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"The Most Quaint & Charming City Of The Country"

Sochi Tourism

Sochi is an idyllic seaside retreat that attracts hundreds of people to it each year, including celebrities and renowned politicians. In 2014, Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics, making it even more popular amongst tourists across the globe. The city is also called the Black Sea Pearl.

Think picturesque mountains, pretty shingle beaches and a nightlife to die for! Sochi is a popular spot among tourists, attracting a whopping total of more than 4 million visitors each year. It also has something on offer for everyone _ parks for nature lovers, museums and other sites for history lovers and beautiful beaches for some true R&R.

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Currency in Sochi

The Russian rouble or RUB is the only type of currency that is acceptable in Sochi.

Shopping in Sochi

Shop at a popular retail chain called Kairos, located in Greater Sochi, from their supermarkets and minimarkets. Alexandria is a large mall with five storeys, to indulge all your shopping whims. Olymp is Sochiês largest mall and you will find all that you need right here. While youêre at it, make sure to visit the Trade Gallery for bits and odds ranging from spare camera parts to food items to souvenirs.

Nightlife in Sochi

From karaoke to theme bars, Sochi boasts of a lot! Itês popular for its rock-n-roll bar like The Treugolnik, for pizza, drinks and a true rock-n-roll vibe, T2 Club for screenings of rock concerts, Shayba Caf_ Bar, which is a hang out spot for bikers, etc. It also has theme bars such as the •Londonêbar, the ABBA Bar and more. Enjoy yourself at karaoke nights in the Balailaka, the Shum and the Voices.

History of Sochi

Initially under the influence of Greek, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations, Sochi was acquired by the Russian Empire in 1829. They named it Alexandria but the name was finally changed to Sochi, in 1896, after a local river. It was only in the beginning of the 20th century that Sochi began to develop the features required for a resort town. Resorts and railway lines were built. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Sochi emerged independently as a force and after hosting the Olympics, its status simply skyrocketed.

Language of Sochi

A vast majority of the people in Sochi speak Russian. However, Abkhazian and Circassian languages are also spoken by some. •êKhoroshego dnyaêêmeans Good Day, •Spasibo”means thank you, •Skolêkoêmeans how much and •Proshchayêmeans goodbye.

Sochi Customs

Etiquette and manners are very important in all of Russia. Being polite is important. In terms of tipping, always leave about 10 to 15% of your total bill for the staff. Do not shake hands with people if you are standing on the threshold. Always wait till you are inside to shake hands with them, otherwise, it is considered bad luck. Being •fashionably lateê is unacceptable here, as everyone values time. Dress codes arenêt strict here, so pack according to the weather and your comfort.

Religion of Sochi

Christiany is the dominant religion of Sochi, followed by Islam, Judaism and Buddhism to name a few.

Daily Budget for Sochi

If youêre on a budget, it would cost you RUB 2,710. A mid range option would come upto RUB 4,462. A luxurious stay at Sochi would cost RUB 6,878.

Exchanging Money in Sochi

In terms of currency exchange, it is necessary to present your passport for examination, for the same. Banks are the best and the safest means to exchange currency in Sochi. Do not exchange currency with people offering to do the same.

Best Time to Visit Sochi

How to Reach Sochi

How to Reach Overview

You can arrive at Russiaês beach city by air, train, bus, or by car/taxi.

How to reach Sochi by flight

Sochi International Airport sees dozens of carriers coming in, both domestic and international. Yakutia, Turkish Airlines and S7 are the most common carriers. From the airport, you can take a train, a taxi or even rent a car to reach the city centre.

How to reach Sochi by road

Driving down from Europe to Sochi is quite possible and can be achieved within a dayês time, in case of good drivers. You can drive in from Berlin, Paris, Rome, Ukraine, etc. India Specific: Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Air India, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish, etc are the main carriers.

How to reach Sochi by train

Board a train from St.Petersburg or Moscow and reach Sochi in just over a day. There is also a double decker train for this route. You can also take a train from Berlin to Sochi, via the Russian Railways. This may take over 65 hours.

How to reach Sochi by bus

Sochi's bus terminal is very close to the city's train terminal. Buses get in from Ukraine, Moldova, Abkhazia as well as Nalchik, Astrakhan and other nearby cities.

Local transport in Sochi

Sochi is dotted with minibuses, commonly called marshrutka. This is the most popular form of transport in Sochi. Bus numbers from 1 to 99 indicate that the fare is fixed for the entire ride at RUB9. Bus numbers starting from 100 have a flexible fare system, with the rates depending on the distance of your travel. Trolleybuses are also available and are popular choices for long distance trips. Other options include renting a car, which your hotel can arrange, or taking a taxi.

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FAQs on Sochi

What is the best time to visit Sochi?

This period is known as the swimming season in Sochi. Summer is well and truly here, with the air being merely warm instead of boiling hot! By the end of October, it gets cloudy and rainy, with November bringing in a nice chill.
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What are the places near Sochi?

The top places near to Sochi are St petersburg which is 1923 km from Sochi, Moscow which is located 1360 km from Sochi, Siberia which is located 4292 km from Sochi, Ankara which is located 700 km from Sochi, Cappadocia which is located 686 km from Sochi

What are the things to do in Sochi?

The top things to do in Sochi are Rosa Khutor Ski Resort , Park 'Riviera', Lake Ritsa, Park Arboretum, Frunze Park, 33 Waterfalls. You can see all the places to visit in Sochi here

What are the top hotels in Sochi?

There are 1866 in Sochi which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Sochi are Health Resort Sochi korpus Dachi, Apartments on Klubnichnaya, Green House Apartment, Apartment on Gorkovo 87, Cottage Na Beregu Morja, Apartment Gorkogo. You can see all the hotels in Sochi here

What is the best way to reach Sochi?

You can arrive at Russiaês beach city by air, train, bus, or by car/taxi.
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What is the local food in Sochi?

Sochi has a lot of restaurants to choose from. Apart from authentic Russian food, the city also offers its own take on cuisine from Germany, Italy, Uzbekistan and more.
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