juts into the Ocean, Vung tau is one of the best beach towns located around 100 Km from Ho Chi Minh City. It primarily serves as a weekend getaway from Saigon and other cities in the nearby region. The two main beaches are Back Beach and Front beach. The wide boulevards and colonial buildings in this town are major highlights. 

Back Beach is a three-kilometre stretch of sand and sea catering to all the tourists – sun loungers, umbrellas, jet skis, tube rentals, seafood, beach toys and beer, you name it you get it! The Front beach is more low-key and is a harbour to many riverboats. The French style promenade connects the two beaches and makes for a relaxing sunset stroll.

The city gets painfully crowded during the weekends owing to its reputation as a great place for singles to mingle. Prices often triple and if you want to avoid crowds and/or are on a budget visiting during the week is a good idea. You can choose to visit the Jesus Christ statue or the Lighthouse and catch some spectacular views of the city or choose to visit one of the numerous pagodas scattered across the city. A must visit is the Worldwide Arms Museum that showcases ancient weaponry. Vung tau is thin on substantial things to do, but it has this festive, cheerful yet calming vibe to it and that is precisely why you should visit Vung Tau.

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Dog Races in Vung Tau

Dog racing is a popular gambling practice in Vung Tau. Every Saturday night, the Lam Son stadium features live greyhound races. The races are a once in a lifetime experience and the only legal form of gambling in Vietnam. The stadium fee is VND 60,000 per person. The stadium has a very family-friendly vibe to it and looks more like a carnival than a gambling arena. The stadium even has stalls, games, toys, cotton candy and a miniature petting arena with baby greyhounds. The minimum bets you can place is VND 20,000. Dog racing is a rare activity and if you do visit Vung Tau, you should definitely not miss it.

Vung Tau Seafood Market

Vung Tau is on the coast as well as has the river running through it. This ensures that the fish, crab, lobster and other sea animals caught by the fishermen are always fresh and juicy. Vung Tau’s seafood market sells the best of these freshly caught produce. Open only from 5:00 PM - 10:30 PM in the evening, this market is bustling with activity, from the fishermen bringing in their fresh catch to shop owners arranging their freshly bought seafood. The most unique part of this market is that you can choose the way you wish to have your fresh seafood cooked and you can choose the sauces to add to it. A visit to this market indeed makes for a unique experience and gives you a sharp insight into the lives of the locals.

Religion of Vung Tau

The prominent religion in this region is Mahayana Buddhism. The Khmer people in this region practice Theravada Buddhism. There a small minority of Catholic Christians and Russian Orthodox Christians in this region.

Vung Tau Customs

A special community resides in Vung Tau that worships whales. The Lang Ong Nam Hai Whale Temple hosts a skeleton of a whale. This is said to be the representative skeleton of Nam Hai General, a whale god who is said to govern the ocean and protect people from evils, monsters, and disasters. An annual festival is held in honour of the god.

Language of Vung Tau

Vietnamese is the most commonly spoken language in Vung Tau.

History of Vung Tau

The first mention of the area known as Vung tau was in the 14th century when Portuguese ships used this area for anchorage. The ships anchoring here inspired the name 'Vung Tau' which literally translates into anchorage. Vung tau has had its name changed numerous times, but the most prominent one was after the French invasion when the French names it Cape Saint Jacques. But before it acquired any of these names, it was called Tam Thang, in honour of the three villages it encompassed. On 10th February 1859, the Nguyen's army fired at the French invaders from a fort located 100 meters from Vung Tau's Front Beach. This event marked at important role in the war against French colonialists. After the war, the Frecn took over and Vung tau was under the French rule for a very long time. During the Vietnam Ware, Vung Tau served as a base camp for Australian and American troops.

Nightlife in Vung Tau

Vung Tau seems to be filled with new vigor and vitality as the sun sets and it transforms into a raging beachside party. Nightclubs and Pubs open up and cater to singles and couples. Some of the nightclubs that you can visit if you are into the party scene include - Queen 101 Beer Club (Best Beer and Chill place in town) , Black Pearl Bar (stylish uptown bar with great cocktails) , Gazebo Beachfront Lounge (Beachside bar with great ambience and lighting) , TGT Disco club (Perfect for those who enjoy dancing) and Amadeus Bar Pub Bistro (Posh and relaxed club to enjoy some drinks and dance). Vung tau also has a reputation for having a number of call girls who cater to the singles.

Shopping in Vung Tau

Lotte Market and Imperial Plaza are the two shopping area in Vung tau. However there is nothing of particular importance available to shop.

Vung Tau Photos

Vung Tau
Vung Tau - Largest City in Vietnam
32 m High Statue of Jesus on Nho Mount
White Palace - Built as Retreat for French Colonial

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FAQs on Vung Tau

What is famous about Vung tau?

Great scenery, Cheerful Locals, Relaxing atmosphere

What is not so good about Vung tau?

Not many tourist attractions

What is the best time to visit Vung tau?

March - May: The best time to visit Vung Tau is just before the onset of torrential rain, when the dry winter is coming to an end. The weather is pleasant – not too hot. The rain is restricted and not yet on full onset. The seawater is warm and ideal to bathe in. Tourists do not flock till late May and you will find most sites vacant.
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What is the local food in Vung tau?

Vung Tau's cuisine is the epitome of a Southern-Vietnamese, rice-based cuisine. The exquisite flavours bust in your mouth and provide you with a sensory overload. Some of the dishes you absolutely cannot miss include – Lau Ca Duoi (hot pot with stingray, some pickled bamboo, slices of chilies, vermicelli, rice cracker and a plate of herbs), Banh Khot Vung Tau (little round pancake made from mixed flour, curry powder, and filled with seafood such as shrimp and squid, and topped with green onion and shrimp powder), Banh Bong Lan Trung Muoi (sponge cake with salted egg yolk and cheese), banh Uot Chong Dia (thin rice pancakes with pork and/or chicken, pickles and sour mango to wrap with and fish sauce or fermented anchovy sauce to dip in). Vung Tau also has one of the best fresh seafood. Dishes such as boiled crab/shrimp, grilled octopus/squid/shrimp seasoned with dried satay chili and grilled oyster with or without cheese and BBQ amberjack fish seasoned with dried satay chilies or green onion and oil are an absolute savory delight.
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What is the best way to reach Vung tau?

Vung tau is quite close to Ho Chi Minh City and can be easily reached from the latter. The closest airport to Vung Tau is at Ho Chi Minh City. Vung tau can also be reached by hydrofoil. Apart from that, Vung tau has great roads leading up to it and also has good bus connectivity from the surrounding provinces.
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What are the top hotels in Vung tau?

There are 1145 in Vung tau which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Vung tau are Son Thinh Three Bedroom Apartment, M & M Villa, Mina house, Blue Sea Apartment, Melody Vung Tau Apartment_2BRs, Premium Beach Condotel 5. You can see all the hotels in Vung tau here

What are the places near Vung tau?

The top places near to Vung tau are Ho chi minh city which is 71 km from Vung tau, Nha trang which is located 303 km from Vung tau, Ben tre which is located 85 km from Vung tau, Bien hoa which is located 68 km from Vung tau, My tho which is located 86 km from Vung tau

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