States In The United States of America

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States In The United States of America

Every state in America is so starkly distinct from the other. Expect a change in food, local culture and even accents. From the vast prairies lined with wild sunflowers of Kansas state to the towerin (Read More)g skylines of New York state, there is something on offer for every traveller. Here is a complete list of American states to help you get started!

Here is the list of 50 States In The United States of America

1. Alabama - The Heart of Dixie

Alabama - The Heart of Dixie

Located in the southeastern region of the United States, the state of Alabama is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia in the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi in the west. It is situated right in the middle of what is known as the Bible Belt of the United States. Hence, religion forms a huge part of the local culture, and breathtaking churches like The Church of the Highlands are common.

2. Arizona - The Grand Canyon State

Arizona - The Grand Canyon State

Arizona or more commonly called the Grand Canyon state, as the name suggests, is fl with breathtaking canyons and indigenous wildlife. Located in the southwestern border of the United State, the striking landscape of the venue makes for an awe-inspiring experience. The vibrant canyons of the Grand Canyon sculpted by the ancient Colorado River create enchanting hiking trails that makes one come back time and again.

3. Alaska - The Last Frontier

Alaska - The Last Frontier

The ideal place to live all your wildest dreams, Alaska is full of rugged mountains, snow-capped peaks, woods and wildlife. It is the largest state in the country and is home to national parks that spread across hundreds of miles. It is a truly unique place and is home to many scenic glaciers, elephantine mountain ranges and pristine lakes. The largest National Park in all of the USA, Wrangell-St. Elias, is in the state of Alaska.

4. Arkansas - The Land of Opportunity

Arkansas - The Land of Opportunity

Very well known for its beauty in the fall, Arkansas is a state filled with many scenic road trip opportunities. The scenic beauty that dwells in the state makes the sobriquet 'The Natural State' apt. The state is full of mountain trails and is ideal for hikers. In the major cities of the state, the nightlife is bustling with many clubs, theatres, mini golf and adventure activities.

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5. Delaware - The Small Wonder

Delaware - The Small Wonder

Known for beaches and tax-free shopping, the little peninsular state of Delaware, which is the second smallest state in the country, is full of endless discoveries. There are many magnificent old buildings and a lot of adventure activities which can be experienced at a very low cost in Delaware.

6. Connecticut


Connecticut is one of the oldest colonies of the United States and lies in the Southernmost region of the country. The state has a long history with Dutch and Native American influences still remaining prevalent across the region. Despite being one of the smallest states, it is one of the most densely populated and is iconic for its many wondrous cities like Hartford, Norwalk and New Haven- each one a unique and beautiful experience.

7. Colorado


Also called the 'Colorful State', Colorado is a natural beauty. It is a fusion of lush green grasslands, majestic mountains, magnificent historical monuments, and boasts of a rich culture that includes many native American tribes. There are cultural events all year-round, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival being one of them, and it is something one shouldn't miss! Roxborough State Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Hanging Lake, Garden of the Gods, and Breckenridge are the most famous tourist attractions in Colorado.

8. California - The Golden State

California - The Golden State

The state of California is a nation in its own right, occupying an overwhelming large area on American soil and popular culture- constantly shifting to accommodate its various facets, identities and the distinct laid-back Cali culture. California is home to some of the most recognizable cities in history starting from the Hollywood Hills in LA to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, and as a result, this west coast state is an invaluable testament to the country's vast history and overwhelming presence.

9. Florida - America's Dream Destination

Florida - America's Dream Destination

Florida, the sunshine state, is an exquisite travel destination that caters to tourists of all tastes. The seamlessly blended urban flair is a silhouette to the rich natural beauty of the state, satiating the travel quest of an adventurer and a nature enthusiast equally. The Clearwater Beach, Daytona Beach, and Amelia Islands to name a few are perfect for a family getaway. The vibrant beaches of Miami are perfect for sunbathing, playing volleyball, or just relaxing.

10. Georgia - The Empire State of South

Georgia - The Empire State of South

Georgia, also known as the Peach state is a culmination of nature and culture gathered in a myriad of falls, mountains, beaches, and historic museums. The ineffable beauty of the state is a gateway to heaven for naturalists. History buffs too would find numerous exhibits to satiate their curious appetite. The land cradles the history of Martin Luther King Jr. in the 28 historic sites dotted along Georgia's Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Trail.

11. Hawaii - Sea, Sun, Surf and Sand

Hawaii - Sea, Sun, Surf and Sand

Of the 50 states, there is none that is as enigmatic and unique as Hawaii. The state features numerous beaches with scenic views, several active volcanoes, and warm but temperate climate. All of these make Hawaii an attractive retreat for a variety of people starting from surfers and tourists to volcanologists and astronomers. Hawaii is made up of several islands, its population distinctly skewed towards Asian American practices, having been influenced by Eastern Asian culture as well as its strong connection to its own history.

