Best Time To Visit United States of America

What is the best time to visit United States of America?

The USA has varied seasons in each of its regions, but in general, the best time to visit the USA during Spring and Fall, however Summer months from May to September are considered the peak time for tourists to visit the country. Spring generally lasts from March to May as it is a beautiful season for most of the country. It is the best time to visit heritage sites and a great time for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping because of the varied terrain. Spring comes a little late in places of Northern USA. Another favourable season is the Fall from September to November. This is the time when the country celebrates the Harvest season and the weather is pleasant. Mountain driving, camping and rock climbing are the most enjoyed activities by tourists. The summer months, on the other hand, could bring a really hot and humid temperature to the country although it's considered the peak tourist season.  It is an ideal time for beaches and exploring nature. The hurricane season hits the USA during August and September which is not a good time to visit the country. Another time that could be horrendous is in December during the snowfall which lasts until February. The winter season is generally an offseason to visit the USA. However, visiting the country during Christmas and New Year's Eve could be a different experience.

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Seasons in USA

Peak Season in the USA
Peak season is the time when a country receives the most footfall from its tourists. The USA is considered a year-round attraction as it is quite famous among people throughout the world. But still, the summer season is the time when it sees the most tourists. The hotels get pretty expensive, and you can feel that the popular cities are often overcrowded. As the country is huge, the weather can be different in various parts of the country. The East coast gets pretty hot during the summer months, whereas the West Coast enjoys pleasant weather. Summer is also the time when most of the national parks are open to the public. It is a great time to enjoy nature as the days are sunny and the weather is favourable for outdoor activities. If you are looking forward to visiting the USA in the summer, do book your tickets and accommodations way ahead of time. The ending of Spring and the beginning of Fall can also be considered the peak seasons.

Shoulder Season in the USA
Shoulder season is the time when the number of tourists thins out a bit, but still, a considerable amount is visiting the place. Shoulder season in the USA is generally during the Spring and Fall months when the weather is extremely beautiful and pleasant throughout the country.  Spring lasts typically from March to May and is colourful and intense in the USA. But the coming of spring does vary according to the region as the season may arrive late in parts of Northern USA which are too cold during the winters. In general, Spring is a great time to tour through the country and to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Another great time is the Fall season, which lasts from September to November. Again the North can often start getting snowfall right from November itself. Fall is generally known for the colourful dry leaves. The temperature in these seasons does vary according to the region of the country that one is about to visit.

Off-season in the USA
The off-season is the time when a place receives its least number of tourists. In the USA, this is generally during the winter months of December to February when it receives bone-chilling weather in few parts. It gets frigid in the Northern and Gulf states and isn’t favourable for a visit for the tourists. But still states like California and Florida have considerably pleasant weather. In the off-season, you will find the expenses to be quite less than the peak and the shoulder season. But a state like Colorado is best visited during February as it is mostly known for skiing. If you are planning to visit the USA during its winter months, then do pack well and also take your umbrella and raincoat along with you. Tourists should note that even during the off-season, the famous cities of the USA will receive an influx of tourists due to the different festivals.

Regions of USA

Generally, the states that fall in the Mid-Atlantic and New England area are considered to be North-Eastern states of the country. These states are significant to the country, and they do get high footfall in terms of tourism. The characteristic of this region is that it gets frigid during the winter months. The summers are pretty short over here, so tourists have to utilise the time to explore the area. Summer is the time when you should engage in several outdoor activities and visit natural attractions.

The Rockies and the Great Plains
The Great Plains are a distinct part of the USA, and they have their share of chilly winters. But along with that they also receive a hot and humid summer. The country shares the Plains with Canada, and about ten states of the USA have the plains in them. Through most of the year, the plains remain dry, and rainfall mainly occurs in the summer months. The best time to visit this region will mostly be in the summer months or the fall and spring season. The Great Plains and the Rockies are known for great biking and hiking trails which take you through the beautiful natural terrain of the USA. Tornadoes arise in this region during summers.

Southern states do have distinct weather which is mostly mild, but it can get pretty hot during the summers. During the summer south generally gets drenched in rain and thunderstorms are quite common. So, people who do not like the wet climate may visit the south, mainly during the Spring and Fall months. Florida is a great state from the South. There is a lot to do in terms of adventure and outdoor activities in the Southern region of the USA.

