Food of Moscow

In Moscow you can easily find cuisines from all over the world. It is a global city and as such caters to all tastes. Fast food joints like KFC, McDonald's and so on have various outlets. As far as the local cuisine is concerned, it is pretty varied as well. Russians love indulging in pies, cakes, blini (pancake) and doughy foods. Moscow cuisine also has a decent amount of poultry in it's dishes and of course, everyone has heard of the Russian Salad.Dishes to try include Borscht (Beef and cabbage soup), Blinis (Russian pancakes), Herring under the fur coat (salted herring covered in layers of seasonings) and of course the famous Beef Stroganoff.

Food for Indians in Moscow

There are a few Indian restaurants in Moscow. Darbars on Leninsky Ave is a highly rated restaurant, Maharaja on Pokrovka, Shikari on Volgogradskiy Ave and Jai Hind on Olimpiyskiy Ave are also popular options. As far as vegetarian options go, Jagannath restaurant on Kuznetskiy most is a great option.

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