Gardens in Goa


Gardens in Goa

Here is the list of 4 Gardens in Goa

1. Japanese Garden Goa, Goa

Japanese garden in Goa is known for their aesthetic beauty and charming scenery. Located on a hilltop, the garden accentuates the beauty of nature and thus provide a sharp contrast to the artifice of modern civilisation. It has a serene atmosphere and picturesque location and is a perfect place for nature lovers.

2. Campal Gardens, Goa

Campal Gardens is a beautiful little well maintained garden perfect for jogging or walking, to sit in solitude or spend an evening with children. It has an artificial water body with boating facilities for kids and a play area amidst lush green bushes and tall palm trees.

3. Municipal Gardens, Goa

Municipal Gardens is famous for its beautiful landscaped lawns, the fragrant flower beds, the tall green trees and the monuments built in the honor of some legendary men and seamen of the 16th century. A foundation laid by Vasco Da Gama in the late 15th century exists inside the garden. It now bears the Ashoka Pillar marking the 400th anniversary of the first sea voyage from Europe to India.

4. Spice Garden

A Spice Garden tour is always recommended to tourists in Goa. Here you can see various spices and herbs whose medicinal significance is explained to you by the guides. The guides explain different farming techniques employed in the garden like swinging and climbing. Apart from this, you can also enjoy a scrumptious and simple meal of Goan seafood which is served to everyone. The plantation is rich in flora and fauna. You can also purchase spices, natural oils, containers and cutlery of good quality at a reasonable rate. It is an offbeat picnic point but should be visited by everyone.

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