How To Reach United States of America

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Reaching United States of America by Air

The USA has plenty of international airports catering plethora of international flights arriving from various parts of the world. One can opt from the more expensive commercial flights to cheaper charter flights and standby flights. American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Unites Airline are the principal US airlines offering international services. Chicago OêHare International, Los Angeles International, Denver International, John F Kennedy International, San Diego International and San Francisco International along with many others are some of the major airports in the country.

Reaching United States of America by Bus

The roadways in the USA are usually well maintained and safe. There are frequent bus services plying between Canada and the US. Also available are offers by some bus companies with passes reasonable prices that run within Canada and States.

Reaching United States of America by Rail

Railway system in the US is not as developed as in Europe and thus is not a very popular mode to travel to the country.

Reaching United States of America by Road

One can reach America by crossing the border from either Mexico to the south or Canada to the north. A valid driverês license or an international driving license is required. With roads in good condition and well signed, the driving experience is quite pleasurable. Remember to drive on right hand side, check the speed limits and hone up with good road map.

Reaching United States of America by Water

There are ferries that operated from Canada to the USA on both coasts however, it is not an option for those on tight schedule. Ports that welcome passengers in the USA are Port of Anchorage, Honolulu, Port of New Orleans, New York, Port of Miami, and Tampa Port Authority. Seasonal arrivals are allowed at the Alaskan ports for the passengers.

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