Wadi Shab

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"The Glorious and Serene Wadi Shab!"

Wadi Shab Tourism

As the most popular Wadi in Oman, Wadi Shab is a great location for a day trip with your friends and family! Whether you want to swim, hike or just have a small barbeque, Wadi Shab is the ideal location for it all!

The beautiful Wadi Shab is an extremely famous outdoor attraction for locals as well as expats in Oman. The beautiful wadi, surrounded by picturesque hills and date palms is something the whole family will love! A beautiful area in the wadi is the gorgeous waterfall inside one of the caves in the mountain. However, to reach there you will need to hike for about 40 minutes. The hike takes you through a beautiful but rugged path where you will see two to three pools where you can swim. You could even dive into the pools from the mountain cliffs! Alternatively, you could also jump into the pools from inside the cave. If you have time do so some more exploring, keep an eye out for some old houses which were once used to keep cattle.

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Arabic is the national language of Oman, and widely spoken in Sur. However, due to huge population of Indians and Pakistanis, Urdu is a common language in this region too. Here are some common Arab greetings. Marhaba/Ahlan- Hello, Sabah Alkhyr - Good morning, Masa al Khayr- Good afternoon, Layla saidah- Goodnight. Other words you will need to know are Shukran, which means thank you and Wadaeaan which means goodbye.

In the 6th century, the city of Sur had established trade with East Africa. Due to its strategic location, it set up a port where ships could travel from Sur to East Africa as well as India on order to trade. This made Sur a famous city for building boats. Later in the 19th century, the city of Sur was invaded by the Portugese, which led to the division of Oman into two separate sultanates. After the invasion, Sur's boat building industry was terribly affected.

At Wadi Shab, there is no nightlife present. If you wish to go to a bar, there is one at the Sur Beach Holiday named Captain's Bar. This is the best place to drink, dance and meet other foreigners in Sur.If you'd like to experience the nightlife of the locals, you can go to the Restaurant and Coffeeshop cafe. Here, you wil see many locals singing songs and drinking Kahwa (Omani traditional coffee).

Although Wadi Shab is a famous tourist destination, it is does not have any souvenier shops or food trucks of any kind. If you wish to shop, you can go to Emaad Sur Shopping Centre or the Sur Gate Project. These are the two shopping malls located in Sur.

Islam is the key religion in Sur. Most locals are very religious and go to the mosques very often. In Sur, you will be able to hear chants from the mosques at the prayer times. During Ramadan, most restaurants are closed as locals will be fasting. Eid is a huge celebration in Sur.

Normally, it is uncommon for women and men to interact closely in Sur, much like the rest of Oman. If you are talking to someone of the opposite sex, keep a comfortable distance. Moreover, wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees as a sign of respect to the culture and religion of Oman. Tipping is not a common practice in Oman, and therefore it is not expected. Tipping is more common in 5 star hotels and the bars within them, but again not expected either.

With influences from Persia, India and North Africa, Omani food is very unique and delicious! A traditional Omani dish is Arsia, which is Lamb meat that is cooked with rice. Another dish is the Maqbous, which is rice with saffron that is cooked over red meat. For dessert, a very popular dish in Oman is the Halwa, which is a sticky sweet made of gelatin, fates and rosewater. Some good restaurants in Sur that serve middle eastern food is the Sahari Restaurant as well as the Bab Al Khair Restaurant. The Sur Sea Restaurant serves excellent sea food.

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The best way to reach Wadi Shab is to fly to Muscat and then drive to Sur. (Read More)

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