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"The Scandinavian metropolis"

Stockholm Tourism

Stockholm is the hub of all of Sweden's activities, ranging from the political and the economic to the cultural. It is the most populous city in the country and also in the entire Nordic region. Stockholm is a proper metropolis, complete with world class public transport facilities, international sporting arenas, globally famous museums, vibrant culture, centre for the Swedish government, amusement park and is the biggest tourist destination of the country.

Stockholm is the centre of tourism for Sweden. The number of total attractions in the city is so vast, you'll have a difficult time choosing which ones to cover and which ones to leave out. As you travel through the city, you will notice some stunning pieces of architecture. These range from historical churches to palaces, built many centuries ago. One example of this is the Riddarholmskyrkan, the oldest building in Stockholm, dating back to the 13th century. The Vasa Museum, a truly phenomenal museum, has on the display the warship Vasa, a warship which sank in 1628. This is only one of the hundreds of museums which attract millions of visitors every year. Apart from this, Stockholm has an amusement park, art galleries, theatres, and other points of interests for visitors and locals alike. Despite the bustling life in the capital, Stockholm is one of the cleanest cities in the world, with green parks and gardens and clean fresh air. The city is spread across 14 islands, and makes for one mesmerising trip.

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Exchanging Money in Stockholm

Forex and Western Union are the two most popular currency changing options in the city. However, Forex charges a commission on your exchange, whereas Western Union doesn't, and even if it does, it is comparatively very little.

Shopping in Stockholm

Stockholm, as with basically everything else, is more than well equipped for the shopaholic. S_dermalm is an area buzzing with energy, and is one of the best places to shop in Stockholm. Æ’stermalm is in general a classy and up-scale locality, and provides shopping options along the same lines, with some of the top most luxury brands of the world. Gamla Stan, or Old Town, is an opportunity to walk around and explore the origins of Stockholm. You'll find stores here which sell classic handicrafts and ornaments, and also glassware and textile.

Nightlife in Stockholm

Stockholm has a legendary nightlife. It's a bit on the expensive side, but one night clubbing is definitely recommended. You'll find locals and tourists alike in the best Stockholm nightclubs, making for quite a night. Most of the top clubs are in the Strueplan. The best DJs of the world are seen often in the city, and in general the electronic music scene in Stockholm is brilliant. Sturecompagniet, Rose and Anchor are only a couple of good clubs out of the uncountable available.

History of Stockholm

The earliest inhabitants of Stockholm were the Vikings, around the end of the 10th century. The city thrived under them due to their effective trade routes. By the 13th century, Stockholm had become an important source of iron due to it's mines in Bergslagen. The city, it is believed, was built to defend Sweden from attacks from sea. Trade was always at the centre of the rise of Stockholm as a power, with the Baltic trade, in the 13th century, of the Hanseatic League a major contributor to Stockholm's growth, and establishment of economic connections in the region. The Gamla Stan was also built during this period. Stockholm was invaded successfully in 1520 by the Danish king Christian II. This, however led to many revolts and rebellions, leading eventually to the rise of Gustav Vasa as king of Stockholm, and crown rule in the city began. This was also the period of immense growth in Stockholm. It was declared capital of Sweden in 1964. This growth came to a halt in the 18th century. However, the city revived in the industrial revolution of the 19th century, seeing a lot of immigration, and by the end of the 20th century it had become an advanced and diverse European power. In it's modernist drive, though, many of the city's historical buildings were demolished and replaced. Stockholm today is still growing, and is a very influential player in the European scene.

Language of Stockholm

Swedish is the official language spoken in Stockholm. Being an international city, English is also widely understood and spoken. 'Hej' is the most common greeting, pronounced as 'Hey' in English and meaning the same. 'God morgon' (good morning), 'god kvael' (good evening) and 'god dag' (good day) are other local words you should try learning before heading out in Stockholm.

Stockholm Customs

The Swedes are a humble and modest people. They believe in being honest and straightforward, and stating things as they are. It is paramount that you are punctual for your meeting, or appointment. Swedes take punctuality very seriously. When it comes to greeting new people, a firm hand shake whilst stating your name is ideal. Swedes are always well dressed and appreciate it if outsiders do so as well. Finally, leaving tips in Stockholm is not obligatory. Usually, all service charges are included in the bill. You can always leave change or round up the amount when in restaurants and bars, or a 5% - 10% at hotels. Stockholm in general is not a very budget friendly city, so saving your money on tips is advisable.

Religion of Stockholm

Lutheran Christianity is the largest religion in Stockholm.

