The Stars Align - Here's Where You Should Travel This Year Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This year, let the stars guide you to your dream destination! The horoscope app on your phone might give you the daily updates but that's simply not enough. Each sun sign has a unique characteristic attached to it. It boasts of your strengths, weaknesses and your likely behaviour, so why not leave it up to them to decide the most favoured destination for your sign. Whether you are an adventurous Aquarius or a voyager Virgo, there's a travel destination specially curated just for you because you deserve to feel wonderful serendipity. So here are 12 travel destinations according to the 12 zodiac signs!

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19): Australia

Aries australia

Aries love taking risks. They are adventurous and seek thrill wherever they go. They do not like monotony or idling away their time.

For the daredevils, Australia is the place to be! It is blessed with innumerable escapades and rugged landscapes. The best part is, you can indulge in a lot of electrifying land AND sea activities. This sun-kissed city's population to land ratio is so low—it’s one of the least crowded countries in the world. So enjoy stretches of Australia just to yourself.

The best time to visit this country is from December to May. It is an ideal place to visit for groups!

Exhilarating activities to do in Australia:
1. Climb the 134 m high Sydney Harbour Bridge
2. Take a jet through Horizontal Falls
3. Snorkel with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef
4. Four-wheel Drive on Fraser Island
5. Helicopter Ride over the 12 Apostles in Victoria

Australia is the answer to the adventure junkie in you. Alternatively, you can check out the Fiji Islands for another great adventure.

2. Taurus (April 21- May 21): Seychelles, Africa

Sechelles Taurus

The coterie of finer tastes, Taurus enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. They have an appreciation for all things exquisite. A luxurious vacation is a definite answer for them.

Hence, Seychelles, one of the most beautiful places on the globe is refined, cultured and perfect for the Taureans. Have a magnificent time in the midst of lush green mountains, cyan waters, and white sand beaches. The best months to visit Seychelles are November, April, May, and October.

Activities to do in Seychelles:
1. Visit the Pink Sand Beach in La Digue
2. Go scuba diving at Brissare Rocks
3. Sip rum at the 250-year-old plantation - Takamaka Bay

Alternative Location: For fine food and finer wine, you can check out Italy!

3. Gemini (May 21- June 21): New York, USA

Gemini New York City

The enthusiastic Geminis love an enthusiastic place. What better than the city that never sleeps? New York! With innumerable places to explore, shop, eat and have a gala time New York is a haven for Geminis.

Soak in the culture and learn a new thing every day in New York. The versatile nature of Geminis matches with the versatility of the city. Whether you are looking for an adventure or a peaceful evening, New York has endless nooks, crannies, and streets filled with various options, there's something to do at every corner.

Activities to do in New York:
1. Take in the grandiosity of the city at Brooklyn Bridge
2. Enjoy a fun picnic at 693 acres Central Park
3. Visit Solomon R. Guggenheim's museum
4. Visit the cultural epicentre - Metropolitan Museum Of Art
5. Be touristy at Statue of Liberty
6. Go crazy at Times Square

Best time to visit New York: April to June and September to early November.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesia cancer

Cancerians are creative and spontaneous, they love spur of the moment trips. With a visa on arrival, Bali is the ultimate place to go for you. You do not have to plan tediously for this destination. It's a place where you can relax or really get the party started.

Quite a haven for moody Cancerians. In addition, Bali's beaches and Cancerian's love for water will be an instant connection.

Activities to do in Bali:
1. Go surfing in Kuta
2. Have a blissful yoga session at Yoga Barn
3. Enjoy a jetpack ride in Tanjung Benoa
4. Have an adrenaline-filled afternoon at Bali Treetop Adventure Park
5. Visit Ulun Danu Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best time to visit: The summer months April, May, June, and September.
Alternative location: For the sea lover in you, you can visit the Philippines.

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22): Buenos Aires, South America

Buenos Aires Leo

Leos love the attention and the centre stage, they are always in the spotlight and the perfect match for you is Buenos Aires, the centre of attention of South America. A sensual and sexy city, Buenos Aires beautifully blends the grandeur of Europe with eventful city life.

The city boasts of throbbing nightlife, theatre action, architecture, and dance clubs. Famous for tango, Buenos Aires never sleeps. As the whole country is crazy about football, so is this city. You'll spot a lot of sports bars here. The experience of watching a football game in one of these bars is quite exhilarating.

Activities to do in Buenos Aires:
1. Visit Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery – one of the world's most extraordinary graveyard!
2. A guided tour of Teatro Colón, the world-renowned theatre.
3. Shop at Feria de San Telmo, one of the best antique markets in the world.
4. Tango and dance your heart out at Niceto Club

Best time to visit: March to May and September to December
Alternative location: Checkout Hong Kong for a mesmerizing experience.

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22): New Zealand

Virgo New Zealand

Known for planning to the T, Virgos are also a nature lover. Dear Virgos, it's time to use your near perfect scheduling skills and travel to a destination where you can be one with nature - New Zealand! The country is one of the best places to go hiking or as the locals call it - tramping. A less populated country, New Zealand has less brick and mortar and more lakes, forests, and mountains. Breathe in the fresh pristine air and lose yourself in the decadence of nature.

Activities to do in New Zealand:
1. Bungy jump from 134 high towers in Queenstown
2. Cruise through one of the most beautiful fiord - Milford Sound
3. Whitewater Rafting in Rapid Class 5
4. Checkout Moeraki Boulders - a nature phenomena
5. Go whale watching in Kaikoura

Best time to visit New Zealand: September to December, March to May
Alternative location: If nature is your calling, you can check out beautiful Vietnam!

