Food of St. Petersburg

Food in St. Petersburg is of all types. Many cuisines and fast food joints are scattered all over the city, along with many places for some street food. However, there are a few local dishes that you should try if you're here. Borsch is a soup that is considered staple all over Russia, blini is a Russian adaptation of the pancake and is a favourite breakfast food, Solyanka is another hugely popular soup, Beef Stroganoff is famous world over, and has it's roots here in Russia, and of course Pelmeni is a famous dish, with minced meat wrapped in dough.

Food for Indians in St. Petersburg

There is a good range of Indian restaurants available in St. Petersburg. Tandoor is often considered the most famous of these, located on Admiralteiskiy Ave. Other places include Namaste (Malaya Konyushennaya St), Tandoori Nights (Voznesenskiy Ave), and Kashmir (Bolshaya Moskovskaya St). The city also has decent vegetarian and Jain food options, such as Vegetarian Samadeva Cafe (Kazanskaya St), and Auroville Vegetarian Art and Cafe (Radishheva St.).

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