What is the best time to visit St. Petersburg?

June-August is the best time to visit St. Petersburg. It’s a city where the weather is unpredictable. Locals often jokingly say that one can enjoy all four seasons in a day in St. Petersburg! However, if you are planning to visit this particular city in Russia, you need to be well aware of the climatic conditions in order to get the best out of your vacation. During summers, although, the weather is balmy, with elongated sunrises. This is undoubtedly the best time to explore the best and famous places in the city. During summers, the Russians actually let loose! There are concerts and events in different places, and the city doesn’t seem to sleep. September to May is usually less crowded in the city. Quite naturally, hotels and airfares are budget-friendly during these months. However, a lot of people from the Western countries fly down to St. Petersburg to enjoy its New Year’s event, which is quite a big thing there.

Weather in St. Petersburg


Upcoming St. Petersburg Weather

Monthly Weather in St. Petersburg

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 3°/ -1° 6 days
February 2°/ -2° 8 days
March 5°/ -2° 9 days
April 7°/ -0° 7 days
May 16°/ 6° 9 days
June 22°/ 12° 4 days
July 20°/ 11° 9 days
August 21°/ 11° 8 days
September 16°/ 8° 9 days
October 8°/ 3° 10 days
November 3°/ -1° 4 days
December 3°/ -0° 11 days

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St. Petersburg in Peak Season/High Season

June-August is the peak season in St. Petersburg. The city conducts various events and festivals at the start of this season. Tourists rush in from various parts of the world, and the hotels get occupied in no time. The airfares are also higher if you do not make your bookings beforehand. The streets are busy; the museums are overflowing with tourists, the pubs and restaurants are jammed with people relishing the best of local cuisines. Simply put, summers in St. Petersburg is fun! During these months, you might experience some showers which aren’t heavy and won’t be a problem for you to venture out. The average temperature in the peak season remains 61°F (16°C).

St. Petersburg in Shoulder Season

September and October can be considered to be the shoulder months in St. Petersburg. The city turns golden yellow as the oaks and poplars shed their leaves. The afternoon sun is warm enough, but it will not make you uncomfortable if you are outside. This is indeed an amazing time to spend hours at the parks around the city. October is a little windy, and boating tours will not be fun. It paves the way for the winters and hence, the weather is slightly different from that of September. The temperature during these two months ranges between 52°F (11°C) and 43°F (6°C).

St. Petersburg in Low Season/Off Season

December-February is considered to be the low season in St. Petersburg. In December, the city starts getting blanketed with snow. The pavements turn white, and the sun shines softly over the horizon. December is also the busy month as the locals start preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations. January, on the other hand, is laid back. However, if winter wonderland is what you love, you must not take this official low season seriously. Being a part of the white Christmas and the mega New Year’s event will remain etched in your memory for a long time. The average temperature during this season is -21°F (-6°C).

St. Petersburg in Summer (June - August)

June is officially known as the month of ‘white nights’. The whole month is without a proper night, long days, warm temperature and an array of events. The “Stars of the White Evenings” at Mariinsky Theater starts in May and goes on till July. It’s a social celebration which is quite famous among the residents of the city. Yelagin Park International Street Theater Festival in June celebrates the street drama culture in the city. This is one of the busiest months in St. Petersburg when tourists from all over the world start pouring in. Being a part of The Global Road Theatre Celebration is a must for you if you are an artist or a movie buff.

If you are travelling there this time around, you will be able to be a part of the fantastic Russian culture. The museums will be busy with crowds during the morning; however, if you can shift your visit till the evening, you will not have to stand in queues to enter. July is quite hot outdoors and pushing through the crowds at the public laces might not be that comfortable. However, this is also a great month to explore the city, and hence, the weather must not become a barrier for you to do so. A Neva River cruise is a great thing to experience during this time. August weather is similar to that of July. It’s a fantastic month to spend some relaxing time at the parks. A long walk through the alleys of the city is again a good idea if you wish to feel like the locals. There aren’t much of events happening during this month, and if you are an art lover, you might be a little disappointed.

St. Petersburg in Autumn (September - November)

September looks magnificent with the city turning golden in colour due to the falling Oak leaves. The summer season comes to an end, and the weather condition becomes soothing for the daytime tourists. The streets are less crowded as the peak season starts fading and the Peterhoff park fountains start shutting down for the winter. This is done through a closing ceremony which takes place during mid-September. Water Lantern Celebration in this month is a romantic event in autumn in St. Petersburg.

October is windy and cold. It might even snow during the first part of the month, and hence, outdoor activities come to a halt. Weather is a bit unpredictable, and you need to be flexible with your schedule. The boat cruises are a great option to unwind though. You can also explore the famous bars and pubs in St. Petersburg in the evening, which are generally in abundance. November is the wettest month in St. Petersburg. And it’s not the best time to visit the city. The parks become muddy due to snow and frequent showers. However, in case you happen to be there in November, you can spend a relaxing evening relishing a bowl full of borscht, the king of Russian soups.

St. Petersburg in Winter (December - February)

December starts with much enthusiasm among the locals as they start preparing for the New Year. The weather is somewhat unstable at the beginning with temperatures fluctuating every day. However, for the winter sports lovers, this is probably the best month for some skiing and sleigh ride at the parks. Theatre life comes to life during winters in St. Petersburg, and the Nutcracker ballet is quite a favourite among the locals. It goes on all throughout the holiday season, and so, you need to book your tickets in advance.

January is quite cold as the temperature goes below zero degrees Celsius. The first week is a public holiday, and hence, the streets are empty. The places start filling in from the second week, though. You can celebrate the New Year’s Eve event at the Palace Square with a countdown and firecrackers with the locals. It’s one of a kind experience. February is cold but a good time to tour around the places. You can head to Pavlovsk or Catherine’s Park to ride down the snow-capped hills or do some cross-country skiing. You can also be a part of the Maslenitsa celebrations at the end of February, and relish some delectable pancakes with some groovy music and dance at the parks.

St. Petersburg in Spring (March - May)

March is officially the first month of spring; however, the weather still feels cold. This is the reason that a few tourists always get time to enjoy winter sports in and around St. Petersburg. Again, if the winter season is what you like the most, you can visit this place during March as the places aren’t crowded and accommodation rates budget-friendly. The only thing is that you won’t be able to see the greeneries around as places will be covered with snow in certain areas.

April is when the city gets warmed up with the arrival of the spring season. The snow starts to melt, and there are numerous puddles all around the city. The parks in and around St. Petersburg starts to close for the cleaning up session. May is one of the favourite months for the Russians. The weather is significantly much better, and there are several public holidays. Labour Day on 1st May and Victory Day on 9th May are celebrated on the streets with much pomp and glory. Also, 27th May is celebrated as the birthday of St. Petersburg with parades, special exhibitions and art shows all around the city.

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