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22): Paris, France

Paris France Libra

Librans are life long lovers, they would do anything for love. They are fond of partnership, companions and all things beautiful. What better city than Paris for the hopeless romantics? The city of love has an all-time euphoric atmosphere. There's beauty as far as your eyes can see. Whether it's the magnificent Eiffel tower or the delectable food, Paris's has a penchant for doing everything in panache.

Things to do in Paris:
1. Visit the world's largest art museum - The Louvre
2. Visit the Eiffel Tower
3. Visit the beloved Gothic monument - Notre-Dame de Paris
4. Splurge to your heart's content at Champs-Elysées Avenue
5. Visit the humongous Palace of Versailles.

Best time to visit: April to June or you can also visit from October to November.
Alternative location: Piercing blue waters, soft and golden sand and the most romantic resorts - checkout Greece!

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): South Korea

Scorpio South Korea

Scorpions are strong-willed and brave-hearts amongst all the zodiacs. They are secretive and like to keep their personal life an intimate affair. For the secretive scorpions, an offbeat location is the perfect travel destination. It is literally the road less travelled and not known by many!

South Korea, with a 5000-year-old history of culture, triumphs, and tribulations, is a country less explored. The capital city Seoul is one of the most hardworking cities in the entire world, but they also know how to party hard. The city is buzzing 24*7 with multitudes of cafes, boutique hotels, and avant-gardè dining experience. You can also pamper yourself with skincare treatments as South Koreans are known for their flawless skincare regime.

Things to do in South Korea:
1. Tour the grand palaces - Gyeongbukgung and Changdeokgung in Seoul.
2. Shop and eat where the locals do - Namdaemun Market in Seoul
3. Visit the heavily guarded borders of South Korea and North Korea - DMZ
4. Visit the Seoul Grand Park
5. Enjoy a fresh seafood meal at Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan

Best time to visit South Korea: April to June
Alternative location: Known as the 'Kingdom of Wonder,' Cambodia is an unexplored and perfect match for the Scorpions.

9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Rome, Italy

Rome italy sagittarius

Always inquisitive and highly intelligent, Sagittarius love soaking in everything about a place, be it culture, food, fashion, heritage. They want the entire experience and they are definitely going back home with all the answers. Known as natural travellers, Sagittarius are wanderers and truth seekers. A country submerged in culture will keep you on your toes and be an enriching experience for you. Nothing like Rome to soak in art and culture like a sponge.

Things to do in Rome:
1. Visit The Colosseum, the biggest amphitheatre ever built.
2. Visit one of the most beautiful churches in the world - Pantheon
3. Visit the magnificent Trevi Fountain
4. Visit Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums
5. Visit St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square

Best time to visit Rome: April to June, September to early November
Alternative location: Check out Istanbul for it's beautiful and legendary history.

10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Maldives, Asia

Maldives Capricorn

Hardworking Capricorns are truly the ones who deserve a vacation, the ambitious Capricorn needs to take a breather every now and then and we suggest a vacation that will rejuvenate you.

It's time to head off to the Maldives. Synonym with clear water, soft sand beaches, and luxury relaxation, Maldives is a blissful destination to bring back your mojo.

Spend the entire day sunbathing or in the spa and feel your body, mind, and spirit at peace. The Maldives also has a lot of thrilling water sports to try!

Things to do in the Maldives:
1. Private picnic on a sandbank
2. Pamper yourself at the underwater spa
3. Let your hair down and groove to some of the best DJs at Finolhu
4. Enjoy a private dinner/spa/brunch at The Piano Deck

Best time to visit: November to April
Alternative location: Lose yourself in the beauty and peace of one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Antigua.

11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Denmark

Denmark Aquarius

Aquarius are humanitarian by heart, they would do everything in their power to help people in dire times. Aquarius deserve to visit a nice and friendly country, known for their open hearts just like them. I am talking about Denmark, known as one of the friendliest countries to visit in the world. Hygee - a word that literally means contentment was derived from the Danish culture.

You can see the rose tint in Denmark without the glasses as it's all natural. Aquarius will be in harmony with the nature and vibe of Denmark instantly.

Things to do in Denmark:
1. Visit Design Museum Danmark in Copenhagen
2. Frolic at the Tivoli Gardens
3. Visit the stunning renaissance castle - Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød
4. Check out Lego House at Billund

Best time to visit Denmark: March to August is a pleasant time to visit the country.
Alternative Location: One of the most eco-friendly destinations that are also surreal, you can have a look at Iceland!

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Fiji, Oceania

Fiji Pisces

Pisceans are dreamers. They rarely have their feet on the ground. Pisces have an escapist nature so they will be the first ones to pack the bags and escape to another reality. Their zodiac sign is a fish, hence making them drawn to waterbodies.

Fiji, the tropical paradise island located in the South Pacific Ocean, is a place Pisceans will enjoy the most. Pristine beaches, tropical rainforests, and vibrant culture, Fiji has got it all. This is where you can enjoy some sun and a cool breeze and also indulge in some exhilarating white-water rafting. Combining the cultures of China, India, and other indigenous countries, the island also offers a unique range of mouthwatering cuisines, which is an added temptation to fish.

Things to do in Fiji:
1. Bask on the flawless beaches
2. Snorkel or dive at the Great White Wall
3. Get up close and personal with nature on a hike through the jungles
4. Escape civilization and have a whole island to yourself at Navini or Mana.
5. Learn more about the Fijian culture and engage in the traditional kava ceremony

Best time to visit Fiji: Between July and September, when it's sunny and dry.
Alternative Location: White sand beaches, untouched jungles, and more. The Philippines is bound to be loved by Pisces.

This post was published by Yash Saboo