Durga Puja in Delhi : 12 Pandals You Should Add To Your List This Year

All of us know that Durga Puja is a big deal in West Bengal and especially in Kolkata. The festival celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over evil Mahisasur. Pandal hopping is a common thing in Durga puja where people view different idols. As the Bengalis have migrated to different parts of the country, they have started celebrating their tradition in different cities. Delhi is one such city which also reverberates with the Puja vibes, and you will feel that you have arrived at a mini Kolkata.

So, let us see some of the best locations that you should visit for pandal hopping to celebrate Durga Puja in Delhi:

1. Kashmiri Gate

Kashmere Gate Durga Puja
You should visit the Kashmiri Gate Durga puja pandal as it is the oldest Durga puja held in the city. Currently, the puja is held at the Bengali Sr Sec School, Alipur Road. You can trace its origin to 1910 when it was started as a ‘baroyari’ or community puja, so it has crossed the 100-year mark. The pandal makes you feel nostalgia because it is still erected and decorated traditionally. The idols are given a ‘Daaker Saaj’ which is one of the most elegant forms of adornment. The puja committee plans different events almost every day and for them, Dashami evening is a huge deal as they go towards the Yamuna to immerse the idols. 
Nearest Metro Station: Kashmere Gate

2. Kalibari, Mayur Vihar-1

Kalibari Durga Puja
The Mayur Vihar Kalibari is yet another place which has been hosting Durga Puja for quite some time. People get pulled to their puja pandal because of the fantastic ‘bhog’ or prasad that they serve to the visitors in the afternoon. It is also known to host theme pujas which they change every year. The puja is celebrated in all glory as locals also organise different cultural programs during the four-day Puja. 
Nearest Metro Station: Mayur Vihar-1

3. Matri Mandir Samity Safdarjung Enclave, B-2 Block Durga Puja

Matri Mandir Durga Puja
This year, the Matri Mandir Samiti will celebrate its 53rd year of Durga Puja. They have been diligently organising the puja which attracts local participation as well. They have received several awards throughout the years of hosting the event because of their traditional and classic way of executing it.
Nearest Metro Station: AIIMS

4. Chittaranjan Park Kalibari

Chittaranjan Park Kalibari
If you know about Durga Puja in Delhi, then you must have heard about the puja held at C.R.Park. The puja is dotted with celebrities and Bengalis make sure to visit this puja pandal. C.R Park is a happening place during puja, and the committee makes sure to organise different events that will increase the zeal of the people. Every year, they come up with a beautiful theme. Do wait for their selection of bhog as you will be left with some delicious prasad to gorge on. When you visit this puja pandal, do remain ready for the enthusiastic crowd. 
Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Enclave 

5. Minto Road Puja Samity

Minto road Durga Puja
The Minto Road Puja Samity has been hosting the Durga puja since 1940 when a group of Bengalees came together. This puja is all about tradition, and it starts right from the idol. The pandal is simple, and they have won several different awards. The committee holds various cultural programs throughout the Durga puja, especially during the evenings. They believe in distributing their bhog or prasad among everyone. So, be there on time to get a taste of the excellent food. They are also one of the oldest Durga Pujas held in Delhi. 
Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

6. Timarpur and Civil Line Puja Samity

Timarpur and Civil Lines Durga puja
The Timarpur and Civil Line Puja Samity hosts one of the oldest Durga pujas in India which has crossed its 100 years as it was established in 1914. The puja Samiti has maintained the event through financial turmoil, and they still survive to this day. This Durga puja is mainly known for its idol as it is often artistically and beautifully made. The committee promises never to let go off the traditions, and so, the puja traditionally takes place. Practised culture can also be seen in the pandal as well as on the idol. The puja is held with participation from residents of the area along with the non-residents. If you can, be present during Dashami, when they immerse the idols in Geeta Ghat. 
Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya 

7. Arambagh Durga Puja Samity

Arambagh Durga Puja
Kolkata is often the place which is known for big-budget theme pujas. The Arambag Durga Puja Samity is one such Durga puja which has a big budget, and they are there to win. The themes are often vast, and it will keep your jaw-dropping. In 2013, they spent around two crores to execute the puja. 
Nearest Metro Station: R K Ashram Marg

8. Mela Ground, CR Park

CR Park Mela Ground Puja
The Puja of Mela Ground in C.R. Park is noted more for its traditional celebration of the puja. It is about community, and they do focus on making the audience feel that they are in West Bengal. You can hear the dhakis and the conch shells which are integral to Durga Puja. On top of that, several activities are held for adults and children so that they can have fun. They make sure to bring traditional items every year. If you are up for some tasty bhog, then do visit the pandal during Navami. 
Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Enclave

9. Antaranga Durga Puja, Mayur Vihar

Antaranga Durga Puja
This is still a newer puja pandal as they are in their 26th year of execution of Durga puja which started in 1993. It is a puja held by an NGO formed by Bengalee people. Puja for the committee is about spreading the culture of eastern India. They practice a traditional form of puja where they follow all the rituals at the pandal as well as the idol is pure. They arrange cultural programs in the evening which are full of traditional Indian art and culture. They also believe that Durga Puja is about giving, so they do organise different donation programs. 
Nearest Metro Station: Mayur Vihar-1

10. Sushant Lok

Sushant Lok
Sushant Lok pandal is situated in Gurgaon or Gurugram, and it is one of the most famous pandals over there. It is a committee that focuses on community participation, so you are going to see the zeal of the residents over there. On top of that, they do keep simple but impactful themes for their Puja. The primary purpose of this puja is the fact that they organise cultural programs for celebrities. So, check the schedule and keep the evening free to dedicate it to this Durga puja pandal. 
Nearest Metro Station: IFFCO Chowk

11. Co-operative Ground Durga Puja Samity, Chittaranjan Park

CR Park
This is yet another puja that is held in the C.R. Park area. You can imagine the excitement and the crowd in the areaYet another traditional puja; the puja theme is built using great pandals and idols. So, drop here if you want to see amazing artistic skills. They do have a Bijoli Grill stall to tempt you to visit them. 
Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Enclave

12. Milani Puja Committee, Mayur Vihar-1

Milani Durga Puja
The Milani Puja Committee organises theme-based pujas, and they have always arranged it in the best way possible. It is held in the ground near the Supreme Enclave apartments, and you will easily find it by noticing the crowd. Along with the theme, they are indeed carrying the heritage of Bengali Durga Puja, so do visit this pandal. 
Nearest Metro Station: Mayer Vihar-1
Here are some of the pandals in Delhi that you should visit. All of them prosper due to enthusiastic local participation during the Durga puja. Do munch on great food while you are at this pandals as it is an integral part of pandal hopping. 

Which of these puja pandals are definitely on your list? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was published by Aishika Mitra

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