Must-Eat Eid Delicacies in India

This weekend, with the ending of the Holy month of Ramadan, the three-day festival, full of colors and food, Eid-ul-Fitr will begin. The one-month of fasting is meant to signify abstinence, self control, and most of all to keep in mind those who might not be so fortunate. Needless to say, food forms a big part of the celebration! The cuisines all over the world are cooked in many different ways, yet they somehow manage to bring everyone together.  (Fair warning- You might not be able to get through this post without drooling!)

 1. Kaleji Curry (North India)

This delicious curry is eaten as a breakfast or lunch option. It is generally paired with naan for a delicious end to the fast.

Chicken_Dil_Kaleji_Fry (1)

Kaleji Curry (Source)



2. Haleem (Hyderabad)

The month of Ramadan is synonymous with Haleem in Hyderabad. With meat, pulses and dates coming together in a mouthwatering combination, call up your Hyderabadi friends to make sure you get to taste this!


Haleem (Source)



 3. Galouti Kebab(Lucknow)

The Galoutis of Lucknow will restore your faith in cooking. Even the non foodies should try this during Eid. An interesting fact is that the original version of this dish, is said to have included more than 100 spices. What we would give to go back and try that!


Galouti Kebab (Source)



4. Kakori Kebab (Lucknow & Delhi)

This Mughlai kebab is a famous among Muslims in Lucknow and Delhi.  Succulent minced lamb cooked with mint and spices, will completely melt in your mouth with every bite.


Kakori Kebab (Source)


5. Tangri Kebab(Lucknow)

Chicken is roasted on top of a hot fire, and generous amounts of ghee and butter are put on top to make sure even though your stomach is full, you’ll keep going back for more!


Tangri Kebab (Source)


6. Kolkata Biryani (Kolkata)

The aroma of a biryani in Kolkata will have you completely salivating. The rice is absolutely delicate, and the chicken/mutton are so tender and juicy you almost don’t realize you’re eating meat. The mainstay of Kolkata style Biriyani, is a roasted potato that is slow cooked with the rice. Its goodness in every bite! All foodies need to visit Kolkata at least once, even if it’s only for the biryani.


Kolkata Biryani (Source)


7. Bhuna Gosht

Pieces of mutton are pan-fried in a spicy gravy, and are generously flavored with spices. It is generally served with a hot naan. While eating this you will get to experience all the cultural diversity of India, in one bite.


Gosht Bhuna (Source)


8. Korma

The fact that sometimes it’s called ‘Shahi’ shows just how prestigious and rich this dish is. Though famous all over India, there is a uniqueness in how it’s prepared in every place. In South India, bay leaves and dried coconuts are added to give it a flavor, which you won’t find anywhere else.


Korma (Source)


9. Aaatu Thalaikari Kuzhambu (Tamil Nadu)

Goat’s head curry is a specialty of the South Indian region of India. Though a widely polarizing dish, you either love it or hate, you should try it at least once, even if it’s just for the experience!


Aaatu Thalaikari Kuzhambu (Source)

10. Soya Chaap(North India)

All the vegetarians out there, don’t lose heart, as there is something for you out there as well. A North Indian delight, you can even enjoy this in the form of rolls. Most restaurants serving chicken and mutton, tend to offer this throughout the year, not only on Eid.

Soya Chaap (Source)


11. Kofta

Generally cooked in a spicy curry, Kofta can be eaten either with rice or with a fresh, yum keema parantha. In Bengal, local tastes are incorporated with fish, and prawns being used instead of the usual chicken. In Kashmir, mutton is utilized in the making of this dish. Thus, no matter where you go, you will find a different version of this age old dish, with recipes being passed through generations.


Kofta (Source)


12. Hyderabadi Egg Biryani

People from all over the world travel to Hyderabad just to try their Biryani. Though an off beat version of the tradition Dum Biryani,the Egg Biryani has become another favorite of Rozedars. Served on a bed of rice, this dish manages to incorporate all the traditional flavors and spices that Hyderabad is famous for.


Hyderabadi Biryani (Source)


13. Andey ka Halwa

Though not one of the most popular deserts during Eid, as it is better enjoyed during winters, nonetheless this is a must try dish for any foodie.


Egg-Halwa (Source)


14. Seviyan

A staple in every household celebrating Eid, Seviyan(Vermicelli) is a sweet which is absolutely mouth watering. After a month of fasting, this is the best reward one can hope to get! There’s more! Sevai is also roasted in ghee and served with crubled khowa and elaicidana, which makes for a greeeaaaattt Dessert, especially during Eid!


Seviyan (Source)

15. Shahi Tukda(Delhi)

If you visit Chandni Chowk, you may find many stalls serving this piping hot dessert. Deep fried bread is dipped in milk with saffron and dates to add to the taste.


Shahi Tukda (Source)


Salivating already? Call up your friends who are celebrating Eid, and make sure you get an invite to their household feast!




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