12. Idaho - The Gem State

Idaho - The Gem State

Known as the 'Gem State' due to its stunning natural beauty, Idaho's existence is one that is inseparable from its terrain. Idaho is known for its high cliffs, waterfalls, and lush greenery that spans most of the state. Several relaxing resorts dot Idaho's diverse landscape. This mountainous northwestern state is known for its warm and welcoming population, setting itself apart as a true American natural state.

13. Illinois - Land of Lincoln

Illinois - Land of Lincoln

The epitome of arts and culture and an industrial colossus, Illinois, boasts some of the world's renowned heritage sites and iconic modern architecture. The land of Lincoln cradles the Lincoln trail that dots historic buildings that were part of his journey along with his home in the capital city of Springfield. The windy city, Chicago, is the premier attraction for artists and architects from the world.

14. Indiana - The Hoosier State of US

Indiana - The Hoosier State of US

Extensive orchards, intriguing museums and fascinating natural rock formations of its caves serve as the itinerary of any traveller visiting the state of Indiana. Located towards the Midwestern and Great Lakes region of the US, the bustling state of Indiana gets thronged by nature and adventure lovers all year round.

15. Iowa - The One with Countless Cornfields

Iowa - The One with Countless Cornfields

Blessed with dramatic scenery, especially towards the north, the whimsical American state of Iowa is an emerging unconventional location for backpackers around the world. No matter what direction you look in, you'll find vast expanses of cornfields blanketing the landscape. However, its agricultural towns have managed to leave its visitors bewitched with fascinating destinations, natural and manmade alike.

16. Kansas - The Sunflower State of the USA

Kansas - The Sunflower State of the USA

Vast prairies lined with wild sunflowers gleaming in the sun form the charming landscape of Kansas, and hence, the state got nicknamed as 'The Sunflower State'. Located at the heart of the United States, Kansas is the destination for those seeking pristine natural beauty in its rustic form.

17. Kentucky


Kentucky, the birthplace of Louisville Slugger, Bluegrass and home to the Kentucky Derby, offers a wide variety of top-rated tourist attractions in the United States of America. As the 'horse capital of the world', Kentucky boasts equine attractions like the Kentucky Horse Park and the Red Mile Harness Track.

18. Louisiana


Named after Frances King Louis the XIV, Louisiana is the state of the Mardi Gras. The unique personality of Louisiana can be owed to the bayous, lush vegetation and rich history of the area. The Capitol building, various plantations, museums and churches provide for an insight into the complex history of the southern states.

19. Maine


Few states hold as many state symbols as Maine. Further north than any other state, all mentions of Maine conjure images of dense forestry, untamed wildlife and unforgiving sea cliffs. The state is shrouded in mysticism and charm but it lives up to its reputation. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of Maine is the moose. These animals inhabit the dense forestry in Maine and number in several thousand.

20. Maryland


The eastern state of Maryland is full of attractions of all kinds, making it a state famous for its versatility. Maryland is cut across by the iconic Chesapeake Bay- a body that is the definitive state symbol and primary attraction. The state contains memorabilia and dedications to all major periods of U.S history, starting from its Native American strongholds to the American Civil War and the Industrial Revolution- Maryland is defined by it all.

21. Massachusetts - The Athens of America

Massachusetts - The Athens of America

"The Bay State" is a magical mix of colonial history, beautiful mountains, and idyllic beaches. Amidst all the natural beauty of the state, there lay the stories of the American Revolution preserved in the numerous museums peppered over the entire land. The state is home to some world-renowned historic houses and centuries-old buildings narrating chronicles of American independence. The living museum of Old Sturbridge Village and the Mayflower II in Plymouth Pier documents the history of the first pilgrims and 19th-century lifestyle.

22. Minnesota - The land of 10,000 lakes

Minnesota - The land of 10,000 lakes

The land of 10,000 lakes is no doubt a paradise for the water-sports lovers but is also a god-send destination for nature lovers. The state is home to more than 11,000 lakes and pristine shores, along with beautiful lighthouses, museums, national preserves, and wildlife parks.

23. Michigan - A Great Lake Wonder

Michigan - A Great Lake Wonder

Michigan is a unique topographical phenomenon. Lake Michigan, Superior and Huron- together called The Great Lakes- and sprawling forest land define the grand state of Michigan. The state is actually composed of two peninsulas, separated by great expanses of water, making for two landforms- each with their own history and plethora of natural wonders to observe and experience. These are the Upper and Lower Peninsula, two halves of a whole.

