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"Amber dunes and briny beaches"

Mui Ne Tourism

The picturesque beach resort town of Mui Ne is located at a four-hour train ride away from the city of Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Perfect for beach lovers, this town is dotted with quaint fishing villages and azure sea waters. Here, sand dunes come together with the sea, giving a unique experience to travellers who can try out an amalgamation of activities in the sand and in the sea. 

The town is also quite famous for the amazing variety of adventure sports that it offers such as kite surfing, sailing, surfing and even quad biking on the dunes among many others. Day tours from Mui Ne which include a quick excursion to nearby tourists sights are also quite popular. 

If you're on a romantic / family trip, look no further, the town has a host of resorts with private beaches all along the main strip. If you're a backpacker, worry not, you can stay in your own tents for as cheap as VND 90,000 per night, right at the beach and wake up to the sound and the view of the beautiful sea. Places like LongSon Mui Ne offer 24-hour bar and restaurant on their premises, with cheap but well-maintained tents for those who wish to spend less on accommodation and more on other travel experiences.

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Currency in Mui Ne

Cash is the most viable form of currency here, as it is a small region with only a few ATMs for tourists available along the strip.

Exchanging Money in Mui Ne

ATMs are present here in Mui Ne. However, it is advisable to carry enough cash before visiting this destination. ATMs of Vietin Bank, Sacombank and ACB are available on the strip among others.

Daily Budget for Mui Ne

Shoestring Budget: VND 906,672 /day Comfortable Budget: VND 2,266,566 /day Luxury Traveller: VND 3,407,686

Religion of Mui Ne

The predominant religion in Vietnam is Buddhism.

Mui Ne Customs

Gestures such as shaking hands, or passing an item over to another person are generally done with both hands. Do not touch anyone's head, or pass an item over their head. Public display of affection especially with the opposite sex is frowned upon. Mui Ne is a conservative destination and tourists are expected to dress up modestly, unless on the beach where appropriate swimming gear is required.

History of Mui Ne

As much as Mui Ne is a tourism hotspot, it has a rich and illustrious history attached to its name as well. This town was initially occupied by the Cham dynasty and has towers built by the them that are as old as the 8th century. Besides the towers, this destination also had a temple, which has now been buried underground for about 300 years. In 1692, Nguyen Phuc Chu captured the area and named it Binh Thuan Dinh. Before it became a popular tourist spot, Mui Ne was a sleepy town centred around fishing. This place is rich in lore and legends which make up for interesting conversations.

Nightlife in Mui Ne

You can enjoy a few parties- Vietnam style- right here in Mui Ne, as nightlife here is very much existent. You can find a few nightclubs with definitive party schedules and a few standard drinks, and there can be no better way to mingle with the local crowd. A few casinos exist too, but there are no laws regularising the same so gamble at your own risk!

Shopping in Mui Ne

You can buy souvenirs such as wooden and lacquered bowls, wooden statues, snake whisky, and pearl necklaces, which are unique to this place and may cost up to VND 318115.

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Mui Ne, Vietnam

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FAQs on Mui Ne

Who should visit Mui ne?

Beach camping enthusiasts

What is the best time to visit Mui ne?

December to April is the best time to visit Mui Ne in Vietnam. The weather in this coastal region of Vietnam remains dry all year long. There are some of the most beautiful beach resorts available for stays and a holiday during these months can be a great way to experience the beauty of this place. Also, if you wish to do some surfing, anytime between August-November is the best time for that. During the peak season of December-April, the beaches are beautiful with blue water, yellow sands and a clear sky! June, July and August are termed as the rainy months in Mui Ne, and you can plan your holiday to this place during these months as well. Although it’s the wet season, there’s very little rainfall here, and it won’t be a barrier in touring around for you. The stunning beaches of Mui Ne are a welcome sight any given month throughout the year.
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What is the local food in Mui ne?

From lazy lunches to happening dinners, Mui Ne has a lot to offer its patrons. You can enjoy a quiet meal of noodles, fish and lemon at the Lam Tung, which is a local staple here. In addition to traditional Vietnamese food, you can also tuck into some Mediterranean delicacies at the Sindbad Kebab and the local sea food restaurants in Nguyen Dien Chieu street. These local restaurants promise the most fresh form of sea food, where you get to choose which sea food you'd like while it is still breathing in the water tanks. The variety is great and if you're a fan of experimenting with food, you'd be able to appreciate the plethora of options some of these local restaurants can provide. Meals here can cost anywhere between VND 30,000-150,000. Joe's Cafe is another place to check out for a more lively, slightly touristy environment with a great ambience for grabbing drinks and finger food.

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What is the best way to reach Mui ne?

What are the top hotels in Mui ne?

There are 375 in Mui ne which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Mui ne are Bella Villa, Matrusaden Residence, Kim Long Hostel, Apartment in the city center for 6 people, Sea View Condominium - Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Ocean Vista Phan Thiet. You can see all the hotels in Mui ne here

What are the things to do in Mui ne?

The top things to do in Mui ne are White Sand Dunes, Fairy Stream, Kitesurfing in Mui Ne, Mui Ne Beach, Red Sand Dunes, Po Shanu Cham Towers. You can see all the places to visit in Mui ne here

What are the places near Mui ne?

The top places near to Mui ne are Ho chi minh city which is 181 km from Mui ne, Nha trang which is located 175 km from Mui ne, Hoi an which is located 550 km from Mui ne, Hue which is located 618 km from Mui ne, Hanoi which is located 1152 km from Mui ne

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