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Timings : 30 August - 2 September 2018

Beerfest Asia, Singapore Overview

Shoutout to all the beer lovers out there! There is something really exciting coming for you. Get ready, and join the fest with people from all over the world. Treat your taste buds with some of the most exotic cuisines, dip your soul in more than 600 beers and dance to the soul on live, awesome music. Singapore is all set to host its annual Beerfest Asia. And people from all over are waiting for it. For all the entertainment lovers and beer enthusiasts, this is a heaven, and the doors to this heaven are going to open pretty soon. The fest is a mass gathering of people who love beer, music, fun and entertainment.

Beerfest Asia Singapore

What is Beerfest Asia?

As the name suggests, it is the festival of beer where beer lovers come together and celebrate their love and passion for their favourite drink. It's a fact that man has been drinking beer in any form ever since the civilisation has evolved on this planet. What used to be a farmer's drink, now is a lifestyle and a multi-million dollar industry. This drink has become a way to connect and unite people irrespective of culture and language. So, Beerfest Asia is the fest to celebrate this all. The fest brings some of the finest breweries from all around the globe for celebration. Though the fun isn't just limited to the beer, there is live music, there is dance, there is food, and there is excellent entertainment.

Beerfest Asia
Artists performing at Beerfest Asia 2017 (Source)

Beerfest Asia Edition X - Date, Time and Location

This year, i.e. 2018 will mark the ten years of Beerfest Asia which means ten years of togetherness celebrated with a beer. It will start on August 30 and will go on till September 2, 2018. The fest will begin at 6:00 PM and finish at midnight on 30th August. On 31st August, it will start at 4:00 PM and will end at 12:00 AM. On 1st September, it will open at 3:00 PM and will be over by 12:00 AM whereas, on 2nd September, the timings are 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

This time, there is a change in the location. Earlier, event used to be celebrated at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.  As per the official website, this year's 10th Beerfest Asia is going to be celebrated at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay. This is a brand new and the largest venue where this fest is going to be celebrated. You can easily reach the venue from MRT Station. There is no problem with parking as the parking area is huge.

Highlights of Beerfest Asia Edition X

Beerfest Asia is organized by Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd. This is a special year considering this is the 10th year of Beerfest Asia. So, this time the celebration is going to be huge and different from the previous events. For nonstop booze and music, there will be five tents spread in 22,000 sqm. The organiser has collaborated with 10 breweries from different corners of the world for a special purpose. They will create 10 unique Beerfest Asia Birthday Beers, and this is the main highlight for all the booze addicts.

Also, there are going to be more than 600 types of beers including several international and local brands. This will include award winners and new launchers as well. The organizers have also invited some of the best DJs so that neither your booze finishes nor your body stops dancing and grooving. However, the fun just doesn't stop here. You will also get to taste some of the finest gourmet selections. The line includes cuisines from German bar food, local delights, American burger and a lot more. This fest is going to be a perfect combination of booze, live music and exotic food to tempt your taste buds like never before.

Beerfest Asia Singapore
Games at the Beerfest Asia (Source)

You can also bring your kids along - you don't have to leave them at home alone now. This time, the carnival of beer lovers will turn into a family junction with lots of games which are suitable for your kids too. Participate in the 'Beer Run' of 3KM, where at every kilometre you will have booze stops. This 3KM Beer Run includes festival entry, welcome Beer drink, official Beer Run t-shirt etc.

Some other highlights of the event are 'Asia Beer Awards'. There will be 13 categories. The panel will include 24 judges including media people, brewers and BJCP certified judges. Brewers will conduct free beer workshops, and anyone can participate in them where you will get to learn about the beer. Plus, to tickle your funny bones, there will live stand-up comedy shows. Hotel G is the official hotel and Scoot is the official airline. The official media partner for Beerfest Asia 2018 is AsiaOne.

Beerfest Asia Singapore
Beer Yoga at Beerfest Asia (Source)

Tickets for the Beerfest

Tickets are on sale already starting from $20 which includes one welcome beer from the list of Birthday Beers and regular Beers. Once you are done with booking your ticket online, you will get a confirmation mail along with your ticket. You can't cancel it after the confirmation. On Sunday, the entry will remain free for kids below 12 years of age. On Thursday and Sunday, the advance pass per person will cost $20 whereas on Friday and Saturday, and it will be of $25. It will be better to buy the advance passes in a group of 4 at $75. This will allow you & your friends to enter on any of the 4 days along with complimentary welcome drinks (4 beers).

You can also choose for VIP pass. On Thursday and Sunday, the VIP pass will cost you $110, and on Friday and Saturday, the price will be $150. A VIP Pass will allow you to enjoy an unlimited flow of VIP beer. The ticket sale will open April 19, 2018. If you are bringing your kids and pets to the event, the entry for them is allowed only on 2 September, Sunday.

You Love Beer! Why should you join this carnival?

There are plenty of reasons why every beer lovers should come and enjoy this event full of fun.

-You will never get to see so many beers at the same time at one place.

- The event will have some of the most amazing DJs and comedians to entertain you.

- You can buy a VIP pass and can enjoy free flow of beer.

-This is a family gathering of beer lovers. So, this is a great way to meet new family members from all over the world.

-You can be the first one to taste brand new launches. Yes, there will be new launches, and you can be the first one to sample those beers.

Beerfest Asia Singapore

Beerfest Asia is an annual pilgrimage which is organised in Singapore so that the beer lovers from all over the world can come, unite and celebrate at a single place. The primary objective behind organising and celebration is to experiment with the process of enjoying and finding real beers which the locals have never experienced and tasted. Also, the event provides a platform for the industry people to communicate and promote their products. So, all the beer lovers get ready to experience a unique celebration this year.

Lose yourselves in the 4 days of insane entertainment, beers, food, dance, music and more to explore.

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