24. Missouri - The land of the Ozarks

Missouri - The land of the Ozarks

Missouri is a blend of Lakes and mountains that are seamlessly weaved in the network of urban centres. The Ozark Mountains and Lakes create enigmatic backdrops for scenic drives while the forests provide enchanting hiking trails and camping grounds. The city doesnt stop at just scenic beauty but boasts an equally rich artistic culture. Missouri proudly hosts thousands of music enthusiasts who come to appreciate the much-famed country music concerts in Branson.

25. Mississippi - The Hospitality State

Mississippi - The Hospitality State

The state of Mississippi is renowned for its rich natural and cultural history along with its charming southern hospitality. The city along the Mississippi River is an internet of artistic, natural, and political history preserved in the modern museums and national parks. Mississippi nurtures artists and their art in its heart and soul.

26. Montana


Montana is known by various names such as the Treasure State and the Big Sky Country due to its precious metals mines and long stretches of plains which make the skyline look never-ending. The highlights of Montana are the Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth Highway, Flathead Lake, and the Big Sky Resort.

27. Nebraska


Nebraska is a mid-western U.S state that is often overlooked as an ideal vacation destination. The state is home to a distinct population famous for its warmth and hospitality and has a rich cultural lineage that can be traced back to the beginnings of the formation of the country.

28. Nevada - Thrill seekers paradise

Nevada - Thrill seekers paradise

Nevada conceives of vibrant canyons, chromatic deserts, rugged mountains, and pristine hot springs harmonized to shape a wild beauty. Far from the cliched picture of a gambling station, the Silver State has a lot to offer to its explorers. Albeit Las Vegas and its smaller version, Reno are charming getaways, the gigantic sand dunes and the low lying salt flats of Death Valley are sure to get â curiouser and curious with every turn.

29. New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire might be referred to as the Granite State, but it is known for its beautiful fall foliage, with winding roads and numerous trees dotted with the colours of the season. It has more than 90 state parks and adventure activities like kayaking, trekking, and skiing, making it a popular destination for adventure lovers.

30. New Jersey - The Garden State

New Jersey - The Garden State

New Jersey is a beautiful blend of wilderness and metropolis, where together they create a scenic cityscape whose beauty is appreciated by tourists from all over the world. The state has plenty of adventures nestled in the many city parks and the trails of the Appalachian Mountains only adds to the thrill-seekers delight.

31. New Mexico

New Mexico

Surrounded by mountains and defined by plains and beautiful deserts, lies the state of New Mexico. Most of the state is protected as areas designated as State Parks and as a result, New Mexico has several things to enjoy amongst its unique topography. New Mexico has one of the largest continuous Native American presences of the United States, making it a culturally important site.

32. New York - Empire State of Mind

New York - Empire State of Mind

The state of New York sits today atop a rich history marked by revolution, culture, and development; it holds within itself the chutzpah spirit of its iconic namesake city and the tranquillity of its natural terrain - ‘The Empire State’ has a personality that precedes itself.

33. North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina is a famous southern state with a vast and expansive history. The state stands today as a region rife with spectacular natural views and charming urban architecture. North Carolina played a big role in the American Civil War and although no action took place on its land, its contribution was momentous with the state holding several memorabilia from this period.

34. North Dakota - The Roughrider State

North Dakota - The Roughrider State

North Dakota is a U.S state in the Mid-western and northern regions of the  United states, famous for the unspoiled countryside badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National park, International peace garden and many more. Apart from eye catching  scenery, the land of north Dakota is rich in history, culture and heritage which can be seen through it’s museums and historic sites. The state is like heaven for fun loving and adventurous people around the world.

35. Ohio - The Birthplace of Aviation

Ohio - The Birthplace of Aviation

Ohio is a state that is often enveloped in its reputation as a rural and dairy settlement. This is only a fraction of the states identity as nature and small-town retreat and an urban wonderland full of amusement parks, cultural museums and a sunny climate. The state is known as the birthplace of aviation with the Wright Brothers famously flying the first plane to ever be built on its grounds- a feat the local population prides.

36. Oklahoma


Oklahoma is a state where buffaloes, art galleries and scenic roads can be found aplenty. The distinct plains, urbane modern museums and the iconic route 66 are only a few of the things that Oklahoma offers to visitors. The film-favourite Route 66 runs across the state of Oklahoma, making it a perfect destination to begin the famed road trip.

37. Oregon


This northern pacific state lush with wildlife and ecology features several scenic attractions along its charming coastline. The state of Oregon offers an experience like no other to tourists that frequent its stunning beaches and urban landscape. Oregon's largest city, Portland, is known for its welcoming and laid back culture- its people are a part of the experience in the state. Oregon's cities are full of sightseeing favourites including vast recreational areas and historic museums and galleries.

