Tourist places in Nevada

Here are the top 2 places to visit in Nevada in 2022:

1. Las Vegas

4.0 /5

1 out of 2
Places to visit in Nevada 117
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Las Vegas - a place that brings neon signboards, iconic hotels and the legendary casinos to our minds. For the ultimate, no-limits entertainment trip, there is hardly any place in the world that comes close to Vegas. The city's bright skyline, the super luxury hotels and resorts, the world-famous ca...

Best Time: September to November (Autumn)

2. Carson City

3.5 /5

2 out of 2
Places to visit in Nevada

The capital of Nevada, Carson City is the heart and soul of the state. The city reverberates with the history of the four tribes that nestled in the area for about 6000 years. The Carson City Historic District preserves all these and more from the Victorian era. All along the Kit Carson Trail are mo...