If you are planning to visit the South-western states of the USA, then we will suggest you skip the summer months and maybe go for Spring or Fall. The summer months in this region tends to be pretty hot, and the winters are mild. So, for an exception, one can also decide to visit this region during the winter months. As it gets dry in this region, we will suggest staying hydrated when you are visiting the South-West. It is the region that has the Grand Canyon so that you can get some excellent adventures out of this region.

Mid-west is generally the part of the country which is known for agriculture. So, you can find vast stretches of farmlands when you visit this part of the country. Typically, this part has hot summers and relatively cold winters. The rainfall is also even and not sporadic. Spring is the best time to visit this region in terms of weather but to catch all the attractions you may need to visit during the summers. It is best to avoid winters as sometimes the temperatures reach as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

The west is best visited during the Spring or the Fall when the weather is quite pleasant. West does get a lot of rainfall, and it has varied climates due to the presence of so many states. As you move further south towards California, the summers become hotter. The west is regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of the country as it has to offer a lot in terms of scenic beauty. It is also the region which is great for any outdoor activities such as boating, camping, fishing etc. Los Angeles and Hollywood is a part of the Western region of the USA.

Spring in USA (March to May)

Spring is a great time for visiting the USA as the weather is pleasant and it actually allows you to feel the country rather than rushing through it. Spring is also considered a shoulder season for the visitors. It generally lasts from March to May but this may differ according to the region that you are planning to visit. By April, even the North-East is ready to rejoice in Spring and some regions do receive rainfall. The South is extremely beautiful during the Spring months with all the greenery and blooms. The highest temperature can range anywhere around 15 to 25 degrees Celsius depending on the region.

Key Events in Spring
• Mardi Gras takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana generally in the month of March and it is extremely beautiful as it celebrates the culture and heritage.
•    Coachella is a music festival that takes place at California in April and it is one of the most happening events in the USA.
• The Boston Marathon also takes place in the month of April and it has been going on since 1897.
• Easter Sunday is a big event in the country and the families take part in Easter egg hunts.

Summer in USA (June to August)

Summers are the peak season for tourism in the USA and it is the time when most of the tourists will visit the country. It is also when all the attractions are opened to the public. Summers can get pretty hot in areas like Texas, but still, it is one of the best times to actually enjoy a huge chunk of the country. The average high temperature can be around 21 to 40 degrees Celsius depending on the region. It is a great time to visit the beaches. But summer does bring rains to the western region of the country.

Key Events in Summer
• The Independence Day of the USA is celebrated on 4th of July and it is a pretty big event for the citizens of the country. Grand fireworks take place on this day.
• US Open Tennis Championships takes place in New York during the months of August and September and it is the perfect event for a tennis lover.

Autumn in the USA (September to November)

Most of us have seen fall pictures of the USA when the streets are lined with red and orange dead leaves which make nature look beautiful. Fall is a pleasant time over in the USA and it is regarded as the harvest season. The average high temperature ranges from 17 to 29 degrees Celsius depending on the region. The weather starts to get cooler as the country prepares for the upcoming winter months. Autumn is generally a dry season so it is great for tourism. By the end of November most of the country cools off and some places in the North even start getting snowfalls.

Key Events in Autumn
• 31st October is celebrated as Halloween and is a huge event for the children as well as the adults residing in the country.
• The fourth Saturday of November is celebrated as the Thanksgiving festival in the USA when the families show gratitude by enjoying a meal together. It also marks the start of the shopping season for upcoming festivities.

USA in Winter (October to February)

Winter is regarded as the off-season for tourism in the USA as the North as well as the North-East tend to get chilly winters. Still, states like Florida does remain decently warm. As the USA covers a vast area the winter differs according to the regions. The average high temperature ranges anywhere from -1 to 24 degrees Celsius depending on the region. In cold areas, people are bound to find snow. If someone specifically wants to visit the southern part of the country, then winters can be a good time to do so.

Key Events in Winter
•    Christmas is an amazing time in the USA as you can see that every house is decked up and ready for the celebrations and merriment.
• New Year’s Eve is a huge deal in the country especially at Times Square in New York. It is an amazing time to see the decorations of the country.
• Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the country and you can see the country full of love and hearts.
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