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What is the best time to visit St. Petersburg?

June-August is the best time to visit St. Petersburg. It’s a city where the weather is unpredictable. Locals often jokingly say that one can enjoy all four seasons in a day in St. Petersburg! However, if you are planning to visit this particular city in Russia, you need to be well aware of the climatic conditions in order to get the best out of your vacation. During summers, although, the weather is balmy, with elongated sunrises. This is undoubtedly the best time to explore the best and famous places in the city. During summers, the Russians actually let loose! There are concerts and events in different places, and the city doesn’t seem to sleep. September to May is usually less crowded in the city. Quite naturally, hotels and airfares are budget-friendly during these months. However, a lot of people from the Western countries fly down to St. Petersburg to enjoy its New Year’s event, which is quite a big thing there.

Weather in St. Petersburg


Upcoming St. Petersburg Weather

Monthly Weather in St. Petersburg

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 3°/ -1° 6 days
February 2°/ -2° 8 days
March 5°/ -2° 9 days
April 7°/ -0° 7 days
May 16°/ 6° 9 days
June 22°/ 12° 4 days
July 20°/ 11° 9 days
August 21°/ 11° 8 days
September 16°/ 8° 9 days
October 8°/ 3° 10 days
November 3°/ -1° 4 days
December 3°/ -0° 11 days

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