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"A Historical and Cultural Excursion"

Prague Tourism

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe and even the world, Prague is a city of rich history, remarkable architecture and rustic cobblestoned streets. Packed with tourist attractions, old-school cafes and lots of beer, Prague is the place for those who enjoy culture, serenity and history.

Nestled in a romantic setting of riverside and charming bridges, Prague is renowned for being one of the most well-preserved cities in Europe. Often tagged as 'the City of a Hundred Spires', the city's skyline is dotted with historical domed structures and plenty of remarkable medieval church spires. The Old Town with its archaic squares and cobblestoned streets adds charm to this already beautiful city laid out according to the 1000-years old plan. Other than being brimming with architectural wonders, Prague is also a significant political, cultural and commercial hub continuing its legacy from the past. The historical centre of Prague, a total area of 866 hectares was declared as the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register in 1992 and thus drawing tourists in large number from all around the globe. With art spilling all around, aroma of delicious food and drinks wafting off the cafes, the strings of classical music vibrating through the air, Prague will enchant you with its beauty.

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Currency in Prague

Czech Crown is the main and official currency of Czech Republic. Although some hotels, restaurants and shops do accept Euro, Czech Crown (CZK) is preferable, as many of them do not accept it. Almost all the major cards are accepted in Prague including Visa, MasterCard/Euro Card, American Express and Maestro. One can use them at hotels, international shops and more expensive restaurants, but cash is must for small shops and cheaper eating joints.¾

Nightlife in Prague

The nightlife of Prague is as unique as its distinct culture with people inhabiting from all around the globe. The city is brimming with plethora of options for people of every age group and taste ranging from cafes, bars and pubs. The venues offer live music, pulsating beats, bouncing electro clubs, laid-back cafes and bars along with quite a variety of gay clubs. One will find themselves swaying to the tunes of many locals as well as international bands playing on regular basis. Most of the great selection of venues is located at the centre of Old Town. Karlovy Lazne is one of the largest clubs in Central Europe adorned with five dance floors on four levels. The view of Charles Bridge and Vltava River adds charm to the amazing club and making it definitely worth a visit. Some of the great haunts for thrilling nightlife in Prague includes Vertigo, Roxy, N11, Dublex, Lavka, Bugsyês and Tretterês. If you are looking for something more relaxed then check out Alternatiff, Rock Caf_, Cross Club and many more. Since there is no strict dress code, one can dress as they want to even in their casual jackets and sneakers. Also, do not forget to enjoy the most popular drink of Prague, beer. The city literally live on the drink and offer various variety.

History of Prague

Decked in history and charm, the city of Prague has been under the control of several powers; it has been freed by capitalism, ruled by communism, part of Nazi control and declared independent. Its history dates back to 5500 BC when the first evidence of various Germanic and Celtic tribes came to knowledge along with trade routes between North and South Europe. The first inhabitant of the area, the Boii - one of the Celtic tribes, were recorded to be here by around 500 BC and named the region Bohemia and the river Vltava. Slavs arrived in the city during the 6th century and became dominant in the region. It was in 870 that the foundation for Prague Castle was laid by the settlement on the hilltop of Lesser Town. The Romanesque rotunda was built in 926 at the site of current St. Vitus Cathedral within the premises of Prague Castle. It was followed by establishment of Judita's Bridge in 1172 (second stone bridge of Europe), Old Town in during 1230, New Town and Charles University during 1348. From 1310 until 1346, John of Luxembourg ruled as the king of Bohemia followed by the Hapsburg dynasty taking control in 1526 to rule until 1918. In between, several other rulers ruled the city along with the Nazis. The Velvet Revolution in 1989 finally lead to the defeat of communist rule, making way for parliamentary democracy with Vaclav Havel as the first president of Czechoslovakia. The country was divided into two, and the Czech Republic was founded on 1st January 1993.

