Getting Around United States of America

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Getting Around in United States of America

The best way to commute around the most places in States is by car with the exception of New York and Washington where traffic is horrible and severe parking problem. If you are driving, make sure to follow the basic traffic rules. Another best way to move around the place is through the well-developed bus network in the country. Air travel is also an option for long distance travel but tends to be an expensive one. Metro rail, subways, buses, trolleys, trams, cable cars and ferries and boats, cycling, taxis or driving your own car are the options to travel within the cities.

Getting Around United States of America By Air

If travelling from east to west across the country, the air journey concludes within five hours while the air travel from north to south takes time of two to three hours. One will observe strong variation in prices owing to stiff competition among the airlines. The fares also vary for first-class, economy, excursion and discount. Night flights are usually the cheaper option.

Getting Around United States of America By Rail

Almost all the long distance rail travels in US are offered by Amtrak trains. However, it is not the recommended way f commuting as it can be slow, expensive and infrequent. Also, these trains do not cover the entire country systematically. There are USA Rail passes for international tourists from outside America and Canada offering 15, 30, or 45 days of unlimited national travel. There is also a California Rail Pass that allows seven days of travel in a 21-day period within California.

Getting Around United States of America By Road

The roadways in the USA are well maintained and properly signed. The interstate linking is also well done with odd numbered interstates connecting north to south while even numbered interstates links east to west. Taxis and cars for hire are easily available except for in the rural areas where one might need to walk a long distance. Bikes and coaches are yet another way to explore the small towns and cities. Road tripping is one of the favourite ways of locals to explore the country, Route 66 being one of the famous one.

Getting Around United States of America By Water

With a huge coastline, there exist an extensive water communications in the country along the grand rivers and lakes. The Ohio River is believed to be the busiest inland waterway with more water traffic than anywhere in the world.

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