Holiday Calendar 2020: List of Long Weekends in 2020

It’s just the beginning of the year, and you’re already bogged down with clients and lots of work, but there’s some good news for you. With the whole year still ahead of us, we’ve got the ideas and the long weekends mapped out. So, you don’t have to waste time thinking about when you can take the next holiday.

1. January

January Holiday Calendar

15th January – Makar Sankranti & Pongal / Restricted Holiday
16th January – Take Leave
17th January – Take Leave
18th January – Saturday / Weekend
19th January – Sunday / Weekend

During January, you’ll get two chances to plan for short holidays. If you’ve got leaves accumulated from the previous year and need a chance to use them, then January is your month. Starting from the 15th, take 16th and 17th off and club them with the weekend for a 5-day holiday

2. February

February Holiday Calendar

21st February – Maha Shivratri / Gazetted Holiday
22nd February – Saturday / Weekend
23rd February – Sunday / Weekend

February is a great time to take a short road trip or go camping in the mountains. You can plan for the 21st till the 23rd and come back to work refreshed.

3. March

March Holiday Calendar

7th March - Saturday / Weekend
8th March - Sunday/ Weekend
9th March - Take Leave
10th March - Holi  

If you are looking for an extended holiday in March, then take an off on 9th March, and you'll get a four days long break from work.

4. April

April Holiday Calendar

2nd April - Ram Navami / Restricted Holiday
3rd April - Take Leave
4th April - Saturday / Weekend
5th April - Sunday / Weekend
6th April - Mahavir Jayanti / Restricted Holiday

10th April - Good Friday / Restricted Holiday
11th April - Saturday / Weekend
12th April - Easter Sunday / Restricted Holiday

5. May

May Holiday Calendar

1st May - Labor Day / Gazetted Holiday
2nd May - Saturday / Weekend
3rd May-
Sunday / Weekend

22nd May - Take Leave
23rd May -
 Saturday / Weekend 
24th May - Sunday / Weekend
25th May - Id-ul-Fitr / Gazetted holiday

In May you will easily get a three day weekend to relax and chill.

6. June

June Holiday Calendar
18th June - Take Leave
19th June - Take Leave
20th June - Saturday / Weekend
21st June - Sunday / Weekend

Unfortunately, June doesn't offer any long weekends. But you can explore nearby areas on regular weekends of the month. 

7. July

July Holiday Calendar

30th July – Eid-al-Adha / Gazetted Holiday
31st – Take Leave

July presents another opportunity for a short getaway, and the best part is that you don’t have to take too many days off from work. Since 30th is a gazetted holiday, take 31st off, and you can plan a trip until 2nd August.

8. August

August Holiday Calendar

1st August - Saturday / Weekend
2nd August – Sunday / Weekend

8th August - Saturday / Weekend
9th August - Sunday / Weekend
10th August – Take Leave
11th August – Janmashtami / Gazetted Holiday

21st August – Onam / Restricted Holiday
22nd August – Ganesh Chaturthi / Restricted Holiday
23rd August – Sunday / Weekend

The month of August is a great time to plan a holiday with friends and family. There are a couple of options to convert your leaves into long holidays. You can start your vacation from 8th and take 9th and 10th off till 11th August, making it a 5-day relaxing vacay. The other option is to plan your trip from 21st August, and you’ve got three days of freedom.

9. September

September Calendar24th September - Thursday / Take Leave
25th September - Friday / Take Leave
26th September - Saturday / Weekend
27th September - Sunday / Weekend

For the month of September, you can go for a short getaway by taking an off on the last weekdays of the month, i.e. 24th and 25th and combine it with the weekends for a mini escapade.  

10. October

October Holiday Calendar 1st October – Thursday / Take Leave
2nd October – Friday / Gandhi Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)
3rd October – Saturday / Weekend
4th October – Sunday / Weekend

23rd October - Friday / Weekend
24th October – Saturday / Weekend
25th October – Dussehra / Gazetted Holiday

With 2nd being a National holiday, you’ll only have to take one day off which is the 1st to make it a short 4-day holiday that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

11. November

October Holiday Calendar

13th November - Take Leave 
14th November - Diwali and Naraka Chaturdasi / Gazetted Holiday
15th November - Sunday / Weekend

27th November - Take Leave
28th November - Saturday / Weekend
29th November - Sunday / Weekend
30th November - Guru Nanak Jayanthi / Gazetted Holiday

If you’re looking for a short breather from your busy schedule, then November has you covered. You can take 27th off till 30th, and you’ve got yourself a 4-day short vacation to go anywhere you like.

12. December

November Holiday Calendar

24th December – Christmas Eve / Restricted Holiday
25th December - Christmas / Gazetted Holiday
26th December - Saturday / Weekend
27th December - Sunday / Weekend

If you have a few leaves saved and are now looking to use them, then the month of December is a great time to plan a trip. You can choose to take 24th off and make it a 4-day holiday till the 27th or you can start your vacation from 25th and take 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st off till 3rd January 2021 to make it a perfect 10-day vacation.

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