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"Capital of Latin America"

Miami Tourism

Miami is a seaport city famous for its beaches and nightlife. This vibrant town is also referred to as the 'Cruise Capital of the World' with cruise ships from all over docking at Port Miami. Many large companies and corporate houses have its headquarters in Miami making it one of the top financial, entertainment, arts and media hub in the States.

Other tourist destinations offer something for everyone while Miami offers multiple options for everyone: From the trendy nightlife of the South Beach to the bustle of Calle Ocho and the highly energetic Little Havana. The plush hotels of Miami Beach, the hideaways of Coral Gables, seemingly endless shopping opportunities, the lures of deep-sea fishing and golf and tennis. From the boat shows and auto racing to the amazing Art festivals and wine extravaganzas. The thriving city of Miami offers all of these options, few among the never-ending list.

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Exchanging Money in Miami

Currrency can be exchanged at all the banks, ATMs and Miami International Airport. Abbot Foreign Money Exchange, Currency Exchange International, Lincoln Currency Exchange, First Citizens Bank will do the job for you.

Daily Budget for Miami

The daily cost can be USD 40 if you decide to stay cheaply while it can be around USD 100 for mid-budget range.

Religion of Miami

Christianity is the most followed religion followed by Judaism and Islam.

Miami Customs

If you want to go to clubs, bring out your best attire as most clubs will give you entry only if you are dressed properly. The whether can be tricky at times so keep an umbrella and sunscreen handy.

Language of Miami

English is the predominant language used in the region. However, since large number on Latin Americans reside in Miami, Spanish is used for day-to-day communications in most of the places.

History of Miami

Miami has been inhabitated for thousands of years. In 1566, a Spanish explorer arrived at Miami and claimed it to be a Spanish territory. Later, Spain and Great Britan both claimed the area to be theirs. Black labor played a crucial role in Miami's development. During the beginning of the 20th century, migrants from the Bahamas and African-Americans constituted about 40 percent of the city's population. Events like the collapse of the Florida land boom in 1920s, the 1926 Miami Hurricane and the Clutch Plague in the 1930s slowed development. After Fidel Castro rose to power in Cuba in 1959, many wealthy Cubans sought refuge in Miami, further increasing the population.¾

Nightlife in Miami

The nightlife in Miami has its own reputation. The city is capable of delivering you energy so that you can party all night. From clubs and bars where you will find yourself dancing with celebrities to watching sunrise on the beach wondering how you are stilll awake, Miami offers you everything and within your budget.

Shopping in Miami

You can find almost everything you will need in your entire lifetime in Miami. Apart from all the major brands and Mall throughout the city, you can go to Collins avenue or Lincons road for shopping.

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FAQs on Miami

What is the best time to visit Miami?

The best time to visit Miami is between March and May. The holiday season is over, spring has arrived, and the temperature is anywhere between 21 degrees and 26 degrees. Miami, Florida has warm weather all through the year and gets a fair share of rains from June to November. August is the hottest month where the temperature soars up to 37 degrees Celsius combined with a good deal of humidity. April and November are the dry months with least rainfall and great weather. June has torrential downpours which can be due to the effect of Caribbean weather. September-November is said to be the hurricane season and visiting during this time can be a little tricky. But, the beaches are least crowded, there heat and humidity from summer and hotels are available at a great deal.
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What is the local food in Miami?

Miami is a foodie's paradise. Famous for its Latin cuisine, especially Cuban cuisine, it offers food from other South American countries as well as all international cuisines.New world cuisine, also known as Nuevo Latino cuisine was created in Miami in 1990s and tourists from all over the world come to have the delicacies.
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What is the best way to reach Miami?

Miami International Airport is one of the most important airport in USA. Hence, it is connected to all the major destinations all around the world. Its easy to enter Miami from any part of the world.
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What are the top hotels in Miami?

There are 1496 in Miami which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Miami are The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, AC Hotel Miami Midtown, Provident Luxury Suites Fisher Island, Orchid House, Top Stay Miami - Gold - Brickell - Free Parking, Villa Diamond in South Beach. You can see all the hotels in Miami here

What are the things to do in Miami?

The top things to do in Miami are South Beach, Little Havana, Miami Zoo, Jungle Island, Miami Seaquarium, Villa Vizcaya. You can see all the places to visit in Miami here

What are the places near Miami?

The top places near to Miami are Orlando which is 330 km from Miami, New york city which is located 1758 km from Miami, Las vegas which is located 3506 km from Miami, Los angeles which is located 3759 km from Miami, San diego which is located 3651 km from Miami

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