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"The Quietest State in Malaysia"

Perlis Tourism

Officially known as Perlis Indera Kayangan, Perlis is found towards the north of the western coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. The smallest state in Malaysia, Perlis houses the hottest place on the Malaysian land; Chuping. Retaining the old world charm, Perlis is home to some of the largest sugarcane plantations in Malaysia, quaint kampongs and unspoilt natural beauty.

Popularly known as the capital city of Perlis, Kangar is outshone by Arau, the royal capital of Perlis. Perlis is the only Malaysian region to have a Raja as its ruler. It is a great spot for outdoor rock climbing, which is best experienced at the Bukit Keteri limestone hills. Some of the best highlights of the state are its snake farm, the Kelam Caves, Kota Kayang Museum, Perlis State Park, Kuala Perlis (an efficient entrance to Langkawi) and the Hutan Lipur Bukit Air. 

This Islamic Malay state of Perlis offers some of the most delicious seafood, such as the famous Puyu Fish, which is cooked into the state’s signature gastronomy. Perlis relishes traditional Malaysian cuisine as well such as Nasi Kandar and Roti Canal as well.

Closely connected to the seas is the Pesta Air Kuala Perlis, the Perlis Water Festival which is observed among the top festivities of the state such as the Perlis East Wind Festival. Perlis also offers the best shopping facilities for all south-styled fashion, with Kangar being the main attraction. 

Although a small state, Perlis offers the biggest of memories!

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Perlis Highlights

1. Kota Kayang Museum

Kota Kayang Museum
Surrounded by the Kayang, Lambing Panah, Wai, Minera and Jahat Hutang limestone hills in the Kayang region of Perlis, the famous Kota Kayang Museum of Malaysia depicts historical, cultural, and archaeological artefacts of Malaysian civilization with its pristine glory. Upgraded as the Kota Kayang museum in 1991, the former building was the official residence of the British advisors before independence. The 4 hectares gigantic land of the museum houses three main galleries with artefacts from the Neolithic era and has above 300 unique collections.

2. Gua Kelam

Gua Kelam
Located 33 km north from Perlis in Kangar, Gua Kelam Caves is one of the most unique limestone caves in Malaysia. Also known as the Cave of Darkness, adorned by stalagmites and stalactites, is maintained by the Perlis Forestry Department. The prime highlight of Kelam Caves is the 8-foot wide wooden suspension bridge leading through the illuminated limestone path, carved inside the cavern by an Englishman in the 1930s, for transporting tin from the nearby mine.

Perlis Photos

View of Kota Kayang Museum in Perlis
View of Kota Kayang Museum in Perlis

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FAQs on Perlis

What are the places near Perlis?

The top places near to Perlis are Georgetown which is 112 km from Perlis, Penang which is located 115 km from Perlis, Langkawi which is located 45 km from Perlis, Petaling jaya which is located 399 km from Perlis, Kuala lumpur which is located 402 km from Perlis

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