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"Entertainment Capital of the World"

Las Vegas Tourism

Las Vegas - a place that brings neon signboards, iconic hotels and the legendary casinos to our minds. For the ultimate, no-limits entertainment trip, there is hardly any place in the world that comes close to Vegas. The city's bright skyline, the super luxury hotels and resorts, the world-famous casino and the even-more-world-famous nightclubs coupled with the supremely extravagant atmosphere of the Las Vegas Strip make a visit to Las Vegas unlike no other.

Some of the world's greatest hotels - the Bellagio, the Venetian, the MGM Grand, the Wynn Las Vegas - are all located on a single stretch of road called the Strip - the Las Vegas you see in movies and TV shows. The other super famous area of Vegas is Downtown, which quite like the Strip is beautifully lit up the entire time, except for the light and sound show in the Fremont Street Experience on a curved LED roof stretching over the entire promenade! From Titanic Artifact Exhibition, Mob museum to the stunning views of Keystone Thrust and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas has everything from historical places to modern businesses. 

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Currency in Las Vegas

The US Dollar is the only currency accepted in Las Vegas. Major cards will easily be accepted at a majority of the places, and ATMs can be found absolutely anywhere.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Shopping in Las Vegas doesn't come too far behind the quality in the nightlife. Again, you'll find the best and the most luxurious points to shop on the Strip, such as the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, the Showcase Mall, Crystals, Le Boulevard at Paris Las Vegas and numerous others. Outside the Strip, the best places to shop are Las Vegas Premium Outlets, Downtown Summerlin, Downtown Container Park, and also several pawn shops and antique stores along with art galleries and souvenir stores. Don't leave Las Vegas without buying an apt souvenir! Check out the souvenir shops on the strip, like the Bonanza Gift Shop, the world's largest gift shop.

Nightlife in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is literally the Entertainment Capital of the World, and if there is any city on earth which comes close to it when it comes to the party life, then it's Ibiza. That being said, there is literally no limit to the number of clubs and casinos you can go to in Las Vegas. The Strip is hands down Las Vegas' best place for nightlife, with it's enormous range of luxury resort hotels and the uncountable clubs that they have. Many Las Vegas clubs have resident DJs that are the best in the world, such as the MGM Grand's Hakkasan. Bellagio, Wynn, Venetian and so many other hotels have some of the best nightclubs and casinos in the entire world. Downtown Las Vegas is also a major hub for nightlife, with it's own array of nightclubs and casinos to choose from. Throughout the city you will find so many bars, clubs, lounges, casinos that it is extremely difficult to single out any.

History of Las Vegas

While the natives first moved to the Las Vegas area about 10,000 years ago, the first Spanish settlers arrived in the region in 1829, in nearby Los Angeles. Las Vegas was named so subsequently due to it's vast and lush grasslands (the name is Spanish for 'the meadows'). When John C. Fremont arrived in 1844, his writings began to attract more and more influential individuals into the Las Vegas valley. Las Vegas was founded as a city way later in 1905, and incorporated 6 years later. The Las Vegas culture we see today, started back in 1931 when the state of Nevada legalised casino gambling, and the construction of the Hoover Dam meant that the city's production helped it avoid the Great Depression. Las Vegas started to grow into the casino and luxury hotel destination after World War II, and it was also the site of nuclear weapons testing until 1963. The 60s were also the period when gambling culture grew rapidly, ultimately culminating in Steve Wynn opening the Mirage, Las Vegas' first mega-casino resort. Ever since then, through the efforts of Wynn himself and several others, Las Vegas has grown to become the entertainment capital of the world.

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Las Vegas Customs

There are no strict customs or codes of conduct in Vegas. There are people from all walks of life in the city, from all over the world. Simple courteous behaviour is more than enough. Also, while visiting casinos, always remember to dress smartly. How you're treated by the staff could have a major impact by how you're dressed. Tipping is customary in casinos and hotels. If you're winning at the tables, knocking a few dollars of for the dealer is considered sufficient. USD 3 - 4 is also enough when you're tipping porters and bell hops. At the smaller restaurants a 10 - 20% tip is enough, while at the luxury hotels it is totally up to you.

