Food of Melbourne

Local Melbourne cuisine concentrates on fresh and homegrown. Grilled food is a favourite among the people of Melbourne, especially beef and lamb. Also, being a port city, Melbourne has an excellent offering of sea food as well, so don't miss out on that. Of course, you will easily find all the international fast food joints such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and so on. There is no shortage of alcoholic drinks here either. Beer is of course Australia's staple diet. You can have a mean lamb rack or tenderloin steak with a pint of any local beer for the complete meal.

Food for Indians in Melbourne

Due to the substantial Indian population in Melbourne in general and Australia as a whole, Indian restaurants are aplenty. Famous places are Jaisalmer Palace and the Curry Vault. As far as options for Jains and vegetarians go, Om Vegetarian and Sampoorna Vegetarian Surprise are only two of the many options Melbourne offers

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