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Local delicacies in Siberia district include Pelmeni (meat dumplings with stuffings of minced meat; vegetarian variations can also be found), Pirozhki (small pie fried or baked and stuffed with veggies and meat or fish), and Borscht (a bright read and clear soup made of vegetables and meat).

Food for Indians in Siberia

Many Indian restaurants are scattered around the Siberia district. Some of them are: Om, Little India and Saffron in Novosibirsk; Amritta and Ganga in Irkutsk; Saffron in Tomsk; Yoga-Bar and Shanti Bar in Krasnoyarsk; and Gauranga in Ulan-Ude. Most of these restaurants also have vegetarian dishes in their menu. Some top-rated vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Siberia are: Puppen Haus, Chashka Kofe and Kardamon in Novosibirsk; Fon Baron and Rada in Krasnoyarsk; Coffeeshop Company and Govinda Cafe in Irkutsk; and Marle Bua in Tomsk. (Note: Russians are less into vegetarian food, so ensure that you make the chef clear about your food preferences. Bring along some dried snacks from home, just in case.)

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