Only 9 Long Weekends Left In 2019, And Here's Where You SHOULD Travel

The thing about travelling is that planning the trip and figuring out the details takes so much of time that actually going on the trip takes a back seat! Sometimes, just let the plans take a nap. One or the other way, you will figure out what to do and how to do it. Focus only on booking the tickets and not overstuffing those bags! The rest of this year still awaits you with some of the best destinations inviting you to take the much-needed break you deserve!


The month of August brings to you the longest break of the year - 10th August from 18th August if you are itching to take the plunge. Take leaves on 13th, 14th and 15th and you have earned yourself a 9-day long break! Or else, if you are on a leave-crunch, then take a small four days trip from 10th August to 13th August or 16th August to 18 August. 
10th August - Saturday/Weekend
11th August - Sunday/Weekend
12th August - Bakr Eid/Gazzetted Holiday
13th August - Take Leave
14th August - Take Leave
15th August - Independence Day/Gazzetted Holiday
16th August - Take Leave
17th August - Saturday/Weekend
18th August - Sunday/Weekend
Don’t wait now, check out the best places to visit in August


The month of September brings to you two short vacations with only one day of leave! How amazing is that? Start the month with no Monday blues - instead, take a small trip to some dreamy destination nearby! And right before the mid-month blues hit you, take a break and your moods wouldn’t be the wiser.
31st August - Saturday/Weekend
1st September - Sunday/Weekend
2nd September - Ganesh Chaturthi/Gazzetted Holiday

7th September - Saturday/Weekend
8th September - Sunday/Weekend
9th September - Take Leave
10th September - Onam/Muharram/ Gazzetted Holiday
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The month of October brings with it much cheer! With Dussehra around the corner and Diwali not so far, everybody is looking for a small break to get away from the cacophony of corporate life! Take three days of leave and you will be able to take a week-long vacation, celebrating with your friends or family the start of festive cheer! 
2nd October - Gandhi Jayanti/Gazzetted Holiday
3rd October - Take Leave
4th October - Take Leave
5th October - Saturday/Weekend
6th October - Sunday/Weekend
7th October - Take Leave
8th October - Dusshera
Start looking up the best places to visit in October to be a step ahead!


With the end of the year almost upon us, all of you who have been planning and planning and planning to take that trip, just start packing your bags NOW! This month brings two short four day vacations if you are willing to take those leaves! But, if you haven’t done much travelling even though you have been wanting to, don’t think twice!
9th November - Saturday/Weekend
10th November - Sunday/Weekend
11th November - Take Leave
12th November - Guru Nanak Jayanti/Gazetted Holiday

23rd November - Saturday/Weekend
24th November - Sunday/Weekend
25th November - Take Leave
26th November - Narak Chaturdashi/Restricted Holiday
There are plenty of short vacations that can be taken in the best places to visit in November


The last month of the year brings with it a nostalgic spirit - of the days that have gone by and a surge in commitment - to make the next year a better one! What other way to do this but through a destination getaway? Cash in those precious leaves you have saved over the year - not much, only four - and have yourself a lavish 9-day vacation!
21st December - Saturday/Weekend
22nd December - Sunday/Weekend
23rd December - Take Leave
24th December - Take Leave
25th December - Christmas/Gazzetted Holiday
26th December - Take Leave
27th December - Take Leave
28th December - Saturday/Weekend
29th December - Sunday/Weekend
Pack your bags and wave hasta la vista to your current situations and pledge a new beginning at the best places to visit in December.  

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