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Krakow Tourism

Krakow being one of the largest and oldest cities of Poland, is a perfect place for a cheap and easy weekend getaway from Germany. One can opt for the free walking tours for their old town krakow tour and it is totally worth it. The main sightseeing spots of the Old town include the St Mary's Basilica, Rynek Glowny, old university building, John Paul II sites and finally the Wavel Castle.

The oldest and second largest city in Poland, Krakow is stunning to the core and is encapsulated by a fantastical atmosphere. Architecture is all-pervading and is a brilliant amalgamation of fragments of the present and the golden past. The places that are a must visit here are Wawel royal castle,Rynek glowny, Wieliczka salt mine and the cloth hall. While the cityscape will strongly remind you of Budapest and a little bit of Prague, perhaps because of the essence of European cities. One can rent a car in Krakãw, and explore further afield in the former royal capital. In fact, at the Royal Wawel Castle, a 16th-century palace that is a national landmark for Poles, you'll see the old state rooms and private apartments of the Polish monarchy.

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Shopping in Krakow

While Krak„w cannot be considered a shoppers' paradise in the traditional sense, its artsy reputation makes it a great place to pick up antiques, artwork and jewellery. If one wants to buy Cracovian souvenirs, head to the Cloth Hall in the centre of the main square. In Poland, many shops close early on Saturday and take Sunday off altogether. Open air market like Plac Targowy is of great interest. There is no particular season for shopping though. Old Town, Szambelan(Krakow) offers a unique shopping experience where you can buy an array of unique souvenirs in the form of wines, moonshines, vinegars, as well as beautiful handmade glass bottles of all shapes and sizes for your special gift.

Currency in Krakow

Credit card can be used with most large shops, restaurants and tourist attractions now accepting them; however, it is advisable to carry cash when leaving the main tourist areas for smaller purchases.

Exchanging Money in Krakow

Currency exchange offices are spread throughout the city, while all major banks also offer a competitive exchange service. ATM machines generally accept all major credit cards and can be found across the city.

Daily Budget for Krakow

Krakow is one of the best hidden gems in Europe. Itês basically a cheaper and less fancy version of Prague. Krakowês cheap alcohol, accommodation, and food has made it a popular destination for budget travelers. For budget travelers: PLN 45-48 whereas for Luxury travel: PLN 75-80.

Religion of Krakow

The religions in Krakow are diverse and are a land for religions of the world. Krakow has around 120 churches and some are still in making. Most synagogues of Krak„w were ruined during World War II by the Nazis who despoiled them of all ceremonial objects. Many synagogues underwent major restorations and serve religious and tourist purposes. The major religions followed here are Jewish and Christianity.

Krakow Customs

When meeting or greeting Polish people, it is customary to do so with a simple handshake rather than by kissing or hugging. If you see a line of shoes outside the front door, you should always remove yours before entering. When dining out in Poland, it is not customary to leave a tip, although as in most countries, you will find it is greatly appreciated. When paying for the bill in a Polish restaurant, the waiter will take a 'dziekuje' (thank you) as a sign that you do not expect the change; to avoid this potentially expensive cultural difference, you should use the polish word 'prosze' (please) instead. There is no particular dress code in Krakow.

Language of Krakow

The official language of Poland is Polish, although you will find English, German and French spoken to some degree in popular tourist areas. Outside these areas, it is advisable to carry a Polish phrasebook. Some commonly used words in Polish are witaj (hello), dziekuje (thank you) and prosze (please).

Nightlife in Krakow

This ancient Polish capital Krakow proves to be something of an alcoholic's paradise. There is a fantastic selection of pubs and bars, often housed in attractive subterranean cellars, which will serve you their finest piwo (beer) for around PLN 8 a time. These types of places attract a young academic crowd, relatively free of tourists, and are great places to savour a pre-club beer. If though you prefer something a little less studenty and a bit more swanky, then Boogie Bar and Shakers Club are the upmarket joints that are aimed at the money crowd. Achemia,Bunkier cafe and Mostowa art cafe are some of the best.

Restaurants and Local Food in Krakow

Polish daily diet of choice has been traditionally rich in proteins and even richer in starch. On the Krakow tables the former usually materializes in red meat, eggs, cheese, and sausages, whereas the latter as bread, potatoes, and various noodles, pies and dumplings. There are three main meals in Poland: the morning sniadanie (a breakfast), the early afternoon obiad (a dinner/lunch), and the early evening kolacja (a supper). In breakfast, bread topped with slices of any kind of sausage or cheese or ham, or spread with jam, is most popular. But it can be as well scrambled or soft-boiled eggs, oatmeal or hot frankfurters. Lunch is a two-course exercise, where a soup precedes a meat dish with potatoes. Nowadays beef and_even more readily_poultry tend to replace traditional pork for the main course. Obiad is a two-course exercise, where a soup precedes a meat dish with potatoes. Nowadays beef and_even more readily_poultry tend to replace traditional pork for the main course.
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How To Reach Krakow

One can get to Krakow by flight,bus and train. Though one can not reach Krakow directly, one needs to board bus or train from Warsaw.

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