38. Pennsylvania - The Keystone State

Pennsylvania - The Keystone State

Pennsylvania's history is deeply tied to the country's nation-building process and founding ideals- the state holds within itself several historic landmarks that are frequented by tourists around the world hoping to get the closest look at American history. Known as 'The Keystone' state, Pennsylvania is famous for its diverse and accommodating terrain and urban settlements.

39. Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Fondly called "The Little Rhody", Rhode Island is the perfect place for people who love chasing seas. It has about 400 miles of coastline as well as vast forested areas which are a hikers favourite destination. Though the smallest state in the entire country, it has a very vibrant culture.

40. South Carolina - The Palmetto State

South Carolina - The Palmetto State

South Carolina, a constituent state of United States, is one of the thirteen original colonies, is also known as the Palmetto state, in honour of its state tree, the Palmetto. The land of South Carolina is widely famous for its wide beaches, historic districts and lush green golf courses, rolling mountains, stately mountains.

41. South Dakota - .

South Dakota - .

Home to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States of America, South Dakota offers urban attractions as well as unique natural landscapes. Located in the centre of America, its terrain is varied and scenic.

42. Tennessee - Soundtrack of America

Tennessee - Soundtrack of America

Tennessee is a southeastern state in the United States where the capital city, Nashville, which is known worldwide for being the home of country music. The city was considered to be the gateway to the South and is home to many battle memorials from the era. Graceland, Elvis’ mansion and museum in Memphis, is the second most visited home after the White House. Pay your tribute to the States’ most famous singer, Elvis Presley, along with other nation favorites such as Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. 

43. Texas - The Lone Star State

Texas - The Lone Star State

Texas offers travellers with larger than life experiences keeping up to its reputation of â"everything is bigger in Texas". From the mystical rolling hills in Texas Hill country to the seashores of Padre Islands, the country vibe extends to all nooks and corners of the state. The state with the size of a country has a rich culinary history inspired by the traditions of Mexico and recipes from German and Czech immigrants. Austin, the capital city of the state, is the hub of creative aficionados.

44. Utah - Nature's Canvas

Utah - Nature's Canvas

The state of Utah is Mother Nature's canvas sculpted by the wrath of time into a rare beauty that leaves visitors enchanted. The foliage of deserts and mountains, lakes and canyons across the state gives a unique edge to vacation in Utah. The North of the state is forged with verdant alpine forests and young mountains. Hiking, Camping, and biking trails along the Logan Canyon in the Bear River Mountains are popular among both tourists and locals.

45. Vermont


The three things Vermont is home to are Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Cheddar cheese and Maple syrup. Besides these, it is also very well known for the natural beauty that engulfs the state. There are many popular adventure activities here like skiing, hiking and camping; But, ziplining in the treetops is the most adventurous of them all.

46. Virginia - The Mother of States

Virginia - The Mother of States

The state of Virginia, pivotal to both the American Revolution and the Civil War, is flooded with historical sites tell telling the stories of the fallen. Mother of States, Virginia, was home to eight of America's presidents and commemorates their legacy in the many historical sites dotted around the place. Albeit Virginia has a rich political history, it also provides for several hiking and biking trails, and camping adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

47. Washington


The state of Washington is always green due to its large pine and fir trees. It also boasts of powerful rivers like the Colombia River, unique temperate rainforests, and apple orchards. It is perfect for a lot of physical outdoor excursions like camping, hiking, and dirt biking.

48. West Virginia

West Virginia

A state filled with nature, greenery and scenic spots filled with history, West Virginia is the perfect place to visit. Whether one is visiting for a peaceful getaway or a historically educational trip with the exquisite landscape, its a wonderful place to visit.

49. Wisconsin - Walking into the Dairyland of America

Wisconsin - Walking into the Dairyland of America

Towards the western coast of the United States lies the quaint state of Wisconsin. Known as the land of four seasons it offers fresh blooms in spring to soft snows in winter. One can witness the panorama of its landscape transitioning with the changing seasons. Summers in Wisconsin find hikers walking the trails through the coniferous forests and marvelling at the herds of deer running by. Famous scenic trails include Meyers Beach Sea Cave Trail, Balanced Rock Trail and Eagle Trail.

50. Wyoming


The land of the most scenic road trips, Wyoming is one of the most sparsely populated states in the country. This state is home to the Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world, which in itself is a natural wonder. The locals here mainly practices ranching, mining and farming to earn bread and butter and it is the reason why the state has been able to sustain its natural beauty.

Which of these states in USA have caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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