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"Auschwtiz- A Place of Terror"

Auschwtiz Tourism

Auschwtiz is a town which is present in the lesser known parts of Poland . This place is famous for the Aushwtiz concentration camp which was is a concentration camps by the Germans during second world war. This place is accesible from a nearby area called as Krakow by the means of bus as well as by the means of car.

Auschwitz is a town located in not so known area of Poland and is famously known for numerous concentration camps which had been set up here by the Germans during the second world war. This place has a small population of about 43,000 and is located at a distance of 60 k.m. from the main town of Krakow. This place has witnessed some terryfying moments of the second world war and reminds people of those harsh as well as cruel times. This town is usually very small and you can easily cover most of the places on foot.

Things to do in Auschwtiz

1. Auschwtiz Birnkenau

Auschwtiz Birnkenau
A cluster of concentration camps built by the Germals during second world war.

2. Oswiecim Castle

Oswiecim Castle
A castle built on the banks of River Sola and was used as bunkers

3. Auschwtiz Jewish Centre

Auschwtiz Jewish Centre
A museum which depicts the life of former Jewish people who lived here in Auschwtiz.

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Currency in Auschwtiz

Polish Zloty is the main currency accepted all through the poland.

Exchanging Money in Auschwtiz

There are numrous outlets available in this area where you can get your currency exchanged. However in case you donêt want to face any hassle then we would suggest you to get it exchanged at the airport and carry it along with you as you visit Auschwtiz.

Daily Budget for Auschwtiz

Daily budget of movind around as well as staying in this place is somewhat around PLN 80. This includes living, eating, commutating as well as having a couple of beers.

Religion of Auschwtiz

In this country you would find most of the population to be Jewish however certain portion is occupied by people of mixed faith.

Auschwtiz Customs

There isnêt much of customs or tradition followed or experienced. Hardly a trip lasting for a day tourists donêt spend much time over here.

Language of Auschwtiz

Most of the people in here would be speaking Polish which is the national language of the country. However you would find a significant amount of people speaking English too.

History of Auschwtiz

This place is known to have a particularly rich history. During the partition of Poland the town was given to the younger brother of the king Casimir II The Just. However later the town was destroyed by the Mongoleans and then rebuilt and Duchy Of Auschwtiz was established. Later during the world war 2 this place proved to be an important rail junction. However during war this town was burned down and numerous people were burned alive. Since then there has been major improvements in the town which still moans in the grief of people that it lost.

Nightlife in Auschwtiz

There are a few pubs as well as bars located in the area where you can grab a couple of beers and enjoy the happening music.Two main attractions for people looking for hyped up parties are High Way Club 1 as well asB-azyl.

Shopping in Auschwtiz

There are numerous general stores as well as shops located in the area however, you can always move around and see if you can collect some souveniers.

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FAQs on Auschwtiz

What is the best time to visit Auschwitz?

This place has cold climate with a bit of warmth throughout the year which makes it a idle place to visit whenever you want to. However try going early to this place as it becomes pretty crowded once the day progresses.
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What are the places near Auschwitz?

The top places near to Auschwitz are Krakow which is 52 km from Auschwitz, Warsaw which is located 274 km from Auschwitz, Budapest which is located 282 km from Auschwitz, Vienna which is located 289 km from Auschwitz, Prague which is located 340 km from Auschwitz

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