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"Northern-most Megacity of the World"

Moscow Tourism

Moscow is Russia's capital, and its cultural, economic and political heart. It is the largest and the most populated city in Russia, and also a city of huge global influence. It is the country's biggest tourist destination, home to some of the most historic architectural works in the country.

Moscow is a city with a very rich past. It served as Russia's capital for a long time and after the Bolshevik Revolution became the capital of Russia again. It has one of the best collections of architectural structures in the world. The Kremlin, which serves as the residence of the Russian President today, is an emphatic complex of palaces, cathedrals and walls. The iconic St. Basil's Cathedral is one of the most unique cathedrals you'll find anywhere in the world. Moscow has a huge number of museums as well, displaying artworks from throughout the history of Russia. There is even a display of priceless jewellery and state regalia in the Kremlin Armoury. Apart from that, Moscow is home to many splendid gardens and parks that find their origins in the imperial era. These parks today have been restored and beautified and are a favourite hangout spot for locals who are looking for some time away from their busy lives. Gorky Park, Tsaritsyno and the Alexander Garden are an example of the remarkable gardens in the city. The city's nightlife is world famous and so is it's shopping, symbolised by the GUM on the Red Square. Several musical concerts and cultural events take place often in the city and the city is also home to Russia's national theatre, the Bolshoi Theatre. Moscow provides you with a huge variety of activities and is sure to keep you occupied throughout your trip. When you're done with it all, take a hike up Sparrow Hills and absorb a beautiful panorama of the city.

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Exchanging Money in Moscow

There are several money changing options in Moscow. However, most of the currency changes only exchange in Euros and USD and a few in GBP. You can find money changing booths throughout the city and also at the airport. Banks also change money and a few large banks may provide you exchange in other major currencies such as AUD, or CHF.

Shopping in Moscow

Shopping in Moscow is diverse. Since it is one of the most international cities of the world, you will not find a shortage of brands here. Visiting the GUM on the Red Square is an absolute must, even if you donêt plan on buying anything. It has been the premier shopping destination of Moscow since the 19th century. The Tvetnoy Central Market is also a good place to shop, lined with many brands and so is Old Arbat. The Tverskaya Street is also a bustling shopping area. There are several shopping malls all around the city, home to all kinds of brands and stores.

Nightlife in Moscow

Moscow is a fantastic place to head out for a night of clubbing. It has all sorts of options, from elite nightclubs to small bars. Most of the clubs in Moscow have cover charges and parties go on into the night. Dress codes (face control) also apply in some top nightclubs. Clubs like Propaganda, Nightflight, B2, Dolls, Fabrique, Forte and many others will look after all your different interests, from dancing to electronic, to having a drink with the elites, to live performances, strip clubs and even jazz clubs!

History of Moscow

Moscow is a historic European city. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic times. The formal history of Moscow, however, begins from the 12th century onwards. The city was invaded successfully by the Mongols and the Grand Duchy that was established in the 13th century. The Duke of the Grand Duchy, Daniel I passed away in 1303. Ivan I then became the principal tax collector for the Mongols, after a big power struggle. The Mongol empire tried to control the influence of Moscow, but as the influence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania grew, the Mongol rulers decided to strengthen Moscow, which backfired heavily and in 1380 the Mongols were defeated by an army led by prince Dimitri Donskoy and the Mongols were subsequently chased out of Russia but Ivan III in 1480. The city of Moscow expanded considerably under him (also known as Ivan the Great). The new Kremlin Wall and Towers were also completed under his reign. In 1547, the Crimean Tatars attacked the city to horrifying results, taking out more than 150,000 of the inhabitants of the city. The city was heavily fortified in the coming decades. Moscow was taken over by the Polish-Lithuanian soldiers in 1612, but Russian forces led by Dimitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin besieged the Kremlin and threw the invaders out. Michael Romanov was elected tsar in 1613 and thus began the Romanov Dynasty in Russia. The capital was shifted to St. Petersburg by Peter the Great in 1712 and Moscow experienced a decline till 1850. After that, the city again saw an exponential rise in its population. Most of the city was developed during this time, such as the Kremlin Palaces, the Armoury and the variety of historic structures we see today. The capital was shifted back to the more central location of Moscow in 1918, after the Bolshevik revolution. During the Great Patriotic War (WW II), Germans had reached till the outskirts of Moscow, from where they were driven out in the Battle of Moscow. Rebuilding began after the war, as housing needs of thousands were slowly met. Moscow hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics, a symbol of the great lengths the city had progressed. After the fall of the USSR, privatisation reforms followed and Moscow and Russia fell into a slump for a few years. However, it grew back again into a globally important position and today is one of the world's most powerful centres.

