Food of Beijing

In Beijing you will find cuisines from all over the world, given the international standards of the city. Tons and tons of fast food joints, including all major food joints, plenty of restaurants of various global cuisines ranging from Italian to continental, and of course, traditional Chinese food. In the local cuisine, duck dishes are fairly popular, such as the roast duck. Also, try the local favourite Mongolian hotpot. And it goes without saying, definitely give the local variations of dumplings a try.

Food for Indians in Beijing

There are many Indian restaurants in Beijing. The most famous of these are Ganges Indian Restaurant (Wudaokou Shopping Mall and World Trade Business Centre), Indian Kitchen (Sanlitun Beixiaojie), Tandoor (North Gongti Road) among a couple of others. Options for vegan restaurants in Indian cuisine are not popularly available, however, Pure Lotus Vegetarian (Nongzhan Nanli), and Lili Vegetarian Restaurant (Caoyuan Hutong) are places where you can find egg and garlic free food.

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