Prague Customs

Czechs, in general, are quite reserved in their dealings with foreigners, although in other aspects they are not much different from North Americans or other Europeans. Shaking hands is the common form of greeting while kissing on cheeks is reserved for family or close friends. A simple hello (dobrý den) on entering a shop and a goodbye (na shledanou) to a shopkeeper on leaving is a casual way of starting and ending a conversation. Talking loudly in public is considered rude; however, the rule is often disregarded while in pubs. Prague is a cosmopolitan city with fashion loving people, so do not reserve yourself while in the city and dress fashionably. Although, make sure you carry clothes as per the weather conditions. Tipping is usually practised in Prague on a common basis. One is expected to tip around 10 - 15% of the bill amount to the waiter if it's not already included in the bill. The same applies to taxi drivers.

Religion of Prague

Roman Catholicism is the main religion followed by 39.2% of the people. Other beliefs practised include atheism, Protestantism and Orthodoxism.

Daily Budget for Prague

Prague has been long renowned as a historic site adorned with impressive architecture, be it the old buildings, churches or beautiful bridges. Packed with plenty of tourist attraction and free activities the city is no longer a cheap one, although one can still afford to travel to city on a small budget. Following is the budget per day per head for different type of travellers including backpackers, mid-budge and luxury travellers. The following cost includes food, water, local transport, entertainment, tips and handouts, robberies and frauds, souvenirs and alcohol cost excluding accommodation. Budget travel: CZK 330 approximately Comfortable travel: CZK 770 approximately Luxury travel: CZK 1750 approximately

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FAQs on Prague

What is the best time to visit Prague?

May, June and September during the spring and fall season, is the best time to visit Prague. During these months the temperature in Prague is comfortable, and if you’re on budget travel, you’ll find hotels to stay, flights to book all within your budget along with lesser crowds. Prague has a humid continental climate with temperatures being extremely low during the winters accompanied by very little sunshine. The summers in Prague are said to come with a lot of sun and warmer temperatures averaging up to 24 degrees centigrade. Prague is also a very windy place with sustained western winds blowing all over the city. Christmas, Easter and New Year also draw huge crowds from across the globe. Prague offers a river cruise or cruising the river Vltava throughout the year. The Prague castle is also open for the tourists throughout the year, so there is hardly any activity that you won’t be able to enjoy even in the offSeason.
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What are the places near Prague?

The top places near to Prague are Dresden which is 119 km from Prague, Vienna which is located 250 km from Prague, Munich which is located 299 km from Prague, Salzburg which is located 271 km from Prague, Berlin which is located 281 km from Prague

What are the things to do in Prague?

The top things to do in Prague are Prague Castle, Charles Bridge (Karluv Most), The Clementinum and the National Library, The Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock, The Church of Our Lady before Tyn, The Municipal House. You can see all the places to visit in Prague here

What are the top hotels in Prague?

There are 3726 in Prague which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Prague are Old Town Apartments Tyn, Apartment Na Kopečku, Romantic Studio in Old Town Prague, The White Swan Double Apartment, Apartment Pricna 3, Art-Nouveau. You can see all the hotels in Prague here

How much does a package cost for Prague?

The packages for Prague start at INR 56622 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What is the local food in Prague?

Prague is an international city crowded by tourists in large number. A variety of food of various cuisines is served in the city. From finest Italian and French cuisine to Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Greek, Scandinavian and Mexican, visitors will find a lot to satisfy their gastronomic taste buds. Despite the rising price tags, the food is quite affordable. The main cuisine of Prague is Czech cuisine in which lunch plays a significant role. Originally, authentic Czech food is based on grilled or roasted chicken and pork served with a starchy side dish like fries, potatoes or dumplings. Fruit dumplings (ovocné knedlÍky), crépes or ice creams are enjoyed by locals as well as tourists. Fast food is also quite common in Prague, especially around the crowded marketplaces, which includes Czech style hot dogs and mulled wine. Be careful while having food from street vendors or food stalls as it may result in food poisoning.
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