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Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg Overview

Peterhof Palace is a large and truly magnificent ensemble of palaces, gardens and fountains, created by Peter the Great and further expanded by the Tsars that followed. It is a World Heritage Site.

Often regarded as the 'Russian Versailles' (Peter the Great initially built the model based on Versailles in France), this majestic estate serves as one of the biggest tourist attractions of St. Petersburg, with a countless number of attractions within it. Of the several palaces that dot this estate, the Grand Palace is the largest and the most famous. Inside it are several fascinating rooms. The Chesma Hall is adorned with 12 large paintings, depicting the Battle of Chesma (a Naval war between Russia and Turkey). The Picture Hall, displaying a total of 368 paintings which almost fully cover it's walls. The East and West Chinese cabinets house objects which were imported from China, and there are several replica works by Russian craftsmen exhibited as well. The Monplaisir, Marly Palace, and the Hermitage are other palaces of interest. The estate is known for it's numerous beautiful gardens and fountains. The Samson Fountain is the most popular of these, which shows Samson tearing open the mouth of a lion, and a 20 metre high fountain shoots out of it's mouth. It is symbolic of Russia's victory over Sweden in the Great North War. The Lower Gardens also house several of the fountains, many of which are notoriously designed to soak the visitors. As you walk along the gardens, you will discover many fountains with distint features and creativity, as well as the beautiful French formal gardens. There is so much to discover and explore at the Peterhof Palace, and you should definitely spend a good few hours here!

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