Daily Budget for Stockholm

Stockholm is not a cheap city by any means. Purchasing the Stockholm Daily Pass for museums is the best way to economise your visit to the museums and city tours. Your per day cost of Stockholm on a reserved budget will lie around SEK 500 - 600. As you go higher though, really, the sky is the limit in Stockholm. There is no limit to fancy restaurants, nightclubs, shopping areas, tourist attractions etc. A mid range budget would by around SEK 1000 - 1200, and beyond that, you can take it from SEK 2500 to wherever you feel you've achieved maximum luxury!

Currency in Stockholm

The Swedish Krona is the only accepted currency in Sweden. All the major cards such as Mastercard and Visa are usable in Stockholm.

Best Time to Visit Stockholm

How to Reach Stockholm

How to Reach Overview

Stockholm is one of the best connected cities in the world. You can get here by air, rail, car or even by boat.

How to reach Stockholm by flight

Stockholm's international airport is one of the busiest in Europe. You can find flights to Stockholm very easily from anywhere around the world. It has a second domestic airport, which also has flights running to and from the nearby Nordic countries.

How to reach Stockholm by road

From nearby cities. Discuss routes maybe. Talk about ease of rental for cabs / self driven cars

How to reach Stockholm by train

Stockholm Central is the city's main train station. Trains from domestic cities such as Gothenburg and Malmo, and also other smaller cities run daily. International trains including those coming from Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway.

How to reach Stockholm by bus

Bus travel to Stockholm is available from several nearby cities, domestic and international. The City Terminal is the main bus terminal of Stockholm. Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, Prague, Zagreb and Budapest are a few of the international destinations connected via bus.

How to reach Stockholm by waterways

Stockholm is located facing the Baltic Sea, and cruises connecting the city with the region are readily available. Primarily, ferries connect the city with other cities in Finland, Latvia and Estonia. Stadsgërden, Skeppsbron and Frihamnen are three of the busiest ports in Stockholm, including international cruise liners and daily ferries in the Baltic region.

Local transport in Stockholm

Stockholm has one of the best public transport systems anywhere in the world, so much so that you'll even hail a cab on very rare occasions. It consists of bus, metro, tram, suburban rail, light rain a ferry system to travel in the archipelago. The bus has inner city, suburban and service lines, the last being made for the requirements of elderly people. The metro line in Stockholm is extensive, with 3 separate lines having a total of 99 stations, covering almost all of the inner city. if you're staying for than 3 days, purchase a metro card, which is a better alternative to buying a 24 hour pass. Quite interestingly, the majority of the stations of the metro are adorned with all types of arts ranging from paintings to sculptures, giving it the title of the 'Longest Art Gallery' in the world. The archipelago boat system is an efficient way of travelling across the 14 islands of Stockholm.

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FAQs on Stockholm

What are the places near Stockholm?

The top places near to Stockholm are St petersburg which is 692 km from Stockholm, London which is located 1433 km from Stockholm, Dubai which is located 4759 km from Stockholm, Amsterdam which is located 1125 km from Stockholm, New york city which is located 6321 km from Stockholm

What are the things to do in Stockholm?

The top things to do in Stockholm are Vasa Museum, DjurgÎrden, Gamla Stan, Stockholm Palace, ABBA Museum, Skansen. You can see all the places to visit in Stockholm here

What are the top hotels in Stockholm?

There are 356 in Stockholm which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Stockholm are Holiday home Alvsjö 35, Room at Stockholm - Sweden, Exclusive villa with pool near Sthlm city and lake, Spacious apartment close to city central, Bright flat minutes away from Stockholm City, Beautiful luxury family home surrounded by nature and water and only 20 minutes from city center. You can see all the hotels in Stockholm here

What is the best way to reach Stockholm?

Stockholm is one of the best connected cities in the world. You can get here by air, rail, car or even by boat.
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What is the local food in Stockholm?

Stockholm's local cuisines include a lot of sea food or the traditional Swedish cuisine- husmanskost. This traditional cuisine is fresh, and home-grown. Swedish meatballs are an absolute favourite and must try. Swedish pancakes, and pickled herrings are other favourites.
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What is the best time to visit Stockholm?

The best time to visit Stockholm is in the summer season, from June to August. The hottest month is July with the average temperature at about 20°C to 26°C. During the spring and autumn seasons, the temperature of the city falls gradually. The winter season in the city is frigid. The average temperature would be about -5°C to 1°C. But these temperatures are again the ideal time for tourists who want to enjoy Christmas and also for those who are interested in winter sports.

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