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Daily Budget for Las Vegas

If you are travelling to Las Vegas, get ready to spend. Las Vegas is one of the most expensive destinations anywhere in the world, and if you have a low budget you might miss out on the essential Las Vegas experience! You are definitely going to visit a casino, and visit the famous attractions at the hotel - resorts on the Strip, so let's assume you're spending a minimum of USD 50 - 100 at casinos. The famous shows from the huge production companies also have tickets starting around USD 50. Food can cost as little as a USD 15 - 20 buffet, to a USD 100 meal at a fancy five star. So piecing it together, a low budget trip to Las Vegas covering the essentials for a few days will cost you around USD 200 - 250 per person, a mid ranging budget (more gambling, bit of shopping, fancier food) around USD 300 - 450, and a high end trip can cost you absolutely anything north of USD 500.

Exchanging Money in Las Vegas

There are numerous locations to exchange your currency in Vegas. As soon as you get off at the airport there are several money exchanging booths, however they have very high rates and it's best to avoid these. The same applies for your hotel, most of them have a currency exchange booth but have high prices. Casinos make for a great place to exchange money, they offer much better exchange rates than the options above. As always, you can simply exchange currency through ATM withdrawals, however it's best to enquire if your bank has international transaction fees.

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FAQs on Las Vegas

What are the places near Las vegas?

The top places near to Las vegas are Los angeles which is 367 km from Las vegas, San diego which is located 426 km from Las vegas, San francisco which is located 670 km from Las vegas, New york city which is located 3585 km from Las vegas, Miami which is located 3506 km from Las vegas

What are the things to do in Las vegas?

The top things to do in Las vegas are The Strip, Bellagio, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Mob Museum, Wynn Las Vegas, High Roller. You can see all the places to visit in Las vegas here

What are the top hotels in Las vegas?

There are 410 in Las vegas which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Las vegas are Palms Place 33rd Floor with Balcony, 6 Bedroom House in La Solana Way, Las Vegas, Dream Penthouse at Palms Place, MGM Signature, Romance Phenthouse at Palms Place, Suites at Palms Place. You can see all the hotels in Las vegas here

How much does a package cost for Las vegas?

The packages for Las vegas start at INR 79450 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What is the local food in Las vegas?

If there ever was an example of an international city, Las Vegas would probably be it. You will find absolutely every single international cuisine in this city, from small joints to five star restaurants, there is just no shortage of eating options here! There are so many restaurants throughout the city, in Spring Valley, in Downtown and then of course the hotels and the shopping malls on the Strip have a plethora of food options. In Las Vegas, you can dine like a king in the elaborate restaurants and chew on dishes like the Riserva Steak at the Palazzo; or enjoy the rustic enjoyment of eating street foods from food trucks and stalls like hot dogs, huge burgers and sandwiches, bagels etc; or visit any of the numerous restaurants with popular signature dishes, like the Chicken Benedict at Hash House A Go featured in the famous TV show Man v Food! You'll well and truly never run out of eating options here.
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What is the best time to visit Las vegas?

While Las Vegas is a major hotspot for tourists and a must-visit when in the USA, given its sunny and dry weather that lasts almost all year round, the best time to visit Vegas is during its less hot months of October through March. The weather during these months is cold, dry and the least humid. The average temperature during these months ranges from 8℃ to 23℃. The hottest months of Las Vegas are from May through August, with negligible precipitation but very low humidity, owing to its subtropical hot desert climate. Because of its climatic condition, Las Vegas has a long and intensely hot summer season, and a shorter but cooler winter season, and intermittent rains throughout the year, with an annual 21 rainy days on average.
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