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"Freeze your moments to Russian temperatures"

Siberia Tourism

The Siberian Federal District covers 30% area of its country, Russia. Holding over a dozen cities, Siberia boasts of the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Siberia is an ideal location for travellers who want to encounter with the untouched beauty of nature, mighty mountains, and unexplored enigmas.

Known for its extremely harsh winters, Siberia has a lot to offer. From the crown of Siberia 'Lake Baikal' to the rides in Trans-Siberian railway; from the fascinating Altai mountains to picture-perfect cities- Siberia has its own ways to entice its visitors. Cities like Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk take pride in their own beauties. Novosibirsk is not just the capital of Siberia, but also the most pulsating city with thriving cultural scenes. Tomsk is an architectural heaven absolutely one of its kind, offering you endless photographic spots. Irkutsk is not just the gateway to Lake Baikal, but also a great exemplar of contrasts of the new and old. Ulan-Ude is a tranquil Buddhist city you definitely can't miss to visit. Some breathtaking destinations to explore in Siberia other than the lake are Ulkok Plateau, Lena River, Sayan Mountains, Chara Sands and Ergaki National Park.

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Currency in Siberia

The official currency used in Russia is the Ruble. If you hire a taxi from the taxi desk at the airport, you'll be easily able to make the payment by card to the driver.

Exchanging Money in Siberia

Exchanging money at the airport is never a good idea, it gets heavy on your pocket. Instead, prefer withdrawing local currency from ATMs. Make sure that you inform your bank about your trip in advance. If you take a trip to a smaller town or a far-flunged place from a city, stock up the cash from any city ATM or exchange kiosk prior to the excursion.

Daily Budget for Siberia

The daily budget in Siberia would vary for most of the cities, towns or landmarks you visit.

Religion of Siberia

People belonging to Siberia region follow various religions, including Orthodox Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, other Christian faiths, and Islam. Some indigenous people continue to practice Shamanism and Polytheism.

Siberia Customs

Russians greet each other with a firm handshake making a direct contact along with a greeting appropriate for the time of day. Your clothing and footwear should be what makes you feel comfortable, unless you are heading to a ballet or a fine dining restaurant.

Language of Siberia

Majority of the population speaks Russian, and a very small number out of them understands/speaks English. It is strongly recommended to learn some basic Russian words and phrases and download a translator app. Print your hotel's address in Russian for easy assistance.

History of Siberia

Initially inhabited by some nomadic communities, the region got its name from the Tatar Khanate 'Sibir' who controlled the area in the mid-15th century. Russians had a professional association with the region since the 13th century, which turned into a colonial aquisition between 1581-98. russian development started taking shape slowly in the Siberia region consisting multiple cities by the end of 17th century. Siberia works out its economy with the help of agriculture, mining and emerging tourism, thanks to the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Nightlife in Siberia

Siberia has a limited nightlife, except for some major cities in the district. You'd easily be able to find some vivacious spots for a great nightlife in the cities like Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Belokurikha and Chita. Some top-rated names include Jazz Club Truba (Novosibirsk), Anti Cafe 4 Room (Irkutsk), and Live music club Mayak (Tomsk).

Shopping in Siberia

The Altai Replublic region is said to be the most promising destination for souvenir shopping. Here you can find medicinal herbs and infusions, shaman's charms, and other cultural natural treasures. Spare some time for shopping if you are going to cisit these areas: Krasnoyarsk, Tuva and Khakassia. You might consider buying unusual and unique souvenirs in Siberia such as Talkan, Kazakh rugs, wooden eyeglasses, Angara Pinewood crafts, cedar-cone jam, lacquered boxes, and not to forget, Matryoshka dolls.

Best Time to Visit Siberia

How to Reach Siberia

How to Reach Overview

You can reach most of the cities in Siberia via flight or rail. Trans-Siberian Railway is the most popular mode of transport to Siberia to and from various parts of Russia, and even China and Mangolia.

How to reach Siberia by flight

Almost all major cities have airports, which connect Siberia to other parts of Russia as well as the rest of the world.

How to reach Siberia by train

The Trans-Siberian Railway enables you to hop into majority of the towns and cities in the district.

How to reach Siberia by waterways

Some irregular ferries are available between Vladivostok (Russia) and Niigata and Fushiki (Japanese ports).

Local transport in Siberia

Public transportation in cities of Siberia region varies- some cities like Novosibirsk have metro, buses and trolley buses; while small towns might or might not have anything more than a mini bus or taxi. It is recommended to work out on the trip plans clearly, and then doing some research as per the cities you plan to visit. Travelling from one city to other is made convenient by railway, though you can also take a flight.

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FAQs on Siberia

What is the best time to visit Siberia?

Summer is the best season to tick Siberia off your bucket list. Although in some cities under Siberia show freezing temperatures even during summer, months from June to August are still counted as some of the best times of the year to visit. Summer also brings rains in most of parts of Siberia, followed by mosquitoes- so don't forget to stock up with an umbrella and mosquito repellant. October is also suggested as a great month to visit Siberia, during the colorful autumn with slightly mild temperatures. If you want to hit the district during winter, note this: Winters are extremely freezing here, so pack loads of woolens with you. Snow blocks most of the trains from working and roadways don't work well.
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What is the local food in Siberia?

Local delicacies in Siberia district include Pelmeni (meat dumplings with stuffings of minced meat; vegetarian variations can also be found), Pirozhki (small pie fried or baked and stuffed with veggies and meat or fish), and Borscht (a bright read and clear soup made of vegetables and meat).
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What is the best way to reach Siberia?

You can reach most of the cities in Siberia via flight or rail. Trans-Siberian Railway is the most popular mode of transport to Siberia to and from various parts of Russia, and even China and Mangolia.
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What are the places near Siberia?

The top places near to Siberia are St petersburg which is 3600 km from Siberia, Moscow which is located 3500 km from Siberia, Sochi which is located 4292 km from Siberia, London which is located 5619 km from Siberia, Dubai which is located 5172 km from Siberia

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