Language of Moscow

Russian is the first and the official language of Moscow. However, a large population of people also speak English and you should not have any issues during your trip.

Moscow Customs

Russian etiquette is a little different as compared to the western countries. Russians aren't very openly polite and choose to be more direct in their conduct. Saying thank you or sorry too often, such as at a restaurant, might attract a stare or two. When it comes to dressing, as always, it's best to be dressed up smartly whenever you're out. Greetings with new people are sufficed by handshakes. Tips can be left in the region of 5 - 10% at hotels and restaurants. For porters or housekeep, RUB 50 - 100 are considered enough. For taxis and bars, it's usually enough to round the bill up while paying.

Religion of Moscow


Daily Budget for Moscow

Moscow is a fairly expensive city. Depending on where you eat, the attractions you visit, how you get around and where you shop, you can expect a low end budget around RUB 2500 - 3000 per person. A mid range budget would be something around RUB 6000 - 8000. A high end budget can start around RUB 13000 - 16000 and up per person.

Currency in Moscow

The Russian ruble is the only currency accepted in Moscow. Carrying Visa or MasterCard credit cards is ideal here, since other cards are not widely accepted. Visa and MasterCards work in mostly all ATMs.

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FAQs on Moscow

What are the places near Moscow?

The top places near to Moscow are St petersburg which is 633 km from Moscow, Siberia which is located 3500 km from Moscow, Sochi which is located 1360 km from Moscow, London which is located 2501 km from Moscow, Dubai which is located 3687 km from Moscow

What are the things to do in Moscow?

The top things to do in Moscow are Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Metro, Bolshoi Theatre. You can see all the places to visit in Moscow here

What are the top hotels in Moscow?

There are 6116 in Moscow which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Moscow are Apartments on Brestskaya Ulitsa, Apartment on Starobitsevskaya, Kojevnicheskiy Apartment, Apartment Na Kutuzovskiy Prospect, Borisovskie Prudy Apartment, Kutuzovskiy Prospect 26 Apartment. You can see all the hotels in Moscow here

How much does a package cost for Moscow?

The packages for Moscow start at INR 32000 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What is the local food in Moscow?

In Moscow you can easily find cuisines from all over the world. It is a global city and as such caters to all tastes. Fast food joints like KFC, McDonald's and so on have various outlets. As far as the local cuisine is concerned, it is pretty varied as well. Russians love indulging in pies, cakes, blini (pancake) and doughy foods. Moscow cuisine also has a decent amount of poultry in it's dishes and of course, everyone has heard of the Russian Salad.Dishes to try include Borscht (Beef and cabbage soup), Blinis (Russian pancakes), Herring under the fur coat (salted herring covered in layers of seasonings) and of course the famous Beef Stroganoff.
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What is the best time to visit Moscow?

The best time to visit Moscow is March and April. The autumn months of September and October is also a good time to visit the city. During these months, the city overflows with visitors from around the globe. The average temperature remains 75°F to 90°F (-59°C to 32°C) during these two months, which is comfortable enough to explore the city during the day time. Winters in Moscow, however, are chilly. The average temperature during December and January remains around -80°F to 80°F (-62°C to 27°C), which goes down further in the eastern part like, Siberia. Winters are great for skating though. Also, travelling south towards the Black Sea can be a relief from the prickly cold weather. March is an amazing time to visit St. Petersburg as well. You can pay a visit to the famous palaces and museums without the crowd around.
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