What is the best time to visit Venice?

April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Venice. These months mark the peak of Spring and Fall, respectively. They are devoid of the winter cold and experience plenty of warm sunshine. The pleasant weather and the lack of excessive crowds make these months a magical time to visit Venice to explore it in its raw state. The first half of May is also an excellent time to visit Venice.
Summertime and August, in particular, are not advised for sightseeing. The sweltering heat and the presence of mosquitoes and bugs, combined with excessive tourists, make it impossible to experience Venice at its best. Alternatively, travellers who are keen to take part in any of Venice’s famous carnivals or events can plan their trips around the specific event. It is recommended to make your bookings in advance in such cases. If you’re looking for the lowest fares in flights as well as accommodation, then winter is your best bet.

Weather in Venice


Upcoming Venice Weather

Monthly Weather in Venice

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 9°/ 2° 2 days
February 12°/ 4° 1 days
March 13°/ 6° 6 days
April 19°/ 9° 2 days
May 18°/ 12° 18 days
June 28°/ 20° 6 days
July 28°/ 21° 9 days
August 29°/ 21° 7 days
September 24°/ 16° 6 days
October 20°/ 13° 5 days
November 14°/ 9° 17 days
December 10°/ 5° 7 days

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